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Postby Bronwen on May 30th, 2014, 6:19 pm

Bronwen Druva


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height 6'2
Weight 138
Birthday: 75th, Spring, 493
Birthplace: Syliras
Residence, past: Syliras, Sunberth
Residence, current: Syka

Standing over 6 feet tall, Bronwen towers over most her peers, with a generously curved, athletic frame and light bronze skin. Her long, brunette hair flows in waves down the length of her back, and soft ringlets frame a round face and often veils unique grey-blue eyes.

Usually garbed in a tunic, beneath a form-fitting vest, and snug breeches, plunging into knee-high boots, Bron could easily be mistaken for a man - once. She sees a dress for a young girl in pigtails. Comfort before beauty.

A quiver is usually worn around one shoulder, a short bow around the other. Both are strapped and secured with a leather band buckled around her upper thigh. Her quarterstaff, with what she is never seen without, is situated through the strap, both ends jutting out past her shoulder and hip, is always easy and swift to pull free.

Character Concept

If outward appearance told of one's personality, Bronwen would be a lie. Tall and beautiful, delicate and naive, she may look, but beyond the surface, Bron is an intelligent, strong-willed, and absurdly obstinate woman, especially when it comes to something she believes in, often outspoken and opinionated.


Immediate Family Relation Age
Matrim Druva (Ser Mat) Father 42
Catherine Druva Mother 40
Samantha (Sam) Druva Sister 18

Samantha (Sam) Druva

DOB: Spring 4th, 497 -Age 18
POB: Syliras


Like her family, Samantha Druva is tall; standing at 5 feet 11 inches. Her long, golden-brown hair, twisted or braided, lies to one side, usually cascading down the front of a shoulder. Light bronze skin adorns a strong, yet curvy, frame, and silver-blue eyes, an exact match to those of her sisters, stands out from a round face.

With a kind and gentle, slow to anger, nature, along with a devoted love for family, Samantha Druva is much like her Knightly father. Cut of the same cloth, one might say, right down to quiet confidence. Unlike her father, however, exists a lust for adventure and a trusting, if not immature, view of people; like everyone, until they give you a reason not to. With this view, however, Sam has gained a lot of friends, both true and otherwise, and with these friends, and being the first to run errands for her father, she has become well known to many around the city.

Unarmed Combat -10
Hunting -5
Weapon/Shortbow -5
Land Navigation -5
Wilderness Survival -5

Winter 516
At the beginning of the season, a boy named Blays began courting Samantha. To her family, their relationship never reached anything more than a casual courting. On the 44th day of Winter, Samantha and Blays traveled to The Mithryn Outpost to make a delivery on behalf of the Knights. On the 46th, the day of their return, the only thing to return was a letter.


Character History

Born the oldest of two girls, Bronwen was the son her parents never had, quick to climb trees, pick fights, and stuff bullfrogs down her pockets. As her younger sister played with dolls and learned to keep house, Bron was trailing along behind her Knightly father, Ser Matrim Druva, replacing dolls and housekeeping with a quarterstaff and bow. By the time Bron hit her teens, she had shadowed her father as he hunted and killed numerous deer, large boar, and even a black bear, whose pelt now adorns her mother's dining room floor, from the forest surrounding the fortified city.

Her mother never complained.

Neither did her father. Ser Mat embraced his daughter's desire not to follow his footsteps into Knighthood. However, the training was not dismissed.

Be it the heavy metal oven they wore or the unrealistic demands screamed within inches of her face that didn't come from someone directly responsible for her creation, the girl never desired it and wondered at those that did. It wasn't defiance or even a lack of respect, but a knowing and self-confidence that she could be just as good without a title.

In the Winter that her sister disappeared, Bronwen found herself alone. Her father, Ser Mat, had left on a quest for the city, and her mother, Cat, had left the city to visit family. Neither was due to return until the following season. When Bron received the letter, delivered beneath her door, she immediately noticed several things wrong -the letter was dated the day before her sister had left for the outpost; the handwriting on the scroll was not her sisters handwriting; the letter was addressed to 'Bronwen', but her sister always referred to her as Bron; her father was referred to as 'father', but Samantha had always called their Father, Daddy. Minor these concerns may have been, but they planted an unease within the young brunette. Eight days passed, and Bron had still no clue of her sister's whereabouts.


Fluent Language: Common



Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics5XP5 Novice
Bodybuilding3XP3 Novice
Brawling3XP3 Novice
Endurance12XP12 Novice
Hunting5SP 2XP7 Novice
Interrogation6XP6 Novice
Investigation2XP2 Novice
Leadership6XP6 Novice
Medicine1XP1 Novice
Persuation5SP 7XP12 Novice
Planning3XP3 Novice
Psychology4XP4 Novice
Rhetoric10XP10 Novice
Running1XP1 Novice
Seduction 3XP3 Novice
Stealth 11SP 11Novice
Storytelling1XP1 Novice
Subterfuge2XP2 Novice
Swimming3XP3 Novice
Weapon (Quarterstaff) 15RB,11SP, 27XP53Expert
Weapon (Shortbow)15SP 3XP18Novice


Alric: Failed Helper
Alric: Think’s He’s Better Than Me
Avery: Hedonism Supplier
Avery: Thoroughly Petching Me Up
Bronwen: Can’t Feel In A Grave
Bronwen: Never Been In A Gutter
Bronwen: Never Good Enough
Bronwen: So Very Lost
Bronwen: Tired Of Searching For Sister, For Everything
Intimidation: Spitting In One’s Face
Intimidation: Squaring Off With An Opponent
Psychology: Instinctive Barbs For Known Associates
Rhetoric: Arguing Excuses For Behaviour
Rhetoric: Picking Aprt Someone Else’s Words In Anger
Seduction: Hedonistic Fumblings
Seduction: Finger Sucking
Tears Of Rhysol: Effects & Outcomes
Acrobatics: Floor Dodge Roll
Acrobatics: Roll To Standing
Alice: Ally At Brega’s
Alric: ‘Repeatedly Appreciable’
Alric: The Dust Incident
Brega: Imperious Mistress
Burning Hatred: Daggerhand & Sun’s Birth
Dust: Addictively Treacherous
Jace: Sun’s Birth Drunk
Killing: A Chilling Thought
Luke: Strange Customer
Medicine: Alcoholic Painkilling & Cleaning
Quarterstaff: Disarming
Running: Dramatic Flight
Zeke - Needs a job done
Alric: Handsome Helper
Alric: Offered To Help
Dust: I Don't Want It Anymore
Dust: Laments Of Siren’s Song
Dust: The Beginnings Of Resistance
Garrett: Dust Dealer
Garrett: Scrawny, Red-Headed, Pockmarked Son Of A Whore
Hard Labour: Decreases Dust Itch
Strength: Was I Wrong About It?
District layout of Syliras
Archery - Instinctive shooting
Noah- A particularly strange one
Sunberth: The Mood Of A Crowd On The Verge Of Rioting
Ethics: Stopping A Thief
Sunberth: Witnessing Magehate First Hand
Kelski: Slave To Sunberth
Observation: How To Spot People Under The Influence Of Drugs
Kelski: Doesn’t Hesitate To Brawl
Kelski: Good Listener
Kelski: Can Be Deceptive In A Fight
Quarterstaff: Fighting In A Riot
Kelski: The Condensed Version Of Her History
Sunberth: Best Places To Swim
Kelski: Kelvic Sea Eagle
Swimming: How to Float
Swimming: How To Relax On Your Back
Swimming: How To Tread Water
Swimming: Anxiety About Water
Matrim: Great Swimmer, Good Teacher
Svefra Story: How Life Came From The Sea And Returned To It
Fighting a one-armed swordsman and loosing
Blue Mountain is an Akalak
Akalak's are very strong
Akalak - Vel
Vel - Oddly gentle healer
Riverfall - Vel's home


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Metal)
-Brush (Metal)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Leather VestImage


A unique QuarterstaffImage[/url] to her by her father


Room at Braga's House of Happy Endings
Shared tent with Crylon Stonecraft in Syka


Transaction Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Housing Cashed In+500GM600GM
Leather Vest-6SM577GM 4SM
Housing-Summer & Fall 515-18GM,2SM459GM, 2sm
Living Expense-Summer & Fall 515-90GM369GM, 2SM
Housing Winter 517-9GM, 1SM360GM,1SM
Living Expense - Winter 517-40GM320GM,1SM
Housing -Spring 518 - -9GM311GM,1SM
Living Expense -Spring 518-40GM271GM,1SM
Inactive through Spring 520271GM,1SM
Living/Housing Expense Summer 520-49GM222GM,1SM
Inactive through Fall 521222GM,1SM
Living/Housing Expense Winter 521-49GM173GM, 1SM
Living/Housing Expense Spring 522-49GM124GM, 1SM
Living/Housing Expense Summer 522-49GM75MG, 1SM
Living/Housing Expense Fall 522-49GM26GM, 1SM
Winter 522ENSLAVED26GM, 1SM

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