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A kelvic morns her parents and attempts to change her life arround

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An empty house

Postby Elianna Sevestra on January 12th, 2014, 1:43 am

Time Stamp: 42, Winter of 513 A.V.

An empty house, filled with memories and sorrows of those that parted recently. There was still a puddle of blood on one corner, a reminder of the tragic events that occurred there. Yes, both her parents were dead, and Elianna still couldn't believe that she was completely alone. Four days passed since her father disappeared in the wilderness and her mother committed suicide in response, but still, Elianna couldn't gather the strength to leave her house. There was no one on that house but her, and still, she could feel the presence of her parents. She could still sense her father, tired and hungry from an expedition, ask his wife for his favorite meal, and her mother quickly agreeing. Her father's favorite meal was actually her least favorite food, but right now, all she wanted was to taste it one more time.
Elliana was sitting on a chair, facing the dinner table, tears falling from her eyes. Even after four days, she couldn't help but to let them fall. Every time a tear fell from her eyes it was one more memory of her parents that filled her mind. It was all she had now. Memories, and she didn't want to loose them for any reason at all. Sad memories... Happy memories... Even memories of her father's angry words after discovering that she got in to a fight with someone else. All kinds of memories kept coming up from the depths of her brain. It was then that one single memory of her family made her open her eyes.
It was a memory from long ago, when she was just shy of her first year anniversary. Her father had arrived home with what seemed to be a serious injury, caused by a beast in the wilderness, and her mother quickly made a scene, saying that his job was too dangerous. Not even his own wife could control the adventure-thirsty human that was Joshua. Luckily, the wound was less serious than what it looked to be, and thanks to the care of Lauren, it quickly healed. Her father however, said a few words that she now was remembering perfectly. "If something ever happens to me, know that I'll be watching over you until you are back with me." These words were destined to Lauren, but Elianna couldn't shake the feeling that they were also meant for her. She could still sense the presence of her father and mother. Did that mean that they were watching over her? That thought was enough to make her stand and look up. The tears also had already stopped. Her parents were watching over her and she wasn't doing anything with her life. This was it. The time to mourn was over.
Without wasting any more time, she started searching her house. Her family was poor but Elianna was never hungry or cold. Whatever happened, Lauren always made sure that there was enough food and clothes for her daughter. Since Elianna was growing quickly, and Lauren couldn't afford to always buy new clothes, she would often ask her neighbors for clothes that didn't fit their children and in exchange, she would fix them and return it to them once Elianna out-grew them. It was the best method, and some other families also started to use it after a while. Now Elianna was stuck with clothes that didn't fit her, so she had to do something with them. She was in the process of gathering all her parent's clothes when she noticed a small jar with ninety gold mizas and a note. Elianna had never seen such a fortune together, so she was stunned for a bit. Still, after reading the note, she couldn't help but let tears run down her face once again. The note said: 'Elianna's University Fund'. Elianna hugged the jar and thanked her parents. She also made a promise there that she would spend that money in the best way possible. After rummaging trough the rest of the house and finding various items that she could use, she walked towards the door. Her parents had given her everything that she needed with the exception of one thing and one thing only. Now, it was time for Elianna to find that one thing. She opened the door, letting the sun shine trough and illuminating part of the house. It was the middle of the day, and Elianna had to find a job.
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