Axe Marks the Spot [Open]

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The Wilderness of Cyphrus is an endless sea of tall grass that rolls just like the oceans themselves. Geysers kiss the sky with their steamy breath, and mysterious craters create microworlds all their own. But above all danger lives here in the tall grass in the form of fierce wild creatures; elegant serpents that swim through the land like whales through the ocean and fierce packs of glassbeaks that hunt in packs which are only kept at bay by fires. Traverse it carefully, with a guide if possible, for those that venture alone endanger themselves in countless ways.

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Axe Marks the Spot [Open]

Postby Eldon Sunkiss on November 25th, 2010, 5:55 pm

Eldon watched as Kayiri focused and let fly another arrow. His heart pounded inside his chest like a hammer against a solid anvil, his breath stopped as the arrow soared almost silently through the air, cutting through the current of wind, whatever faint breeze may have existed, like it was no more than a blade through grass. The arrow struck, nice solid hit, but failed to bed itself on the mark. It was close though, too damn close. Kayiri was, it seemed, to be inching ever closer to victory. Still, he had more time, maybe one more chance to make his mark.

Eldon continued to keep his gaze on Kayiri as he trotted to the tree to recover his arrows, and all the while toying with the idea of hurling an ax at the tree as he was dangerously close. If Eldon was good enough to be certain he wouldn't kill his Drykas brother, he might have done that very thing too. A faint grin spread across his lips as he nodded. "I hope for your sake I don't get worse." Eldon offered a quick little comment at himself as he chuckled faintly, then a look of seriousness engulfed him. His eyes jumped to the tree, his fingers wriggled lightly, fixing his grip on the weapon. He had to make this hit.

For the Sapphire Clan!

Eldon took a deep breath, and hopped a step forward and landed on his leading left foot. His body twisted as the right portion of his body moved forward, replacing the lead the left side hand, giving a slight momentum boost to the ax, which was thrown into the air. Destination: the marked tree. But once more, the ax dug itself into the tree well above the mark, only slighter further away than his last throw had been. How disappointing. On a more positive note, it did stay. On a negative one, his aim wasn't good enough, and his arm was beginning to tire out. Perhaps that was one disadvantage of throwing an ax rather than shooting a bow, besides the distance and ability to pierce armor-like hides. Eldon moved his left arm to begin futilely massaging the soreness from his right arm, as if a few moments would recover it entirely. "I'm not sure I can improve much more today." However, he had improved, that was the main thing.
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Axe Marks the Spot [Open]

Postby Kayiri on December 12th, 2010, 7:36 pm

Kayiri watched as the warrior with which he was competing let his weapon fly. Green eyes followed the ax as it arced through the air in its faithful parabola, spinning... spinning... Crack! It collided with the bark of the tree! With a slight hint of panic in his gaze, Kayiri studied the ax. It had missed the X! Why was it so much farther from the X than his last shot? Should it not be closer? An inspection of Eldon confirmed the suspicion that had been bubbling up in Kayiri's mind. Eldon was tiring! It was only a matter of moments before he would hit the mark and become a miza richer. The Drykas settled in next to Eldon, and pulled another arrow from his quiver, this one without a witty remark. The arrow's notch found its way to the string of the curved short bow for the last time in the day. Kayiri's tanned, muscled arm began to pull back on the bowstring. Carefully, silently, with deadly focus, he aimed the head of the arrow at the X that was his target. He listened and felt the gusts of the wind, watched the quivering grass before him. Finally! A lull in the bursts! Kayiri released the string, letting the arrow fly forth! Whether the arrow hit its mark or not, that was in fate's hands now!

And hit the mark it did! The Drykas threw a fist into the air in victory, laughing proudly as his fist dropped and pointed victoriously at the arrow that protruded from the X. "Do you see that? I hit the damn thing!" Kayiri declared, a sense of extreme pride in his voice. He jogged across the expanse between Eldon and the tree, removing his arrow and the ax. The arrow found its way back into the quiver. Quickly, Kayiri made his way back over to Eldon, and a little bit of teasing ensued. A playful swing of the ax was made before he returned it to Eldon's hand, and after that, his open palm remained outstretched.

"Come on, one gold miza. We both bet on it, and I hit the X, dead center, we both saw it," Kayiri then said simply, confirming what Eldon had likely been suspecting. When the older Drykas paid up, Kayiri slipped the coin into his purse proudly, and gathered his things from the area around them. "Well then, Eldon, it was a pleasure training with you. I would love to meet you again, if the Gods will it," Kayiri said with a smile and a nod as he mounted Serenity's back. With a loving pat of his neck, and a gentle squeeze of her flanks, he was off, his purse a coin heavier, and his ego a little bigger.
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Axe Marks the Spot [Open]

Postby Cardinal on December 13th, 2010, 6:03 pm


Skills Throwing Axe 5

Lore Dangers of showing off to your Strider, discipline in practice, Kayiri talks too much, Competition makes things better, knowing when to stop

Ledger Note: - 1gm

SkillsShortbow 5 Fletching 1 Riding 1

Lore The way of arrows, Don't forget your bracer, sharpening arrows, competition makes things better, the taste of victory

Ledger Note: +1gm

Notes: I love watching peoples' reactions to Kayiri. Enjoyable thread, you two!
Note: I am getting back into the groove of things. Thank you for your patience.
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