Good Morning to You.

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Good Morning to You.

Postby Valencia Snow on January 13th, 2014, 7:40 am


My name is Valencia Snow. You may address me by my first name or last which ever is easiest.
I have played on another Rp site that was far more primitive than this one. Other than that I usually play MERP or other related pencil, paper, and dice rpg games.
I found this site while looking for a place to role play. The other site I had played on became less favorable and I went searching for a new home.
When I role play I prefer fantasy and primitive settings. Futuristic has never been my cup of tea. I enjoy a good story line and creating unique individuals who enjoy company. I have in the past played several characters at once that interacted with themselves and others for the pure fun and challenge of it. I understand that is not permitted here though.
I write about many things from different perspectives and enjoy the challenge of complimenting other's writing. I don't care to write from the perspective of a murderer.
The most favorable aspect of Mizahar that I have liked is the challenge of a new world. I look forward to it.
The frustrating aspect is probably navigating how to create the character sheet. In the past I have had it easy where you click a button that says your character name and the forum to complete the profile and edit options. This was located under your user name and easy to find.
I hope to find a new rp experience that is worth putting time into.
I appreciative of this opportunity and hope to look forward to building some great story lines.
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Good Morning to You.

Postby Skerry on January 17th, 2014, 10:06 am

Hello, Valencia! You've certainly come to the right place for a good RP experience. We have great players and staff so we have a great community here.

The character sheet can be hard to work out at first but I'll give you some useful links to make getting things started easier.

Things You Need To Know
Starting Guide
Starting Package-A guide to what you can give your character when you create them
Character Sheet Templates-Sample templates for each city

Hope these help!

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