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Trust me I'm a doctor (Shall)

Postby Bob Barton on February 28th, 2014, 12:32 pm

73rd day of Winter 513 AV

Something about doctors everyone could agree about is they have bad handwriting and when they say bad it meant completely unreadable. Bob having the opportunity to observe his uncle for the past few seasons saw it too especially since he also had to read the same bad handwriting. It was not only notes from his uncle but from any of the medical practitioners his uncle consults with every so often and Bob did not like it. Trying to decipher those notes wasted a lot of time. Time he could use on things that were more important and needed his attention. Things like...yeah he was going to have to do something about it. Especially since when he questioned his uncle about it, the answer went somewhere along the lines of people needing the doctors a whole lot less if they knew what the doctors were thinking about or the right diagnosis for any affliction, recurring or not. This is even more true considering the fact he is now working for his uncle to become a doctor himself only...with his lack of medical knowledge from slacking off when he was a child only allowed his uncle to trust him with treating animals as a vet.

Taking a few of the old notes with him and some paper, Bob headed off to the Wright Memorial Library. With so many books there he would hopefully be able to find something that can help to make what he was about to try more convincing even if it was a little...illegal... Bob took a seat at an isolated table to the side hoping that the students would be too busy with their own studies to actually look at what he was doing. With papers strewn all over in front of him along with an open book on some basic herbal remedies he didn't look out of place unless his size was being taken into account. Looking over some of the prescriptions he then tried to look for anything mentioned in the book as well. An hour, two he finally found something related towards the end of it and prepared. Bringing out that note which found him the book, another note for extra reference and the paper be brought with him Bob started putting ink on his quill.

He begun by copying the words he found being commonly used in the notes. Words that include I, you, see, diagnosis, cure, pain, cut, heart, skin, hot, days and so on without much effort. Done with the few lines, he compared the words he just wrote with their source to scrutinize every little detail he didn't have down to the little stroke in an 'm'. Then he dipped the quill again and resumed his work this time knowing he had to put in a lot more effort and time into getting things as right as possible. Down to each stroke, each slash, each curve, each dot he copied the words down as similarly as he could. He had a lot of failures, results that he could not be satisfied with crossed out over and over again until he had what he wanted filling up more space than earlier, even turning to the other side of the page and when he finally finished he compared his work with the source. At least he did not worry about the left arm his head was leaning on to be numb since it was stiff already. In fact, it was positioned quite well to block the sight of curious souls. Again after he scrutinized everything he might have missed he started another set. Each word, each letter put on paper bringing him a lot more closer to his goal.

Bob would have continued on longer just for more practice. After all he still had the time but...he ran out of paper and despite what he thought, his arm was getting quite numb from supporting his head for so long. The sensation along with the stiffness did not feel good. Nevertheless there was only one sheet left but that was the last one and that was what he needed to use for a test. Thinking to himself what he should write, what he should ask for which seemed doctorly without asking for too much that his identity needs to be verified he scoured the notes. Then, he decided to just go with it.

To whosoever it may concern.

I seem to have some problems with a patient lately. I've been prescribing sweetblossom syrup as in common practice for diarrhea but he keeps coming back daily. On the days he does not come, its because the diarrhea is at the point he cannot leave the house. I think I might need a second opinion or at least a suggestion for an alternative for a cure.


Sweetblossom. It was what he found while searching the book and exactly what he needed since the book mentions the plant could treat various ills when prepared differently. Considering not many people knew Bob even as a vet the same way his Uncle Marny is known as a doctor, he decided to keep the note simple. Maybe if he is discovered he could just say he is new at the practice. As for the contents? It was not that much a forgery since he was only emulating the style of various other doctors to be worried about being discovered. Bob gave the note to the first person he saw in the infirmary located so close to the library. The perfect testing grounds but he did it not as Bob Barton the gambler or Bob Barton the vet. He was giving it as Bob Barton the doctor that needed help and if he got it, it would mean he has succeeded.
Two sheets of paper: 8sp unless we can just say Bob got some loose ones when he took the notes.
Quill: 5cm unless same as above.

Also the sweetblossom thing is intentional. Its supposed to be sweetblossom tincture according to the pricelist. Do what you want with this information ;)
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