[PC Plotnotes] Winona, The Deaf Spirit

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[PC Plotnotes] Winona, The Deaf Spirit

Postby Winona_Heath on April 14th, 2014, 3:32 pm

"Winona, The Deaf Spirit"

☞ In Lhavit ☜

☞ Befriend Many PCs
☞ Meet a Kelvic (while in animal form) and Try to Take It Home and Keep It.
☞ Get Shamefully Drunk
☞ Attend a Lively Night Party
☞ Meet a PC in a Dream
☞ Meet the PC From Her Dream While Awake
☞ Make Lorettana Pissed Off All the Time (Love you! xD)
☞ Raise At Least One Low Skill to Competent
☞ Earn the Climbing Skill and Raise It
☞ Fall In and Out of Love (Unserious or Serious, either way, she'll probably never settle. She's afraid of losing Lorettana to a lover that might not really care about her.)
☞ Have a New, Permanent Traveling Partner Added to the Family (Yay, you have to deal with me and Lorettana! xD)
☞ Travel to Sultros by the End of Spring
☞ (Might add more)

☞ In Sultros ☜

☞ Meet and Befriend a Isur
☞ Earn a New Skill
☞ Raise Wilderness Survival by 10 SP

☞ Travel to Riverfall by the End of Summer

☞ In Riverfall ☜

☞ Meet a hunky Akalak (;

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