Hey All!

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Hey All!

Postby Efil Shadowhunter on February 21st, 2014, 4:15 pm

Hello, hello!
I just joined moments ago and I love this site. I'm very excited to get started, but I figured I would introduce myself first. So hello! Efil is my character name which you may call me by, but you may also call me by my nickname "Kay."

A little about myself:
- I love, love, love tacos. Best thing ever.
- I grew up with horses, riding before I could walk.
- Singing is a passion of mine. I do it anywhere and everywhere.
- Creative writing was my favorite course as a teenager in school.
- Naya and Damien are my only two pets currently, two very large cats.
- I hope to achieve many things in the future, but currently am working on a non/fiction book.
- I love all of the seasons, but a Northern Autumn is my favorite. The vibrancy is overwhelmingly beautiful. Ah, nature.

So I think that's a good little quip. I'd love to learn more about everyone here and characters as well. If you want to know more or just want to chat, I am always open to that. I'm a chatty-patty when it comes down to it. I can't wait to start writing with you all!

Kay(Efil) :D
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Hey All!

Postby Noaru on February 21st, 2014, 10:33 pm

Welcome to Mizahar, Efil Shadowhunter!

Kay, you had me when you said that you liked tacos--fellow taco lover!

A fine introduction you have here as well which shows you are an interesting person fueled by ambition!

8) :thumbsup: May the journey ahead, be grand.
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