Nate's Long Walk

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Nate's Long Walk

Postby Nathaniel Ankah on July 12th, 2014, 5:47 pm

"You will become far more than what you are now, standing on these hallowed stones. It will be a journey of tedium and frustration as much as one of accomplishment and enlightenment. You will curse us and yourself equally, and desire to flee back to comforting, undemanding mediocrity many a time.

But if you stay... if you apply yourself... if you force new goals for yourself, set them, surpass them, exceed and increase them, every season... I can promise you this, boy.

You will look back to "Nate", on this day, years from now, and see him as "Nathaniel"... and you will marvel at how much strength you had in you to come so far."

Summer, 514AV
55th-80th: Travel from Sunberth to Zeltiva by boat (30gm)
80th [i]: Arrive in Zeltiva and enroll at the University - Blacksmithing at Applied Skills, Wilderness Survival at Navigation, Morphing at the Djed College (90gm)
80th [ii]: Enroll at the Wave Guard HQ as a means of income while studying at the University

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