Extra's & Sneak Peeks

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Extra's & Sneak Peeks

Postby Miu Lonewolf on February 9th, 2014, 8:31 pm

Hi! if you're here you want to know even more about my three lovely characters, Miu, Junie & Blaze.

Well I'll try not to disappoint.

Blaze: I'm just starting with this sly Thief, she needs work. A lot of Work indeed but I must say she is really good for long threads and character development, Her character sheet will be updated weekly and I must pry... It'll be one hell of a read once I'm finished.

Blaze is young and beautiful but what surprises me is her thoughts, I love writing with a deep thinker rather than the quiet more blunt and rash character like Miu but you gotta love the quiet hunter. Please, Please, Please! Help me get her up on her feet as a full person that isn't easy to see through, I love making new characters, I love making characters out of my comfort zone but NPC's might be my next turn!

Miu: My first and most skilled PC yet, she is quiet, stern and watchful yet you can't help but dig deeper... She takes people for a bumpy roller coaster but the more you're around her the more you get to know her mixed thoughts and emotions.

Sorry to say but she is getting slower and slower at replies as the story drags on, Miu just isn't that good with others but I assure you, you will learn something new from this small hunter and her mix of emotions and quick sentences. She speaks more with her Body then her Voice...

Junie: My youngest but second character on Mizahar, She is an odd ball of emotions and sudden action. You'll find yourself prying at her mind, her sudden wisdom taking people by surprise. She is small and thinks like a child, who couldn't love her?

Yet her past is so dark and mixed...

Sneak Peeks!

Well I've had something in mind for Junie, Maybe she'll move or stay? Most likely she'll move but for now she's going to stay in Lhavit!

Miu? Miu might even be kidnapped, going through flashbacks of Slavers and might even move to another city, if she can survive the cold.

Flashbacks, There will be more with Junie to show a bit more of her twisted past.

Blaze will most likely make her living off of stealing and might even grow to be liked by Sunberth... If that's even possible.


Look for updates on my character sheets and make sure to even go through my Solo's! Those are full of info to help you get to know my complex characters, I know it seems long but it's a good read, I promise!

Make sure to check back here for more updates!
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