Aqutanama, I say hello

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Aqutanama, I say hello

Postby Aqutanama on February 2nd, 2014, 10:33 am

I was on another site when someone in it told me about this one. I had just told them that the role play site I was one before shutdown. I was really invested into it and hope that someone here can point out the doos and Don'ts on this site. It would be nice to have a hand while discussing my characters or if I am limited to just having one. Things I would like to know and all that.
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Aqutanama, I say hello

Postby Skerry on February 2nd, 2014, 10:49 am

Hi and welcome! I'm AS Skerry of Wind Reach, one of the staff and I thought I might give you a few pointers. If you want to find out the dos and don'ts then the Rules are a good place to start. They outline a number of things, including the number of characters that you can have, which is 5 but try to focus on just one character for awhile until you get used to it.

The Starting Guide is one of the best places to actually start as it provides you with a list of things you should do to get your character off the ground and then how to start writing. It has lots of links so that helps.

Starting package-Outlines everything that a character begins with.

Character Sheet Templates-A list of templates for each city which makes character sheet creation a lot easier.

Hope this helps you out. If you need anymore help feel free to message one of the staff in a domain/city you're thinking of entering.
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