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Matthew finds himself in a spot of bother after braving the dangers of East Street

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Release the hounds...

Postby Matthew O'Boyle on May 10th, 2014, 6:35 pm

68th of Spring

Night was falling as Matthew walked down East Street, he couldn't help but shiver as the wind bit into him, there was still a chill in the air despite it being quite far into spring. Glancing around quickly Matthew took in the beginning of the notorious East Street of Zeltiva. Amongst worn bricks and the cobbled road lay whores, thieves,mercenaries and a whole host of other shady characters.

Matthew couldn't help but start to have doubts, did it really matter if he turned around now? He had waited this long and got along just fine without wandering down East Street. Everyone had after all, heard about what happens to those who venture into this shyke heap unprepared.

This was until he felt the reassuring presence of his Akinva Deerstalker, Samson beside him. He had nearly forgotten about his dogs, he had brought the three Akinvas with him, Samson, Claw and Fang, all of them clad in War Dog armour. Then there was himself also, he liked to think he looked at least slightly intimidating, especially since he was wearing leather armour and had a sword, which truth be told he was barely decent with. He could only hope the thugs of East Street didn't realise that.

Taking a deep breath, Matthew took his first step into the hornet's nest, joining the throng of people, who were both trying to avoid dark alleyways as well as his dogs, so far so good, despite this he didn't stop looking around for any potential sign of danger, or someone reaching his hand into his purse.

It wasn't long however until the crowds began to thin out and he entered a particularly rough area, even for East Street. There seemed to be less prostitutes around and more men skulking in shaded areas. Suddenly Matthew heard a door open to his right and a group of armed men walked out of a rundown bar, laughing and talking loudly, judging from the way they were walking (or staggering?) they were drunk.

Matthew increased his speed, trying to walk by without them noticing him, his efforts were in vain however. He heard a shout coming from behind him "Hey you! The one with the mutts!" Matthew tensed, he had been spotted, turning slowly Matthew rested his right hand on the pommel of his sword, the other clenching the iron chains that linked held the dogs in place tightly. Trying to fake confidence he didn't have Matthew responded with his deep, gravelly voice "Yeah? What do ya want?" As if on cue Fang let out a warning growl, drawing attention to the dogs as well.

The one who spoke earlier let out a loud guffaw "Listen to the cheek out of this one! He looks as ugly as the bitch over there!" gesturing to Fang he continued "Whaddaya think lads, I think we should get some sort of payment cus of his disrespect, otherwise some mutts might get hurt! The atmosphere suddenly took a darker turn as the men spread out, easing weapons out of their scabbards. They wielded an assortment of axes, mauls, clubs and other improvised weaponry. Their equipment seemed to be only decent at best, it appeared to be mostly iron and steel, but the weapons were chipped and dirty, some were even slightly rusted.

Matthew drew his Bastard Sword and released the Dogs from their chains. He didn't want them to be harmed, but he was loath to run from a fight with brigands like this. That being said he was vastly outnumbered, the gang numbered 6 or 7, versus him alone with 3 dogs. That being said the men were drunk and weren't the best armed. It would pose extreme danger to him.

Matthew hesitated and looked around, perhaps someone would help, or stab him in the back, either way he needed something to change tip odds, hopefully in his favor...
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