Completed Ouroboros (Flashback 364AV)

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

Ouroboros (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Dionatos on June 29th, 2014, 7:13 am

Winter 43rd 364AV

The night of the 42nd had proven to be the coldest. Frost coated barren trees as they stood like bare skeletons in the icy soil. Birds did not chirp and smaller streams of water did not babble silenced by ice and cold. River’s groaned as ice broke from their shores and collided against each other. An eerie crackling and squealing noise like the cries of hungry souls of children. It was a song, the song of Winter. Winter brought death and all that lived within the forest waited in bated breath for Spring to arrive.

Though such a luxury was something one man simply believed he could not live to see. Washed ashore Dionatos remained in the sand, unconscious as the sun began to rise over the horizon. Light streaked the sky in brilliant reds and oranges before it gave way to the smooth blue and pillow white clouds. Such beauty was lost to all that lived deterred by the whipping chill in the wind’s graceful hands. The warmth from the sun stirred Dionatos as his form slowly moved to attempt to lift himself up. Naked, the exposure to the elements would surely kill him. His eyes opened and looked upon the landscape, eyes filled with confused sadness in the unfamiliar world.

“Petch,” he cursed in his own mind. “I’ve been cast away.”

the cold and his dhani nature triggered the need of brumation, the hibernation of reptiles, and caused his metabolism to slow considerably. His body’s movements were sluggish and uncoordinated as he moved to kneel in the rocky sand. Eyes lazily drifted shut once more as he yielded and fell forward once more. His head hit stone, cold blood began to flow from a gash. His breaths were slow like that of a dying animal.

“Hurry Dira and pay me a visit, I do not wish to live out this sentence here.” He prayed but was not answered.

The foamy white wash licked at his toes as the sun continued to rise. Tanroa’s sand never littered the ground but its effects were always felt as time slipped away. Colder and colder his body grew, mind slipped back into unconsciousness. Darkness, peaceful rest, death.

Light once more, “someone is here? Please madame Dira, shepherd my soul away if you are here.” Movement and voice could be seen between the blurred vision and brief moments of consciousness.

Hands fell on his body and pushed against his neck. A slow and steady beat pressed against the tester’s digit. Mumbles like drums rang in his ears before the sensation of being lifted was the last he felt before darkness filled his mind once more.

“No one will answer me after I’ve been cast away from divinity,” he cursed once more and let his mind go.

The brief flashes of sight flickered by darkness gave the odd illusion that his body had levitated. The tops of the brown and grey branches rolled slowly across his vision. Body numb, he did not realize his arms and hands had been bound.

“Is this punishment for my actions in a past life?” He wondered to himself.

Dark to light and back to dark, it disoriented him as reality merged with the unconscious mind.

“If it is, please show me what I’ve done, Leth my father.” Like smoke from a poorly lit fire, black consumed his mind again.

The scent of the smoke was heavy in his nose as the light returned but no longer was of the wintery forest.
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The Vanishing Men (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Dionatos on June 30th, 2014, 5:52 pm

Orange had returned to the sky, but the clouds did not seem like pillows. They curled like the talons of a hawk, aggressively painted in orange and shadowed by blackness. Billows of smoke rose from flames that consumed wooden structures. Carved statues of art styles lost to the centuries were on fire, the sunken eyes of the figures filled with flame. Dionatos took in the chaotic sight, the echos of screams of men, women, and children were muffled in his memories. The radiant heat from the flames did not char his flesh even as it licked at his fair skin.

He walked through the city on fire, foot steps disturbed the embers that settled on the ground below. He watched as stone crumbled and fell onto bodies below, crimson painted the marbled surface. Entrails and blood matter all that was left of the vessels of souls beneath the rubble.

“Why do I see such a horrible sight?”

Bodies fell into the open aquifers and caused them to flood, the water quickly turned to steam and boiled flesh from bone. The fountains cried blood, the lifeless decoration seemed to know the worse had yet to come.

“What is this massacre?” Dionatos shielded his eyes as the sky itself seemed to ignite into an inferno.

Arcs of electricity shot from cloud to cloud and burned the images of fear and panic of nameless faces into his head. Their pain lasted in his mind like ghosts long forgotten. He soon found himself near a group of people who stood outside a chapel like building. The holy building set a flame and rained red coal around them. Their clothing covered in soot, some even smoldered, but they didn’t seem to mind as a man in ritualistic robes yelled at the top of his lungs. He was strong, proud, but seemed to speak with a stutter. Dionatos found the image of the preacher familiar to him. A holy symbol in hand the group remained faithful and prayed to the gods.

The answers of their prayers was met with a quake. The ground shook and jostled them as well as Dionatos as a great crack shot between their group. The crack was quick to pull apart as the burning chapel was torn in half and promptly reduced to nothing. The faithful fell into the earth, swallowed by the aperture that formed beneath them. Dionatos peddled backward as the rift grew and grew and caused other buildings around to whine, shriek, and crack. There were no gods here, only those who followed and prayed for salvation. Nature at its most primal the rift rumbled and roared with unholy screams.

Dionatos’s back pressed against the post of a building. The flames licked against him but only a subtle warmth was felt. The divide in the soil continued to bellow as a gust began to blow from somewhere beneath. The wind carried debris and caused the flames to flicker like torn banners in a strong wind. He shielded his eyes as water spouted from the void and stretched toward the bloody sky. The white foam speckled with limbs, wood, and charcoal glistened with deadly intent as the flashes of divine lighting colored the plum.

The plum soon dissipated as it rained down onto the flame and quenched the smoke that now hung low to the ground like a fog. The fire had been quenched reduced to damp embers and for a moment the chaos appeared to be over. People of the world attempted to quickly rescue lost ones and salvage their belongings, but it was futile. A stronger gust began to blow from all sides of the city and the faint rumble of water began to grow in ferocity. A wall of water crept along the city landscape and devoured all in it’s path.

Dionatos could see the spray of salt as it snaked through alleyways, the wall of brown water grew closer by the moment. His heart raced as his face pulled together, muscles tightened as he braced for impact. The roar and wind continued to grow as the water made its swift approach. He gasped loudly as he caught the glimpse of the destroying wave strike him.

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Ultimate Destination (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Dionatos on July 3rd, 2014, 7:20 pm

Darkness was far off as the sun’s rays continued to thaw the overnight frost. The skeleton trees seemed to weep diamonds as the water drops glimmered. A fire crackled while two men sat on either side. Dionatos had been propped up against a tree with blankets wrapped around his thick torso. Hemp rope had been methodically wound across his arms and chest to keep him anchored and secured.

“Do you think he’ll live?” Sam said.

Blade shrugged his shoulders, knife in hand as he continued to whittle away a dried twig, “not sure.”

Sam sighed and leaned forward, eyes poised on Blade, “you don’t care do you?”


“You’re a petched piece of shyke fresh from the ass of an ass.” Sam stood and walked toward Dionatos and Blade only chuckled.

Her hand felt his face, “still cold,” her head snapped toward Blade. “Do you mind being useful and starting a fire over here?”

“As a matter a fact I do mind. Can’t you see I’m busy?” Blade said.

Sam’s face grew red as Blade continued to whittle, eye contact never being made with her. She huffed and began to gather some dry wood to start the fire herself.

“You could use my shavings as kindling,” Blade’s lips curled into a subtle grin.

Sam glowered as she snatched up some twigs and avoided the bits of bark and heartwood in front of her husband’s feet. She turned in a way that allowed her hand to strike the back of Blade’s head.

“Oof watch it dear,” Sam didn’t bat an eye.

“I don’t understand why you don’t take this more seriously,” Sam grumbled as she used an ember from their fire to start another. “Its like you don’t want to have money,” she said.

“That’s because I’m quite content right where I’m at,” Blade set his knife and pointed stick down in front of him. “You’re the one who wants more and more,” Sam grumbled while Blade skewered two, cleaned, pigeon onto the stick.

He moved to set the birds against a boulder near their fire before he stood and moved toward Sam. He stopped and moved to his pack and fished out a small pendent. A tooth that had a hole bored through to allow for a leather lace to be threaded through. Soon he knelt behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Sam whipped her shoulders from Blade’s palms, “don’t touch me.” Sam continued to poke at a log as the white smoke began to bellow. “I don’t want more--"

"Good because I got all I want and I'm not in a hurry to get anything else." Blade chuckled and dropped the toothed necklace to dangle in front of Sam's face.

Her eyes focused on the tooth as it swung back and forth. Blade softly chuckled as he noticed Sam's head turn in an attempt to look away from it, "come on, don't you dare smile Sammy."

Sam tried her best to not crack a grin as Blade continued to goat her to not smile. She finally chuckled and elbowed Blade lightheartedly, "you're a petched fool you know that? Now get that thing out of my sight before I knock another tooth out from your skull."

Blade laughed as he lowered the necklace with his hands and let them rest on her hips, "and I'll gladly peel it out from your knuckle if you do."

They both enjoyed a chuckle as the unmistakeable look of nostalgia twinkled in their eyes. However, it was short lived as Sam sighed.

"I just want to live without working so much,” Sam sat back and allowed her body to lean against Blade’s. “I’m just tired, I want to settle down, maybe have kids.”

Blade nodded his head and leaned into Sam’s body while his hands wrapped around her. “If that is what you really want, I can make it happen.” Sam’s hands moved to gently squeeze over Blade’s own. “Lets just bring this man into town and see what we can get for him. Hai, maybe if we don’t get a satisfactory amount we’ll keep him for ourselves.”

Sam chuckled and squeezed Blade’s hands. She began to guide the thick fingers across her belly while another of his hands was led toward one of her breasts, “tsk wouldn’t you like that huh? Another strong man to do work for you, kill for you.” She gasped when Blade’s hand squeezed her breast under thick clothing.

“No, I wouldn’t like that at all,” Blade shifted closer as his hand found the opening to her cloak. “If he was the one to do the killings your eyes would wander to him,” Sam gasped as rough palms caressed her breast a finger played with her teat. “And if that were to happen, I wouldn’t be happy anymore.” Sam smirked before her elbow moved to push Blade back.

He fell flat on his back between the two fires as a third began to grow between them. “Petch your happiness.” Sam was quick to straddle Blade’s lap, “I don’t care if you were to come after me if I were to go with another man,” her eyes narrowed, “maybe I’ll wake that man up by letting him feel me wrapped around him.”

“Tsk you slut,” Blade’s hand moved to grip Sam’s waist to throw her to the ground.

But his actions was halted as a blade was pressed to the underside of his chin. “Uh uh, is that really the way to talk to the thing that makes you happy?” Blade remained still as the dull side of the blade ran against olive brown skin. “Besides, right now I want you to make me happy,” Sam slid her hips against Blade’s groin.

“Mmm I could do that easier if you were to put the knife away,” Blade’s eyes were narrowed in on Sam’s.

“Awe, but you lose the sense of adventure that way,” Sam winked as she twisted the blade and popped a shirt button.

“Naughty,” Blade shuddered as his shirt fell away from his chest.

The firm torso had scars from puncture wounds to slashes, scrapes, bruises and some fresh cuts. But above all of that was two, leather straps, that crossed his chest. Attached to them were the sheaths of two daggers, the hilts marked with a crimson red hand print. Sam pocketed her knife and allowed her hands to wander and feel up Blade’s body.

He did the same as he moved to disrobe the furred cloak from around Sam’s body. He marveled her fair skin, flesh streaked with scars, that he traced up to each breast. As her cloak fell away a similar harness was wrapped around her chest. Though the sheaths of the daggers nestled tight under each of her breasts they became loose as Blade’s hands lifted them.

“Mmm, I have an idea,” Blade rumbled as Sam’s hands found their way into his pants. “Lets not attempt to sell our catch.” He gasped, “lets keep him to torture.”

Sam’s head lowered to Blade’s as she kissed him. When their lips parted she smiled, “but then I can’t cut you anymore.”

Blade’s hand rubbed and parted the fabric over Sam’s mound, fingers curled when he felt her warmth. “Of course you can, you’re the only one allowed to lay a scratch on me. Anyone else will die,” Sam moaned. “It pleases me to see you like this,” Blade flashed a grin as he pleasured his wife.

“Mm but I want something more filling right now.” Sam lifted herself and positioned him against her, “lets have a baby.”

The moans of pleasure slowly grew like a fire started from the spark of a flint. It grew into an intense flame as Sam’s impassioned moans mingled with Blade’s own. The cries of life creating life was mirrored for Dionatos. The screams and moans he heard were not ones of pleasure or lust, but of pain and suffering. The water that had consumed him swept him through his mind as it aggressively ferried him away. The cries began to grow silent and the current seemed to grow more lazy.

“Is it over?” Dionatos thought to himself and opened his eyes.

The water had grown still as blue rays of light shimmered above his head. Like curtains, they rippled through the slightly murky water. He swam toward the light unsure of what he might see when he surfaced.
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Ouroboros (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Dionatos on July 4th, 2014, 1:36 am

Dionatos’s halo of ebony horns crested the water’s surface before the rest of his head. Hair pulled close to his head, soaked in the water. What greeted him was a room made from laid out stone, much like a bathhouse. A sun roof allowed moonlight into the room and gave the water an eerie blue glow. A sweet scent of tobacco smoke caused a small haze in the room and made a halo around the oil lamps that lined the walls. His hands moved up to the edge of the bath as he attempted to pull himself out. His feet kicked forward to attempt to gain purchase on a bath siding that wasn’t there.

“You might have a better time if you use the stairs,” a deep, booming, voice, resonated throughout the hall.

Dionatos gasped as he fell back into the water and resurfaced faced the other direction. Not only were there stairs that lead out of the bath there were also the body of a snake. Coils as thick as a man’s torso stretched along the far wall and curled back on itself. Smooth scales shifted against each other as the snout of the snake came into view. But along with it came a humanoid torso and arms. In one of the creature’s strong hand was a pipe that continued to smoke the same pungent, sweet, tobacco smoke. From the slits of the nostrils a plume of white smoke trailed along the black and light brown scales as the torso dipped low and began to slide smoothly across stone.

Silver eyes met the reptilian eyes as Dionatos waded toward the water’s edge curious but fearful. The hand of the creature extended toward him, “I expected you sooner.” Dionatos took the hand and was pulled up onto the first stair step, “I’m sure you have many questions. Most I can not answer, I’ll warn you of that now.”

Dionatos stepped out of the pool as the water glimmered on his skin and trickled off his naked body. He looked down at the creature who remained close to the ground, hands rested lightly on the stone surface.

“Well I know you can answer this question, what are you?” Dionatos’s eyes moved from the blunt snout and over the long and strong body.

“Mm that is a good question,” the creature’s body began to bend as the torso came up and put the head level with Dionatos. “May I have the name of the one I am talking to first?”

“Its Anraz--”

“No it isn’t,” the creature slithered forward and curled around Dionatos’s body and placed him shoulder to shoulder. “My name is Anraz and that was a lucky guess, your name is Dionatos, it rings a bit truer to your culture don’t you think?”

The snake rumbled a chuckle while he puffed his long churchwarden. The thin puffs of smoke slipped from between his lips as the scales curled into a grin. “But that doesn’t answer your question, what am I?”

Dionatos had to remain where he stood as Anraz’s body continued to snake around him while his torso moved to rest on a heated stone, “I suppose the easiest way to answer that question is I am your conscience and right now you are in your mind.”

“My mind? Then where is my body?” Anraz felt the tail tip slip past his ankles and curled close to him.

Anraz rubbed his chin with a thumb, “on Mizahar, alive.”

Dionatos’s brows raised with that revelation, “so then those people did not kill me?”

“No not yet, but they could in the future.” Anraz said.

“Good that means I can return to the other side,” Dionatos eyes lowered in sorrow.

“The other side? I do hope you mean Ukalas and not really the other side.” Anraz looked concerned as a hand moved to gesture toward a patch of warmed stone, “come sit with me. We’ll be here for a while.”

Dionatos nodded his head and approached the snake. He tested the stone and felt its warmth before he sat and sighed in comfort.

“Feels good doesn’t it? I love to lounge about in the heat,” Anraz puffed on the pipe and brought a finger up to tamp the ash.

“Does that not burn you?” Dionatos leaned back further, a firm coil met his back which he leaned against.

“These fingers have been burned many times before,” Anraz’s eyes narrowed in on Dionatos. “Both physically and metaphorically I’d say.”

“Hmm, what did you mean by otherside and ukalas? Aren’t they the same thing?” Dionatos said.

“To the uninitiated yes, but you know a skill most don’t.” Anraz held out his pipe for Dionatos.

He took the offered pipe as Anraz reached down to a bag and pulled from it a flat, tobacco box. Dionatos followed the creature’s movements as he opened the box and reached into it. But what came out surprised him as another pipe impossibly thicker than the box was produced.

“You look surprised?” Anraz’s head tilted as he pulled some tobacco from the box as well and began to pack his pipe.

“Yes I am, how did you keep that in there?” Dionatos said.
“Oh so you really don’t remember do you?” Anraz’s tail wrapped around a piece of cedar and moved it to a nearby lamp. The lit splinter was brought to his hands and used to light his pipe, “it came from the otherside,” he spoke as fresh smoke exited his mouth.

He brought the lit splinter over toward Dionatos who put the pipe’s tip between his lips. He sucked gently as the flame was pulled over the tobacco. The smoke was warm and filled his mouth with a flavor of cocoa and earthy flavors.

“Thank you, I’m afraid I do not remember much of anything unfortunately.” Dionatos frowned but relaxed as he took into smoking with the creature.

“Hmm then lets start at the beginning, you are an ethaefal with a Dhani background.” Dionatos mouth began to part, “a Dhani is what I am. Well at least one form, but we also look like humans.”

“Well that answers my first question, now I know what sort of creature you, I mean, we are.”

“Mmm, as to where I got my pipe it was from the other side. A place that is everything and nothing at the same time. Its a place that only exists in absolute nothingness it sounds ludicrous I know,” Dionatos nodded his head.

“It does, but if that is what you would like to reveal to me I won’t push it further. Its a nice trick none the less,” he wore a smug grin as he puffed on the pipe.

“Oh no, I sense skepticism.” The scales shifted as Anraz brought his head down to slide next to Dionatos’ own. “Since I am you and vice versa I can assure you you’ll be able to do the same trick.”

“How?” Dionatos turned his head toward Anraz. “I mean this is just my mind I suppose anything is possible.”

“No no, this will happen outside of your body as well. Just close your eyes and let me paint a picture for you,” Dionatos did as requested as Anraz’s eyes grew blank as if he had suddenly had become blind.

“In front of you is a fire that burns warm and comfortable.” Anraz looked at what was going on outside of Dionatos’s body. The eye lids of his physical body slightly parted, “there are two figures whom you wish to protect yourself from. They want to kill you, but now isn’t your time to die. You’ll die only by your own hands and not by others.”

Dionatos cringed, “if they want to kill me then let them!”

“No you must not think like that. Would you rather go to a life of boring existence in paradise but forever inferior to others? Or would you rather remain on a domain which you are naturally superior to?” Dionatos grumbled but calmed himself and attempted to visualize the scene.
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Ouroboros (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Dionatos on July 4th, 2014, 8:15 am

Anraz continued, as Dionatos began to relax against the coils. “Don’t relax focus,” Anraz flicked his scaled body to prop Dionatos body up.

Anraz’s head moved around, “now focus on that fire visualize how it burns the wood and consumes it. Find a spot where the wood has been burned past the point of being ash. The heat has reduced it to nothing, emptiness.”

Dionatos took a moment to attempt to visualize what it looked like, “nothing, in fire maybe it is just like that black darkness I saw earlier. Or like the blackness in the void that swallowed those people whole? Yeah, maybe that is perfect, I can see the flames with a small dot in the middle of them.”

“Good, now make that dot grow larger as it begins to consume the flame around it. Ash falls into the hole along with embers as all that is left is blackness. Make it larger and as it does your thoughts begin to be drawn into the darkness as well. Allow your mind only for a moment grow silent as you open that portal. What you see is the other side, that nothingness, that blackness.” Anraz shifted as he stopped coaching, eyes grew solid once more as he began to puff on his pipe.

“Tie me up and ponder torturing my home will they? I’ll show them,” Anraz thought to himself as Dionatos began to grow the portal.

“Bigger, its becoming larger. It is kind of scary,” he thought to himself. “Its almost natural to me though, I must empty everything.” His vision was drawn into the portal, the rich darkness. “Let it take,” for a split moment Anraz’s went black. It was as if time simply stopped and did not exist for that moment.

Sam and Blade had returned to their seats near the campfire. Pigeons had not been salvageable as they tipped the food into the fire to allow it to be further consumed. Sam hadn’t covered her body as completely as it had been before. The robe of fur draped over her shoulders as it trapped the heat of the flame against her body. Blade sat similarly as he munched on some warmed nuts.

“So its settled then, as soon as we get back into town that’ll be it,” Sam’s eyes looked over at Blade.

Blade only smiled and stroked her hair, “yes of course. Nothing would make me happier to settle down and raise a child.”

“But what if our urges grow, I mean it isn’t like we can get rid of the gifts that were given to us.” Sam pressed closer into Blades body.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something that will allow us to survive without pain. I don’t think it would be fair to let our child live with their parents as murderers,” Sam sighed and stroked Blade’s chest.

The sun had crawled toward the horizon a long shadow was cast from Dionaltos’s tree. The air had begun to grow colder again and caused Sam to stand and begin to dress herself properly. The drips from the trees had stopped mid evening as the still water began to freeze once more. Both Blade and Sam gasped when they heard a rumble come from the area Dionaltos had been tied.

The fire had gone out as the area was covered in shadow, “Shyke, did he get loose?” Sam said.

“I dont’ think so, I thought he was a corpse.” Blade wrapped his fur around him before he stood and reached for a piece of wood in the fire that still burned. Sam followed Blade as the burning stick cast minimal light.

The sun had made its final descent as day yielded to night. Blade slowly moved forward as Sam gripped his cloak and peered from behind him. The orange flame casted a glow across Dionaltos’s face but as the flickers rippled across his face darkness began to flake away from his skin. His face transformed from olive richness to fair, opalescent skin. Hair grew longer as two horns sprouted from beneath the lengthened locks.

“What the petch? Are you seeing this--” Blade’s words were cut short as he felt the ground give way from beneath his toes.

His arms swung as the stick was lost and the area was once again cast into darkness. Blade felt the ground compress his chest as he fell forward against it. His hands gripped at the permafrosted soil as he grunted and wheezed. Sam cried out as she moved to her knees and reached down for Blade.

“Get, get me out,” Sam attempted to pull him from the void but his weight was more than she could handle. “I can’t feel the bottom, I don’t know how deep this sinkhole is.”

Sam grunted and moved to lie on her stomach arms outstretched to grab his waist. She nearly slid forward herself into the hole, it felt strange on her skin. The air within the hole didn’t feel cold or warm, it was just still and unmizahary. She grunted as her grip faltered and she slid forward further. Blade grasped at the ground but the soil was loose beneath his fingertips.

“Sam, just let go. I’ll bend my knees when I hit the bottom. Maybe I’ll survive with just broken legs and then you drop down after me.” Blade was nearly entirely within the void, head still above the hole.

“I’d rather not have to carry you all the way to Ravok,” Sam grabbed at Blade’s wrists and held him fast.

She slid further down herself but as Blade and Sam soon found as their heads pushed into the void, air was non-existant. Both gasped and choked as Sam began to fight to pull Blade from the mysterious hole. Blade’s fingers clawed into Sam’s hand as Blade wiggled in an attempt to force Sam to let go. It worked as well as Sam’s fingers grew bloody and slick, the hand of Blade soon gone. She screamed with what little air she had left, but the sound never escaped the void.

Dionaltos’s form slowly rose from the tree and into the moon’s light. The ropes and blanket that had secured his body was useless as his brawn body had thinned. The hibernation effects gone now as he slowly moved into the shadows where he heard Sam stammer out of the void. She coughed and wheezed as the ethaefal past through the shadows and back into the orange blue glow of the moon and fire’s light. Sam wasn’t aware of the man’s presence as his hands gripped the furred cloak on her back. He ripped it back and forced Sam to look up into his brown, reptilian eyes.

“Time for you to go, the portal closes and you’re not in it, you wouldn’t want to leave your husband alone would you?” Dionaltos’s face curled into a wide grin as Sam looked up in horror.

“Down you go,” Dionaltos flung Sam’s body forward as her arms slid from the cloak.

Her head cracked against the soil and knocked her out before her naked form was consumed into the void to join Blade for an eternity. Dionaltos remained where he had performed the last deed. Birds did not chirp and smaller streams of water did not babble silenced by ice and cold. River’s groaned as ice broke from their shores and collided against each other. An eerie crackling and squealing noise like the cries of hungry souls of children. It was a song, the song of Winter. Winter brought death and all that lived within the forest waited in bated breath for Spring to arrive.

Dionaltos soon unfurled the cloak and draped it over his shoulders. He began to walk toward the fire and looked over the scarce belongings, the portal long since sealed. “I am born again and these are the sacrifice to control the balance I am there child,” Anraz’s eyes slowly began to lose their brown tones as silvery eyes began to fill the iris like mercury.

“What happened?” He looked around the camp and brushed the fur that hung across his shoulders. “Hello?” He listened for a reply, “I know someone is here?” He stepped away from the fire and tried to look out into the dark forest. But when no movement caught his eyes he decided to sit and keep the fire lit, “maybe they’ll be back by morning. Obviously they weren’t going to kill me as Anraz suggested. I would of been dead already if that were the case.” He sat quietly as the night began to pass, blissfully unaware of the severed toes that were left behind in the shadows of the void.
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Ouroboros (Flashback 364AV)

Postby Ink on July 15th, 2014, 1:52 pm

Let me see what you have done with your ink.


Voiding 2


‘Rescued’ After the Fall
Glimpses of Memories Passed
Memory: A Cataclysm
Captured By Bandits
Dionatos: An Ethaefall and A Dhani
Talking To Anraz, Talking to Myself


Note: Generally speaking Ethaefal are aware of actions of both of their forms, they are one being. Now if this is a mental affectation, then party on. This was a very well written thread I hope to see more from you in the future, Dio!

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