Two PC's Controlling One NPC

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Two PC's Controlling One NPC

Postby Abasi Foran on April 6th, 2014, 10:26 pm

I just had a lovely, lively discussion with my sister about my Kelvic horse character and the plots I should do with him. While re-reading the Kelvic lore we saw that, while the Kelvic can only have one bondmate, the non-Kelvic half can have several. And since I have an NPC bondmate for my mature Kelvic, we had the idea that maybe we could convince another PC Kelvic to IC bond with my NPC. Thus rolling a good, dynamic plot where two people who don't really know each other, might not like each other, and have no connection to each other besides a mutual desire to please the same person, are forced to deal with the consequences.

But now we are wondering how this might work OOC wise. Can I get permission to have a personal NPC split between two people? Providing that we keep track of where that NPC is, and who with, during the season? And what about expenses? Do those get shared between two people?

This plot idea is festering in my brain now, but I cant go forward until I understand what I'm doing. Can someone help me out?
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Two PC's Controlling One NPC

Postby Ablation on April 9th, 2014, 9:10 am

I think this sounds like a really fabulous idea! It is actually something I myself am working on doing (Though as myself being the PC non-Kelvic so as not to have to worry about all that).

I might be wrong but I believe you can have a personal NPC split between two people, but you must keep a running tally of where he is and when and make sure it makes sense. You would also need to make sure that what the NPC is dealing with in certain threads will make sense in your partners thread. :3 So lots of communication. I believe you would both split the expenses, or both incur his expenses twice over (worst case scenario). Though you will have to contact your local DS to see what they want done.

You also cannot have your NPC doing jobs and buying you guys stuff or any of that. Though the way I usually get around things like that (Since NPCs, like your bondmate, are bound to buy you stuff) Is say that it was given to you in the thread and act as if it was but then subtract it from you ledger. This keeps things fair across the board but also allows you play out what is a logical interplay between bondmates.

I hope some of these tips and answers help!
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