Closed (Work/Challenge)A Night That Would Not Be Remembered (Shall)

(Job Thread) Carmony has had a long hard day at work, but she and a customer find that alcohol brings blurry adventures.

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(Work/Challenge)A Night That Would Not Be Remembered (Shall)

Postby Carmony on May 1st, 2014, 7:19 am

2nd of Spring, 514 AV
The Kelp Bar/The Docks

The Kelp bar, like many other local businesses, was currently being stormed back sailors and crew men all in a hurry to load what they could onto their ships. Since the moment she stepped through the door up until now, eight bells later, she had not ceased in movement. The constant rush did not let up. From what Carmony ad overheard from a few of the resting sailors today and tomorrow would be like this. They were in a hurry to transport metals and other resources for trade with other cities.

Though the work was hard, she kept herself calm and collected, smiling and treating every customer with a hospitable manner, she managed to bring in quite a few tips for her polite gestures. It was close to closing time when the rush finally let up. The sailors must have been going to bed so tomorrow their work could be done quick and efficiently so the set out toward the trading city would be a smooth operation.

Carmony had finished cleaning the mugs and glasses, sweeping the floors, and wiping down all the tables. She now stood by the bar, scanning over the lobby, eyeing the left over customers who decided to dwell a bit longer in the now settled bar. Carmony wasn't in a rush though. They could take their time, it was more money in her pocket to help care for herself.

She leaned against the counter top of the back, raising her arm to rest on the flat surface. She could hear the old bartender in the back, giving orders to the new dishwasher and insulting the way he did his job. It brought a smile to Carmony's face. She had been that way toward her when she had first started the job. It meant she liked you. Soon the insults would turn into jokes and then more friendly conversations would erupt between her and him.

Carmony reached up and ran her finger through her bangs, brushing them over to the side. She had gotten hot after all that running about trying to get everything situated and anything that the customer needed. She wanted to go stand outside and feel the cool night air against her skin. That would be nice. She inhaled deeply, shutting her eyes. She was definitely going to meditate whenever she got home, she needs a more centered mentality right now. Opening her eyes she glanced over toward the alcohol. She wouldn't mind having a few drinks either. It had been d\far too long since she had indulged herself with alcohol or the like. She might talk to the old bar woman to see if she wouldn't mind letting her take a bottle home and let her have a few mugs of the kelp beer.
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