Special Needs, Sucker's Dream: Mirko's Scrookbap

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Special Needs, Sucker's Dream: Mirko's Scrookbap

Postby Mirko on July 8th, 2014, 5:00 pm


Important note of utmost importance: Mirko is genderqueer and is actually meant to be referred to by neutral pronouns. I'm not enforcing this in play since I don't relish the hassle of people being confused or resistant to it, but in this space I'll only be referring to Mirko as they, them or their. I encourage y'all to attempt the same in my holy scrapbook zone (I won't have a conniption fit if you slip up, just give it a go if the situation arises). I have faith in y'all's intelligence, but it's still something to get accustomed to, so I offer a quick lil' reference for those who are unused to this witchcraft:
THEY, THEMSELF: Mirko is a ghost. They were too incompetent to feed themself and are now very dead.
THEM: Sometimes Mirko likes to possess mice and get eaten by owls for fun. What the fuck is wrong with them?
THEIR: Mirko is trying to find their pearl. What a dumbass they are.
(I understand that some find this practice “grammatically incorrect”, and to those I humbly request that noise be kept to yourself. I leave you to lick your MLA format textbooks in peace.)

And with all that mess outta the way...yo. I'm Dama, a 23-year-old artist/musician and ill-tempered sex worker rights activist hailing from the deep south. This maudlin little corner of cyberspace, however, won't be about me. I don't care to talk about my life. For your convenience, I will allow this scholarly film to summarize my existence:

Now that we're acquainted...
This shit, if I am to attribute this shit to anything in particular, is about Mirko. This shit is about futility and airing out this wildly obnoxious box code from which they blankly stare, propped on their zeitgeist-inappropriate umbrella while I titter on about their pitiful existence. You can nearly hear their mantra of “I want my pearrrrrl” scritchy-scratching on the broken record behind their eyes...their empty, empty little I'm-an-anencephalic-person eyes. What a fucking waste of ectoplasm.
Y'see, Mirko wasn't made to succeed. They were made to turn the simple, naïve task of trying to regain something they love into an epic: They may never find their pearl, and they may never get over it, and they may always exist for it, and they may never stop existing. Mirko could seriously be a lost puppy for eternity (or at least as long as ethereal forms can still take shape on the world).

...Anyway, here's a vague outline of what to expect here.
x Character breakdowns!
x Personal art, Mizahar related and otherwise!
x LGBTQIA+ theory!
x Copious music posts, generally with long-winded Mirko-related analysis!
x Incredibly sparse “maybe I actually will talk about my life” posts!
x Miscellany!

And by all means, do leave questions and stuff. I am relatively friendly, and I do so enjoy stuff. I also get a kick outta editing pictures to resemble different races 'n whatnot, so if you have any needs along those lines I may be able to take a stab at 'em (just expect to be patient, I tend to do those things on my own time...which can be slow).

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