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Zeltivan Calendar, Summer 514

Postby Eldritch on June 6th, 2014, 5:29 am

Calendar for Summer, 514 AV

The events of the previous season are fresh in everyone’s mind, and despite the efforts of the current Lord of Council both the Sailors Guild and University have asserted their own authority once more and are once more the powers of the city. The Denvali Quarter is quietly supportive of this, their own prominence in the city having risen under their new leader. Other than this though, Summer is a rather quiet season. Mages still face a bit more suspicion than normal in the City of Sails, but the near hostility of the past season seems to have mostly evaporated. The city enjoys mostly peace this season with a single notable exception, a new murderer appearing.

1st of Summer: Ships arrive in from Nyka bearing foodstuffs, replenishing diminishing supplies.

4th of Summer: Ships depart for Sahova bearing corpses as part of their tenuous open agreement with the Citadel.

11th of Summer: The first victim of a gruesome new murderer is found ‘greeting’ customers to the Worlds End Grotto.

16th of Summer: A heavy rain pours over the city.

19th of Summer: The rains end and a couple of places along the docks experienced flooding, the Sailors Guild accepts volunteers to assist in repairs.

25th of Summer: Damages caused by flooding have been repaired.

30th of Summer: Another murder victim is found hanging in West Street, mutilated just as the last one was. Due to each victim being a known mage the common name for this murderer is ‘The Mage Silencer’ after how he removes the tongues of his victims.

40th of Summer: The Revethen Family, one of the older families in Zeltiva, calls for adventurers to explore a recently uncovered ruin in the Mountains.

45th of Summer: The Summer Festival is held.

50th of Summer: The third victim of the killer is displayed on a ships mast in the harbor, leading the Sailors Guild to offer a bounty of one thousand Nilo to whomever brings the killer to justice.

60th of Summer: A caravan bearing foodstuffs arrives from Syliras, much to the delight of citizens.

75th of Summer: A University professor is the latest victim of The Mage Silencer, leading the University to add a thousand Nilo of their own towards the apprehension of the murderer.

76th of Summer: Due to the amount of money offered a city wide man hunt begins for the killer.

80th of Summer: The famed blacksmith Rals is rumored to be accepting individuals for a special task.

91st of Summer: The Summer season ends.


These are the challenges for the season, completion of all of them will net you a Zeltivan Seasonal Medal. They do not need to be completed in any particular order of course, nor do the threads where the challenge is complete need to be finished. The challenge itself is all that needs to be finished.

-Get stuck in the rain
-Start a rumor or gossip about "The Mage Silencer"
-Advance 10 points in a skill
-Visit the Bathhouse
-Take a nature hike through the mountains.
-Learn a new skill from another PC.
-Get into a fight! (Can be physical or verbal.)
-Try to read a book at the Wright Memorial Library.
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