Garrett Skinner's Plotnotes

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Garrett Skinner's Plotnotes

Postby Garrett Skinner on July 24th, 2014, 11:18 pm

Summer 514 A.V

Goals & Threads etc.

-Increase Crossbow to Expert
-Unarmed combat skill, learn it
-Maybe learn skinning (Is that even a skill?)
-Make a few friends and even a rival
-Go hunting, many times
-Learn some first aid (Like Medicine/Herbalism)
-Learn about the Kenashian Wilderness more
-Learn more about the Dynasty/Freeborn/Slave/Rujaro history and relationships between them
-Go hunting some more
-First encounter with monsters (Seriously want to turn him into a monster hunter)
-Kindle a romance (No fellas, sorry :lol:)
-Spar and train with other mercs.
-Get drunk, I mean proper drunk.
-Do a bit of gambling
-Hit the archery ranges (...Does Kenash have an archery range?)
-Have the shit beaten out of him by a more skilled opponent
-Think of more ideas
-Seduce a women with his Sunberthian charms (Oh that poor woman, no-one should have to suffer that)
-Maybe explore religion?
-Track some of them slaves down
-Mercenary jobs have to be done, maybe find someone else to do them with...
-Flashback in Sunberth is a must

Syliras Calender

1st - The First of Summer calls for a changing in the colours of the Watchtowers, though none see it transpire. Heavy fog sets over the city from the swamps, though it quickly fades. A new Magistrate is sworn into office, and Dervain Sitai is quick to make new laws and revise old ones. Kenash’s Rules and Regulations are read on the steps of his office.

8th- The Draer family find that more than 100 pounds of chocolate and three cases of perfume has been stolen from their stores. An investigation is set out to find the thieves.

11th - Many of the Dynasties (particularly the Rajor, Radacke, and Ackina) begin to whisper to one another in passing about the unjust state of one of the newly amended laws (see the Rules and Regulations page - here). A great deal of controversy ensues and the three Dynasties come to an agreement to spread their discontent to the other Dynasties.

12th - Several slaves are kidnapped, nothing is heard of their disappearance save for a single eyewitness account involving the Zith. Investigations ensue and a call for mercenaries to deal with the threat is issued.

14th - A small group of Zith is found in the outlying pastures of the Sea of Grass. Several corpses litter the path to their location, and a skirmish ensues - Mercenaries against Zith. If the mercenaries survive, a bounty is issued.

21st - The Lorak Dynasty - after several escapes that took place in the previous season, decide to fortify their plantation with a new set of guards and mercenaries.

23rd - Several of Banjemin Askara's laws are written out of the Seasonal Rules and Regulations, the attempt at alliance between the Sitai and Askara broken as arguments ensue. The Sitai seek out the Radacke Dynasty to replace them, while the Askara negotiates with the Morealis.

27th - Summer's blaze sets in, this day particularly longer and hotter than the rest. Makeup runs down the cheeks of Dynasty and freeborn women. Several slaves suffer heatstroke in the plantations and are treated at Radjud-Dalat.

32nd - The Rujaro attack the Draer and Radacke plantations respectively. The latter is fought off and several Rujaro die as a result, though the Draer plantation fails to meet the threat. Several guards die, and the Rujaro becomes feared once again as a stock of supplies arrives in the swamps from the Draer plantation.

35th - Slaves attempt a mass escape from the Draer plantation, and approximately seven succeed. Four move to join the Rujaro while the rest simply run off, never to be seen again.

36th - The Draer, noticing the spree of crime occurring at their businesses and plantation, decide to fortify their plantation and businesses with security. More than twelve guards, strongly-built and intimidating, are hired in total, two put in Draer's Chocolates, one in the perfumery and the rest at Draer Plantation.

46th- On the exact day of the mid-season, a wedding between two Dynasties takes place. The Radacke and the Sitai cement their alliance with the arranged union of two seventeen year olds. Lacking Cheva marks, the union is known by all to be purely political in term, and by consequence, talk between the other Dynasties commences, mere whispers to not disturb the peace. Such whispers are interrupted by the invasion of a violent psychopath, and a hunt for the man commences.

49th - Two escaped slaves (now Rujaro) are discovered and executed publicly. Complications ensue.

61st- Several Rajor talk of establishing an arena for slaves to fight in. The notion is denied by both the Magistrate when brought up to him and Shahessrajor, who punishes the Dynasty members for 'going behind her back.'

62nd -All of the previous Magistrate's (Banjemin Askara) curious and impractical laws are officially dissolved, the majority of the Dynasties agreeing to the change of pace. The Askara begin to feel more and more isolated from the rest of the Dynasties and withdraw from the public eye.

67th - The Magistrate announces that all Dynasties must be self-sufficient in the monitoring and policing of their slaves. A call to fortify the rest of the plantations is put into action. Each plantation (with the exception of the Draer and Lorak) is fortified with ten new mercenary guards, each armed with spears and a shortbow.

71st- An attempt on the Magistrate's life is made. Several accusations fly out, even pointing at Banjemin Askara and his Dynasty, but nothing can be proven. The would be assassin activated a glyph upon capture, and burst into flame. Nothing is gathered from his corpse, which is tossed into the lake. An investigation is run, but the trail looks cold.

88th -The rivers running through Kenash flood, sucking two people into it. The Dynasties hire a Reimancer to clean up the mess, paying the mage handsomely for their efforts.

91st- With Summer's close imminent, the Dynasties call for a festival to welcome the Fall season.

Seasonal Challenges

Bridge a connection with a member of a Dynasty (To those in a Dynasty, to a member of a different Dynasty.)

Attend or host a local event with an open guest list. (Slaves can be forced into servitude in the event and therefore 'attending'.)

Call out a Freeborn or slave for not being with the fashion trends of the season.

Interrogate a slave. (Slaves can be ordered to do this by their Master.)

Gain five points in any two social skills (Persuasion, Rhetoric, Socialization, and Hypnotism count towards this goal.)

Gain ten points in any one skill.

Permanently destroy a relationship (established or budding) with a condescending and overly-pretentious attitude. (Slaves might get punished for this, but that's half the fun.)

Participate in the branding of a slave. (Slaves can do this, too.)

Use the word 'posh' at least twice in the proper context.

Have at least five exchanges in dialogue set in a purposely done posh tone.

Use the words 'crude', 'unfashionable', and 'vile' in the same paragraph while still retaining sense in the post.

Ruin an article of clothing. (Whether yours or someone else's.)
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