PM to join Somewhere else you say?(Raith Sciathoba)

Raith offers to take Rosalie somewhere.

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Somewhere else you say?(Raith Sciathoba)

Postby Rosalie Irvin on February 6th, 2014, 4:08 am

Rosalie glanced at Raith then back at the fire, Keeping her focus straight. Moving quickly back and forth she had lost the fire for a minute, But by blowing lightly from on the ground next to the fire warmed it slightly, Not even looking or paying attention she blurted out, " Mmh, " And dug in her backpack for a thin cutting knife. Holding it out she kept her eyes on the fire.

Even thought Rosalie felt like she wasn't doing enough to help she enjoyed the warmth of the fire which over came her consciousness. The fire was light and she found her bear form kept her warmth bundled inside the thick lining of her brown coat. Shifting quickly Rosalie backed away from the fire but curled up, Placing her large head over her paws.

Rosalie enjoyed the warmth of fire and what company she could get. Her black nostrils flared as the smoky scent engulfed them. Caramel eyes were lazy as she stared into the flames as they licked the cold air and over came the darkness that surrounded them. Once she was done staring indecently into the fire they slowly moved over to Raith, Watchful and waited for him to do something unexpected.
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