Loghan's Plotnotes

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Loghan's Plotnotes

Postby Loghan Slater on August 1st, 2014, 11:36 am


So, I managed to work out what the plotnotes were for and I decided jot down a few idea before I jumped in to the deep end that is Mizahar. Unfortunately I don't have a long, arcing plot with Loghan but hopefully if I can start forming one as I write him. These are vague ideas that need a few more specific before we have a scene but they have been whipped up with no other characters in mind.

RP ideas

- Fighting in the Blood Pits, obviously I could write this on my own but that wouldn't be as fun. The fights are to the death but maybe a 2 vs 2 or more? Or if you want to kill off your character I'd be happy to do it for you.

-Tracking a slave, this would be really fun to do I think. He's only got a few points in tracking so the slave could get away or it could be heavily injured but I'd love to do this with maybe a hunter? Or another mercenary?

-A good ol' tavern brawl, fair enough this one I suspect has been done a hundred times over but why not one more time?

-A job gone wrong, looking at the calendar for this Summer there is clearly a lot of violence between gangs so if a cart wheel breaks in the wrong place, if a guard took a piss at the wrong time or you simply took a job from the wrong guy then all hell could break loss.

-Trouble at the docks, this was a more specific idea I had. A merchant, importing a number of goods, has been waiting for several items to arrive for a while now but to no avail but to no avail. When the captain refuses to hand them over he decides to hire some mercenaries to persuede them otherwise.

-Exploring the mines, I'd love to delve into the mine and see what treasure could be found and what dangers as well. I think this would probably be best if a moderator oversaw it.

-Capturing the dog, there is a calendar event regarding capturing a rather vicious dog for a reward, I don't think anyone has attempted this yet so I'd love to team up with a couple of other people to try and capture it.

-Something more illegal, okay so there is no real law in Sunberth so this is sort of a moot point but I'd love to get involved with some racketeering or vandalism, maybe even some arson on behalf a rival merchant.

-52nd of Summer, taking part in the mob would be fun to write, I can imagine Loghan would definitely be swept up in the persecution so you could either help him or be the annoying moral conscience that will try (and fail) to stop him.

-Alleyway mugging, I'd certainly be up for being the victim or even the mugger in this situation while someone else could fill another role in the event.

-Flashbacks, I'd love to flesh out his past and get a few scars so if you are interested in this please let me know.
Hey, I gave it a shot but I don't think Mizahar is for me. Sorry for everyone I'm leaving hanging but I'm just not enjoying it like I do on other sites. Happy writing all.
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