Abby's Plotnotes (Extreme WIP)

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Abby's Plotnotes (Extreme WIP)

Postby Abasi Foran on April 6th, 2014, 9:54 pm


Spring- 514

4th -Riding lessons w/ Jamie Lyons (exp, relationships)

8th- Pray at temple of all gods w/ ______ (lores for seasonal gods)

11th- Heart to heart w/ celia about above plot, Abby mentions wanting to meet seasonal gods (main plot springboard/work thread)

19th- Finds Millicent in Syliras and helps her out (relationship, sub-plot?)

27th- Horses? escape the stable at outpost (job thread w/ Lyons)

84th- Bunny Armageddon at the outpost (job thread -pm to join-)

Job pay

Farmer- 4gm, 90(ish) days in a season, pay for one season= 360gm - 135 (common living expenses) - 135 (NPC) = 90

Competent Farmer- 6gm, 90(ish) days in a season, pay for one season= 540gm - 135 (common living expenses)- 135 (NPC)= 270

Expert Farmer- 12gm, 90(ish) days in a season, pay for one season= 1080gm - 135 (common living expenses)- 135(NPC)= 810

Master Farmer- 24gm, 90(ish) days in a season, pay for one season= 2,160gm - 450 (good living expenses)- 450(NPC)= 990gm
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