Solo Acrobatically Relaxing at Home

Carmony is at home bored, and wants to find something to do to occupy her time.

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Acrobatically Relaxing at Home

Postby Carmony on April 10th, 2014, 6:14 am

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Carmony's Home

The day was moving slower than normal now that Carmony had made the decision that her time today was best spent in relaxation and rest from this weeks eventful activities that had left her physically and mentally drained, though not in a bad way. She needed to the upbeat tempo she had been using recently. There hadn't been enough pleasant stimulation going on in her life recently.

She lay in her room, atop her neatly made twin bed, lazily running her fingertips across the soft woven surface; a gift from her parents a few seasons ago. They often sent her gifts, probably to make up for their absence in her life. They were busy people, and Carmony understood, plus she didn't mind all of the new things that decorated her home, or the books, which she loved to read and add to her collection that would soon reach its hundredth mark.

She had found herself staring intently at her wall, as if expecting it to move, but it stayed there, like it had been before...very still. She continued to gaze at it, the look in her eyes seemed to try and pull any kind of amusement from it as they could. Alas, the wall remained as boring and unamusing as it had whenever she had begun the adventure of dawning her sight in its direction.

Boredom was a plague not easily ignored.

What could she do today? Not being productive took Carmony out of her comfort zone. This was something she was not used to. Pondering over the various things she could do to occupy herself today, and adjusted her position until her feet lay flat against the smooth wooden headboard that adorned her bed. She didn't much feel like reading, so that was immediately the first thing off of her list, but maybe if she looked through the titles she could find something inspiring? It was worth a try.

Rolling over, she stood up straight as he feet met the cold floor, making her way over to her bookshelf. She scanned over each of the books titles, looking for something to spark an idea. She looked and looked, until her she came upon one title in particular. A book written on acrobatic performances and practice. Her thoughts were immediately plunged into a memory back in her childhood, when she and her parents watched a street performance of many talented men and women. It was one of the reasons why Carmony learned to juggle. She wondered why she never took up learning acrobatics.

She tipped the book forward with a slender finger, pulling it out afterwards. She held fast to it, throwing herself back onto her bed, then lay there for a moment, looking over the old dark green exterior of the book. Letting her skin slide across the indentions of the title in the hard cover,she couldn't help but feel a rush run through her. Gods, she loved the way people put so much time and effort into their books, and even old and worn like this, the hint of passion was still evident, almost radiating her eyes. She had many books in her collection, but she hadn't gotten around to reading them all, and this was one of those books.
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