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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Zastoska Bath House

Postby Eldritch on May 27th, 2014, 12:57 am

Zastoska Bath House


A few chimes walk from the University, Zeltiva's Bath House rests among the Pre-Valterrian architecture. From the front it doesn't look small, but the building does not give an onlooker the idea of elegance. The structure's stone had been neatly patched up over the years, leaving clear signs of the building's battles against storms and time. To a stranger, the building is old unassuming. Without direction, a newcomer may not find the Bath House. A Zeltivian can see the rich base of the structure, that may not bear its Pre-Valterrian carvings any longer, but the architecture shows its past pride.

ImageUpon entrance, initial evaluations will immediately change. The warm relaxing air that circulates through the spacious main room is filled with the gentle babble of water, which has a rather calming effect. Occasionally there might be a lone musician, playing a soft tune for the patrons. Large windows line the ceiling, letting natural bright light into the room. At night, lanterns are place along the walls, thin veils of colored cloth across their flame, spreading a rainbow hue through the steam that hovers just above the main pool. The pool itself, seems to come alive. Warm underground springs, run from the mountain, trickling through the main pool. The steamy water is always sanitary and sick customers are asked not to use the public baths. The ancient building's placement was purposefully placed atop this access to warm water, using it to the Bath House's advantage. Long pillars border the main pool, holding up a second story that rings the large room. The pre-Valterrian carvings on the structures have been retouched, giving the already luxurious room a richer feel. Wooden signs hang under the ornate balcony, giving direction to the private pools and the stairs that lead up to the message center. On the indoor balconies, overlooking the public bath, a line of message tables await. One or two masseurs along with Anelda herself would be found there, easing the stress out of the shoulders of sailors and professors alike.

As the visitor walks in, they will be greeted by an assistant. A cup of tea ready incase it is wanted, adding a small price to the tab. If the patron is coming for a bath, private or public, towels and an array of soaps will be offered, also for a small price. Then the customer may choose to join the general public for the standard fee or reserve their private bath for a little bit more. The option for a message will be presented, and a listing of the types upon request. If the bather wishes to keep their things in a locker, they can simply give them to the assistant, which will also add a small price. At any moment, a customer can wave away the employee, should they wish to take care of themselves. If anything more is needed the assistants can be found in the main room, or can be signaled by bell if they are needed in a private room.

ImageName: Anelda
Race: Human
DoB: Winter 3rd 480 AV
Title: Owner of Zastoska Bath House
Skills: Message 65, Medicine 40, Management 30, Storytelling 30, Auristics 20
Brief Bio & History: Anelda is a rather complicated woman. There is an aura that surrounds her that demands not only attention but trust as well. At a glance, she may seem cold or unfriendly, but that is not the case. She genuinely cares for people, and invests great time in the individual. Her life style is strict and she puts a lot of emphasis into hard work, which is what gives people the idea of her being cold. It is common for her to do most of the work herself, only having one or two massage assistants in her work

Anelda grew up in the Bath House, the establishment being passed down generation after generation. Rumors are that her family had started the Bath House, but no one can remember that far into the past. It is a well known fact that her family built it up from the ruins, restoring it and keeping its reputation for being one of the most elegant building in the Old Quarter. She attended the University as a teenager, convinced that she would learn magic and travel Mizahar. But it wasn't long before she found herself back at the family establishment, following her father's footsteps. She didn't resent the fact though, finding joy in helping people relax. She focused on her job, mixing in the little auristics she learned in order to find what her customers need for their massage. She also uses her knowledge of medicine to help sore muscles, cuts and bruises, for those who need it at no extra cost.
Public Bathing (Unlimited time) ➢ 1 gm
Private Bathing (4 Hours - Up to 4 people) ➢ 5 gm + 2 sm/Additional Hour
Massages & Facials ➢ See Below[/size]

Massages & Extras
Full Body Massage ➢ 5 gm
Neck, Shoulders & Head ➢ 4 gm
Back Massage ➢ 3 gm
Feet ➢ 2 gm
Mud Facial ➢ 10 gm
Steam Facial ➢ 10 gm
Herbal Facial ➢ 15 gm
Egg & Honey Facial ➢ 5 gm

Bathing Extras
Locker ➢ 1 sm
Towel ➢ 1 sm
Regular Soap (3 oz) ➢ 2 sm
Scented Soap (3 oz) ➢ 3 sm
Bath Salts (Private Baths Only - 6 oz) ➢ 5 sm
Cup of Tea ➢ 1 sm

*This location and NPC can be self-moderated. Credit to Neologism for the location and NPC.
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