Global Grading Status

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Global Grading Status

Postby Kiva on February 28th, 2015, 1:02 am


    I do believe I can help solve this problem! Falyndar's grading submission is located in The Jungle Wilds, here, to be exact. Looks like there are nine requests there right now. I hope that helps.

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Global Grading Status

Postby Aoren on March 22nd, 2015, 7:20 pm


*slides an update out of nowhere*

Change Log

    1.) Updated queues to reflect present standings as of this post.
    2.) Removed Mayhem as JrST of Cyphrus.
    3.) Removed Avarice as AS of Sunberth.
    4.) Removed Monsoon as AS of Endrykas
    5.) Removed Voodoo as DS of Taloba.
    6.) Removed Neologism as AS of Kalinor.
    7.) Added Plume as AS of Syliras
    8.) Added Monarch as AS of Sunberth.
    9.) Added Verilian as AS of Wind Reach.
    10.) Added Abura status tab.
    11.) Removed Taldera status tabs due to inactivity in region.

Highest Grades Pending

    1.) Syliras (63)
    2.) Sunberth (52)
    3.) Ravok (18), Sahova (18)

Regional Grading Breakdown

    1.) Kalea has a total of 11 grades pending across the region.
    2.) Cyphrus has a total of 15 grades pending across the region.
    3.) Falyndar has a total of 17 grades pending across the region.
    4.) Sylira has a total of 178 grades pending across the region.

Oh my it has been a while since this was last updated. I apologize for that. I hope this still proves to be of help for those who need it. Thank you all for the dedication you show in giving back to Mizahar!

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