Garret's Plotnotes

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Garret's Plotnotes

Postby Garret Sawyer on January 1st, 2014, 6:17 pm

Note - I would ask that my plot notes thread is not replied to for my convenience and yours, any questions, issues or comments are welcomed via PMs.

Character Goals

Seasonal Goals:

-Improve Morning Star skill to Expert
-Improve Wilderness Survival skill to competent
-Improve Shield skill to competent
-Complete plenty of mercenary jobs to justify the fact I have created a aggressive, sadistic "tough-guy" character
-Now that the Broken Shackles are formed, focus on getting them rich.
-Complete Sunberth Seasonal Challenges
-Potentially find a suitable travelling partner

Sunberth Seasonal Challenges:

- Join at least one of the parties at the Slag Heap Fire.
- Get burned by a non-magical fire.
- Learn something about Laviku from the Svefra visitors / from someone who learned from them.
- Get yourself or a friend completely and utterly wasted.
- Wake up in an embarassing location after a wild night out.
- "Misplace" an item or some money during the orphan-swarm at the Castle Commons.
- Break someone's nose. Or your own.
- Subject your character to one of his/her fears.

Winter, AV 413 :
-Improve Morning Star skill to Expert (Ambitious)
-Improve other combat skills
-Complete plenty of mercenary jobs to justify the fact I have created a aggressive, sadistic "tough-guy" character
-Help get The Broken Shackles up and running
-Try not to kill Eleazar too quickly
-Complete Sunberth Seasonal Challenges
-Potentially find a suitable travelling partner (Extreme difficulty goal)

Sunberth Seasonal Challenges:

- Get your food stolen from you by a hungry child.
- Be attacked by one of the street dogs.
- Be trapped for a few days inside a snowed-in building.
- Accept a blanket and a hug from one of Brega's girls.
- Save someone else's life.
- Meet someone new (another PC).
- Bury your head in the snow. Reason? Up to you.

Long-term goals:

-Acquire high quality, and magical equipment
-Address family relationship issues
-Purchase a war dog
-Master combat skills
-Romance? Who knows...
-If Antimagic is developed further... Try to become Mizahar's first PC mage-hunter (That I am aware of)


27th of Winter, AV 474 - Garret is born in Zeltiva
63rd of Summer, AV 486 - Garret begins official training for the Waveguard
43rd of Spring, AV 494 - Garret steals his father's morning star and as much money as he can find and flees Zeltiva
27th of Summer, AV 494 - Garret arrives in Sunberth for the first time, and also kills for the first time
87th of Autumn, AV 498 - Garret leaves Sunberth after four years of doing odd jobs and thug work
75th of Spring, AV 499- Garret arrives in Syliras
52nd of Autumn, AV 499 - Garret leaves Syliras after "disturbing the peace"
20th of Winter, AV 499 - Garret arrives in Nyka, only intending to stay for rest and supplies though manages to stay all winter
1st of Spring, AV 500 - Garret leaves Nyka
37th of Spring, AV 500 - Garret arrives in Ravok
42nd of Summer, AV 506 - Garret leaves Ravok,
79th of Summer, AV 506 - Garret arrives in Nyka, again only to rest and resupply
86th of Summer, AV 506 - Garret leaves Nyka

[To be worked out...]

69th of Autumn, AV 510 - Garret leaves Sunberth

[To be worked out...]

1st-5th of Winter, AV 513 - Garret returns to Sunberth.

This list is subject to change so what I have put down isn't set in stone, if you wish to flashback at some point with Garret the times don't quite match up I am willing to change them, providing the change isn't too drastic.

Personality changes

As time progresses it is safe to assume that Garret becomes more solitary, cynical, and has a greater disposition towards violent solutions. At the time when Garret leaves Zeltiva, 27th of Winter, AV 474, Garret is rather inexperienced young man. That's not too say he is naive, his dad made sure that he saw the nasty sides of Zeltiva in regards to his job but he hasn't had to be subjected to that side of Zeltiva, also there are plenty of places more grim and brutal then Zeltiva out there. But while initially in Sunberth for the first time he is quite dour as he is coming to grips with the world as it is he quickly adjusts to the world around him. So starting from Sunberth, AV 494, Garret is a rather social, talkative lad who has yet to acquire his taste for violence and is in fact slightly disgusted by it (Considering the amount in Sunberth) and only sees his work as a necessity for him to survive in this new world.

It doesn't stay this way though and by AV 498 when he leaves Sunberth you would see a very different person. This young lad is now a man and a grim one at that, Sunberth has pushed him down the road of cynicism and violence, he now sees violence as the preferred solution even if he has yet to relish in the bloodshed it causes and at this point I would say that if there were any major physical changes it would be in his eyes, no longer are they warm and welcoming but a sharp green that seem very cold and judgmental, almost like they expect you to disappoint them. But still at this point he is a social creature still, he will go out for a drink with mercenaries he meet on the job, he will happily chat to strangers he sits next to at bars and he'll still crack a joke and smile at people if he is friends with them.

It's during his stay in Ravok between he loses this social part of his personality, this is where he becomes the guy who drinks alone at bars, the guys who confronts anyone who tries to sit next to him and he loses the ability to simply have a good time around other people unless it involves spilling their blood. Curiously, this is around the time where he becomes a lot more subservient, before he still had that fires his dad made sure he had, he often used to say to Garret "Don't you let anyone tell you what to do unless they earned that honour, men have you earn command before they can use it" but by the time Garret has left this city he is willing to do what anyone tells him as long as the promise of gold is involved, whether this is down to the city itself or the people in it I am unsure, but I am looking forward to writing about it.

Traits, quirks etc.

Firstly Garret has developed a little quirk after fighting that makes his Zeltivan accent (Whatever that accent sounds like :D) thicken considerably, normally he manages to maintain a fairly neutral accent with only a hint coming through during speech that only an expert at observation could pick up but it is very noticeable after combat.

He isn't a friendly drunk, far from it in fact so if you are trying to get to know him more by buying him a few cold ones you are in for a nasty surprise since he becomes increasingly aggressive and confrontational like quite a few people do.

I want to make it clear that he isn't someone who goes around looking for a fight, nor is he incapable of controlling his anger, it's just when given the chance to release it he does so... spectacularly. I like to think he is very British in the sense that he puts up with a lot of crap from employers so he lets it build up until he can take it out on someone.

Final point that I can think of, until I update this thing, is that he often suffers nightmares, it's part of the reason I think that he prefers to stay on his own, because despite the fact nowadays he is a very sadistic, violent person by the time he made his first kill he was still at a very impressionable age so even to this day he has reminders about earliest kills. In fact if you managed to get him to lay his feelings out and asked him whether he remembered anyone he killed he would probably say "Just the first"

Anyway, everything above are purely theoretical things about him that I have yet to show in a RP situation. They are just there for you, and me, to keep in mind when threading with Garret.


Because of the sort of character Garret is the idea of him having tattoos is both cliche and appealing, two things I do like, so here are a couple he already has as of Winter AV 413 (Note these will be paid for when Twister has some time to update the wages requests.)

The oldest tattoo is a compass tattoo he had done when he was sixteen years old on the underside of his right wrist, here is a general reference for it - Link

Secondly is a name tattooed on the left side of his neck, about midway between his shoulder and jawline, here is a general reference - Link

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