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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on September 2nd, 2012, 6:40 pm

Jarik Skycrown

"When one walks the road most traveled, to what places does it lead?"


Race: Drykas
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: 46th Day of Autumn, 489AV
Birthplace: Endrykas, Skycrown Pavilion

Profession: Healer
Current Housing: The Sanctuary, Riverfall

Likes: The Wilderness, Adventure, Magic, Humor, Good Conversation, Cherries
Dislikes: Pointless Cruelty, Senseless Evil, Bullies, Onions
Aspirations: To be the best man he can be.

Fluent: Common
Basic: Pavi
Poor: N/A

Theme Songs :
Main Theme- The Road Most Traveled by Jeremy Soule

Secondary Theme-
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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on September 2nd, 2012, 7:20 pm

Aoren possesses sandy blond hair that is usually kept short. The majority of the time he opts to keep it short cropped as it is much easier to handle than to have it falling into his eyes and obscuring his view. His eyes themselves are a cobalt blue reminiscent of the tropical waters one might find off the coasts of Falyndar. As a grown adult Aoren has spent a great deal of time honing his body so that he might never again play the role of a victim due to childhood trauma. Having devoted himself to a disciplined lifestyle of unarmed combat, acrobatics and quarterstaff techniques he bears the chiseled physique one would expect from such gymnastic endeavors. At six feet and three inches in height he stand quite taller than the majority of people he meets. One can scarcely say that Aoren looms though. He carries himself with a dignified air. It is not pompous or presumptuous rather it is a reflection of the easy-going confidence he has gained over the years.
Scars and Injuries :
22 Summer, 510 AV The blow in the kidney area will have left Aoren with a nasty bruise (More so due to the lack of immediate treatment and nursing than the hit itself), though nothing too serious. He will experience some pain/discomfort in walking in the coming few days, however the mark will clear and dull pain subside within the week
22 Summer, 510 AV Mediocre bruising to his shin, pain will fade and marks disappear within the next several days
22 Summer, 510 AV Overall muscle aches, primarily hamstrings, a couple of days of rest and easy takings required to heal
25th Summer, 510AVAoren possesses a crescent moon shaped scar on the back of his left wrist. It is an amusing scar that brings back memories from happier times.
68 Fall, 513 AV All scars, injuries, and "...everything deemed unhealthy for a human..." are removed from Aoren upon being healed and marked by Rak'keli.


Pre Creation
Aoren is a man who loves exploration. As a child he spent many days going places he shouldn’t. He has the scars to prove it and the wisdom to be cautious since learning those lessons. The open sky and a breeze all around gives the young man a sense of clarity. While he spends most of his days helping those he comes across be it an odd job here or there, nothing sets him at ease more than learning something new. He is curious about the world around him.

More so with what came before him and what may lie ahead. He can spend hours sifting through history books wherever he may find them. With the knowledge he gains from them he looks for ways to improve upon what he learned and how it can shape the world into a better place for everyone. Something of an idealist and visionary, Aoren can get a little overly ponderous at times. This is off-set by his adventurous nature and helps lighten his mood when he is bogged down by questions to which there are no answers. At least not that he has been able to find.

Aoren is a loyal person but he is slow to trust anyone. People make him nervous if truth be told. For these reasons he enjoys spending time alone but like every human being he feels the need to socialize once in a while. He can often get spun up in studying whatever happens to catch his attention. Be it a new technique with his fighting style, a new way to utilize in his Reimancy, or a new way in which to stretch the limits of his body. He is very focused almost to the point of having tunnel vision.

This was once countered by his surrogate sister, Ileera, who kept him from getting lost in his thoughts and pulled him out of his shell. Her disappearance, however, has left a hole in his person that won’t soon be filled. Aoren is curious though he has learned to temper his curiosity lest it be the death of him.

Spring 514
Time changes all men and Aoren is not a man immune to that change. His experiences through the years have helped him grow and while at the core he is still much the same man as he has always been there are some things that have changed.

Aoren is rather quiet. He has always been rather quiet. When he speaks it is usually for a reason or because he was asked a question. He is not nervous around people anymore but he is still slow to trust anyone. After losing loved ones and being abandoned by others his heart is a little more hardened than it used to be.

Aoren still isn’t entirely certain of what direction he should take his life but he is more certain than he was a few years ago. He is less chained by the grievances of his past. As a man he is more accepting of the challenges Life and Fate present before all men and women. He has found a modicum of peace in the knowledge that no one, no matter how small or how great, walks the world completely alone.

Aoren has developed a very strong sense of moral character and while some might expect him to become a valiant crusader this is not quite true. Aoren does not believe that there is goodness in everyone. He knows quite well that there is darkness in everyone’s heart and in some cases the darkness is more prevalent than in others. When it comes to morals, Aoren believes that every man or woman is deserving of a chance to live their life to its full potential, whatever that may be. This means that he could and very well might view a devoted follower of Rhysol just the same as he would a zealous follower of Tyveth. He might not agree with the follower of Rhysol but he wouldn’t necessarily step-in to prevent them from spreading the works of their Chaotic deity. It would depend entirely upon the context of their actions.

This is a considerable shift from his once concrete thinking that Good and Evil were planes of black and white. He can be viewed as a far more “grey” individual in terms of beliefs that while possessed of a good heart conducts himself with a neutral disposition.

Pre Creation
Aoren is a child that should never have been born. Not because his parents did not want children but simply because his mother should have been incapable of bearing them. The story of her life is an intricate part of how Aoren has come to live in both Syliras and how he has come to live at all. But that is a tale for another time.

Aoren grew up in Syliras. He never knew his father or his mother. Not personally. The children’s home in which he was raised informed him that a gentleman left him in their care with only a name, a necklace, and a gentle kiss goodbye. Aoren can only assume that this man had been his father. He is a shadowy figure that has haunted him with unanswered questions his entire life. The caretakers of the children’s home made a point of isolating him from the other children. The ethereal lily that shimmered on the back of his right hand was reason enough for them. It was in the orphanage that he met Ileera. A tom-boyish red headed, freckled, menace to bullies and ne’er do wells alike. Their first encounter is one that Aoren will never forget.

He had always been a quiet boy. He would keep to himself, drawing patterns in the dirt with a stick or fighting imaginary villains all alone. Other children always said they felt “funny” around him. As if every time he stared at them he wasn’t looking at them so much as something beyond them. Which wasn’t far from the truth. Ileera was not intimidated by this however. One day a group of boys decided that they did not like the funny feeling that Aoren gave them when he was looked at them. Children, being capable of both great kindness and great cruelty, seldom stop to consider the rationality of their actions. It was four bigger stronger boys against one scared eight year old…

Secret :
“Nyah! Nyah! Little freak!” A tubby ten year old said vehemently as he shoved Aoren to the ground. The caretakers were nowhere in sight. There was no one Aoren could call for help. He knew this. He flinched as a scrawny nine year old kicked some dirt in his face. Aoren coughed and scooted away from them only to back into a pair of legs. He looked up. Dark blue eyes wide with fear.

“Going somewhere, freak?” Aoren scrambled to his feet turning to face the older dark haired boy glaring down at him.

“L-leave me alone!” The dark haired boy stomped forward and grabbed Aoren by the collar of his shirt.

“Stop staring at me, freak!” Aoren was kneed in the stomach before he had time to react. The wind was knocked out of him and he tumbled to the ground. The beatings commenced. The four boys started kicking, punching, hitting, and scuffing the dirt into his face.

“Hah! Serves you right, weirdo!” Aoren could only curl up into a tight ball and hope, pray, and beg that they stop hurting him.

“Hey!” Someone called out. The oldest, the dark haired boy, looked up to see where it came from only for a rock to smash right into his nose. He yelped and stumbled back. The other three boys whirled on the assailant only for more rocks to come hurtling toward them. Aoren blinked at the dark haired boy who stood fighting back tears as he cupped his nose. He tried to get to his feet but was shoved back down by a brown haired boy with dirt all over his clothes. He peered at his would-be rescuer. It was a girl. Her clothes were covered in dirt. Her face was smudged and dotted with freckles. Her green eyes were squinting in a fierce glare aimed at his four attackers and her bright fiery red hair added to her overall tom-boyish appearance. She was holding a handful of rocks in one hand while toying with a single one in her other.

“Leave him alone!” She pelted another rock at the tubby boy who squeaked as he dodged it. The stone bounced an inch or so away from Aoren and he flinched away from it.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” The scrawny boy picked up a rock and threw it at the defiant red-haired girl. He missed horribly and was met with a nicely aimed pebbled to the forehead. “Ow! Stop that!”

The girl stomped her foot and glared at the four boys. She tossed a larger rock into the air casually catching it over and over. She was staring them down as one might stare down a target in their sights.

“Leave. Him. Alone! Or the next one goes where it counts!” She reared up and the boys backed off. They were ill-equipped to face down such a skilled rock-thrower. The dark haired boy, who was cupping a very broken nose, glared at her.

“Yeah. Well…we were done anyways! Come on guys.” He grumbled and stormed off dejectedly as only a child denied his fun could. Aored slowly got to his feet and was promptly shoved back down to the ground as the tubby boy passed. He was met with a pebble to the back of his head for all his trouble. He yelped and rubbed at the spot glaring at the girl who stuck her tongue out at him.

Aoren watched them all leave. He sniffled lightly and stared at the girl as she walked up to him.

“You alright?” She rubbed at her nose dropping the stones to the ground. She offered a hand and helped the boy to his feet. Aoren dug a toe into the dirt and nodded. His bottom lip was swelling, there was a cut above his right eyebrow, and there would definitely be bruises on his torso.

“Why did you do that?” The girl quirked her head very perplexed by his question.

“Do what?” Aoren furrowed his brow.

“Why did you help me?” She scratched her scalp before folding her arms above her head and kicking up some dirt.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She turned her gaze back to Aoren who went bug-eyed at her response. Tears started welling up in his eyes and he sniffed loudly as he fought the urge to cry. The girl frowned and reached out to pat him on the shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. My name’s Ileera.” She pointed a threatening finger in his face. “But don’t you dare call me that. Everyone calls me Lee. I’m twelve. What’s your name?” Aoren wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Aoren. I’m eight.” Ileera nodded and grabbed his hand shaking it firmly almost making Aoren topple over. She steadied him.

“Whoa there. Come on. Let’s get a caretaker.” She took his hand and the two started heading inside. “By the way, you’re small. Get bigger.”

The two have been friends ever since. Aoren took her advice on getting stronger. He saw a need to defend himself in a world where harshness and cruelty were the commonplace emotions of the general populace. Especially toward anyone and anything viewed as an “outsider”. Ileera, or “Lee” as she demanded to be called, was a source of constant solace and support. She took to martial skills as easily as breathing air or dressing oneself in the morning. Ileera had always been a calming figure in his life.

She always knew exactly what she wanted and was clever enough to figure out how to get it. It was Ileera who helped foster his adventurous nature. It was Ileera who noticed he wasn’t all that great with a sword. He possessed the ability to use one but he would never be a master of it. It was Ileera who figured out he had a natural affinity toward the arcane and tracked down a Reimancer who unlocked Aoren’s potential. What Aoren lacked in terms of skills with a blade he made up for in a keen intelligence. All the same he was still the muscle for Ileera in situations that required a mere show of presence. An odd pair, they meshed well together all the same.

Aoren has spent most of his adult life helping those he can alongside his surrogate sister. They worked where work was available. Went on the occasional escort mission here and there and all seemed to fall into a routine pattern of life. He and Ileera made their way just fine and that was how life was until she vanished without a trace shortly after the Djed storms that raged across the face of Mizahar. Things have not been the same for Aoren since her disappearance.

Spring 514
Aoren has come a long way since the disappearance of his close friend and confidant, Ileera. He has accepted her loss and chosen to move on with his life though he still wonders if he will ever discover what happened to her. During his time venturing out on his own he has become more uncomfortable with the confining walls of Syliras. He has taken an even deeper interest in pursuing a higher purpose with his life and to that end he has resolved that he can no longer live within the shelter of the Fortress City of Peace.

Aoren has begun exploring magic with far more interest than ever before. He has become a powerful Reimancer, outstripping most practitioners of the discipline in the whole of Syliras. He has begun exploring the other disciplines at his disposal such as Glyphing and even taken up other disciplines with an interest in pursuing more. His views on magic however, differ greatly from the average wizard. Aoren views magic as a tool that is to be used in service to others. He is just unsure of what that service is.

To that end he has set his sights on Zeltiva and what adventures it may hold…
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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on September 2nd, 2012, 7:55 pm

Aoren's primary deity is the Goddess Avalis. There was a time when he shied away from the gift that the Goddess of Visions bestowed upon him. That is no longer the case however. A man who has grown somewhat wiser and more open-minded as he's seen more of the world, Aoren has come to appreciate the touch of the Past that he is blessed with. He feels that she answers when the time is right to do so and in ways that are not always obvious at the time. All in all, Aoren considers Avalis to be his guide and the closest thing he's ever had to a mother his entire life despite not always heeding her often subtle advice.

Aoren has long been a believer in doing the right thing. He is a man of honor and is possessed of a good heart. While he does not seek violence, he does not shy away from it. He strives to be a guardian and protector. It was only natural that he eventually find himself worshiping the Goddess of Health and Healing. He has only barely begun to brush the surface of what it means to serve Rak'keli but through great struggle and a test of character his faith in her is young but strong. As one of her Healers he has dedicated his life to giving everyone the chance to do just that, live.


Having recently bonded to a Cyphrus Strider while staying in Endrykas, Aoren has been introduced to the culture of his father's people. He is a Drykas. As a man newly joined to the ranks of the Drykas as a fully accepted member of their society, he is just beginning to understand his place among his people. In time he will learn his role and what it means to live a life on the Sea of Grass.


Kuvan Status
Citizenship in the city of Riverfall. Acquired here.

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Quaterstaff 9(SP), 28 EXP 37 Competent
Image Unarmed Combat 42 EXP 42 Competent
Image Brawling 3 EXP 3 Novice
Image Wrestling 2 EXP 2 Novice
--- Blind Fighting 7 EXP 7 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Acrobatics 5(SP), 48 EXP 53 Expert
Image Endurance 51 EXP 51 Expert
Image Body Building 37 EXP 37 Competent
Image Running 28 EXP 28 Competent
-- Climbing 4 EXP 4 Novice
Image Stealth 1 EXP 1 Novice
Image Riding 10(Racial) 10 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Wilderness Survival 2 EXP 2 Novice
Image Spelunking 2 EXP 2 Novice
Image Tracking 5 EXP 5 Novice
--- Land Navigation 3 EXP 3 Novice

Wilderness Survival: Forest

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Observation 100 EXP 100 Master
Image Interrogation 18 EXP 18 Novice
Image Intelligence 4 EXP 4 Novice
Image Investigation 40 EXP 40 Competent
Image Teaching 38 EXP 38 Competent
Image Reading 5 EXP 5 Novice
Image Detection 1 EXP 1 Novice
Image Deduction 9 EXP 9 Novice
--- Research 10 EXP 10 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Meditation 58 EXP 58 Expert
Image Organization 9 EXP 9 Novice
Image Philosophy 33 EXP 33 Competent
Image Planning 21 EXP 21 Novice
-- Tactics 7 EXP 7 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Storytelling 11 EXP 11 Novice
-- Singing 3 EXP 3 Novice
-- Gambling 1 EXP 1 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Flirting 3 EXP 3 Novice
Image Intimidation 5 EXP 5 Novice
Image Leadership 7 EXP 7 Novice
Image Negotiation 5 EXP 5 Novice
Image Persuasion 11 EXP 11 Novice
--- Subterfuge 3 EXP 3 Novice
Image Rhetoric 43 EXP 43 Competent
Image Seduction 4 EXP 4 Novice
Image Socialization 100 EXP 100 Master
--- Diplomacy 1 EXP 1 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Philtering 33 EXP 33 Competent
Image Herbalism 18 EXP 18 Novice
Image Botany 7 EXP 7 Novice
Image Gardening 3 EXP 3 Novice
Image Animal Husbandry 13 EXP 13 Novice
Image Cooking 7 EXP 7 Novice
Image Drawing 23 EXP 23 Novice
Image Painting 2 EXP 2 Novice
Image Medicine 23 EXP 23 Novice
Image Writing 5(SP), 15 EXP 20 Novice
Image Caligraphy 3 EXP 3 Novice
Image Cleaning 1 EXP 1 Novice
--- Architecture 1 EXP 1 Novice
--- Bartending 1 EXP 1 Novice

Image Skill Experience Total Rank
Image Reimancy 26(SP), 58 EXP 84 Master
Image Auristics 67 EXP 67 Expert
Image Shielding 53 EXP 53 Expert
Image Flux 26 EXP 26 Competent
Image Glyphing 5(SP), 44 EXP 49 Competent
Image Hypnotism 8 EXP 8 Novice
Image Spiritism 19 EXP 19 Novice

Reimancy Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Para-Elements: Lighting, Ice, Steam, Fog

Trade Skill Lore

Philtering is time consuming
Recipe: Tulja Poultice
Water: Universal Solvent
Making Cream Using Milk And Butter
Philtering: General Steps And Processes
Philtering: Absorption
Tools Used For Philtering
Philtering: Assation: the act of processing semi-solid substances
Kilns are sometimes used by Potters, and in Philtering to support working either in small amounts or large.
Hangover Tonic: Made from Minty flavored herbs to reduce after effects of inebriation.
Philtering: Calcination where hard solids are reduced to powders.
Philtering: Importance of correct temperature
Philtering: How to make waterproofing(Leather)
Philtering: How to make Chamayo Tonic
Philtering: Properties of Chamayo seed and its Tonic
Philtering: How to use an Albemic
Philtering: Using as much of the plant as possible
Philtering: Properties of Filan Essence
Philtering: How to make Filan Essence
Philtering: Process of infusion
Philtering: Glyphing to combine Magic and Philtering
Philtering: Infusing Res Into The Concoction
Philtering: Infusing Shielding Into The Concoction
Philtering: Healing Gnosis Potion
Philtering: Takes Time and Resources
Soulmist, Philtering, Shielding: Isolate, Imbue
Philtering and Soulmist


Botany: Arsyna Cream Is Used To Soothe Sunburn And Heat Exposures
Botany: Apple's Uses In Medicine
Botany: Chamayo
Botany: Filan Flower description and habit
Botany: Filan Flower, aggressive seeding


Herb: Clubmoss
Herbalism: Cilantro is an ingredient in Myrrian Salts
Herbal: Rugberry Tea
Herbal: Hista Balm
Herbal: Lilian Root Tea
Herbalism: Oak Moss
Herbalism: Using gloves to keep Philtering processes clean
Herbalism: Marim Bitters
Lillian Root Tea: Soothes Nerves and Promotes Calmness
Stinging Nettle: Helps joint pain, respiratory problems, allergic reactions.
Stinging Nettle: Can be applied directly to skin or be used in tea


Medicine : Myrian Salts used to alleviate Rashes, infections and parrasites.
Medicine: Gross Anatomy, is the study of anatomical structures seen with the naked eye.
Medicine: Applying Pressure To Staunch Off Bleeding
Medicine: Handling Head Trauma
How to mitigate an allergic reaction
Using Divination to find long term hindrances of scars
Determining long term effects of scars
Treating the Common Cold
Medicine: Snake Bites
Medicine: Akalak Skin Discoloration
Medicine: Basic Stitches
Medicine: Sprained Wrist


Gardening: Handle plant life carefully
Gardening: Replant in pots to encourage strength

Animal Husbandry

Injured Horses are Skittish

Painting: Patient And Deliberate Strokes

Social Lore

Clyde Sullins: Acquaintance
Caesarion the Ravokian
Quinn, The Hermit
Caesarion's Family: Slavers
Caesarion's History: Brotherly Feud
Caesarion: An Unwelcome Surprise
Caesarion: A Sudden Comeback
Crypt: A Fellow Drykas Mage
Raven: The Stalker
Raven: Damsel In Distress
Kaie: Acquaintance
Kaie Is A Warrior
Xiulachu: Acquaintance
Eanos: Owner Of Sultros Blades
Eanos: Magesmith
Bolivar: Squire
Bolivar Has A Magic Addiction
Jykadin: An Elk Kelvic
Solin: Acquaintance
Letixia: Squire
Lenne: Teenage Herbalist
Bellic: Drykas Raider Leader
Narak: Drykas Raider
Roman: Drykas Raider
Altaira: Coworker
Altaira is from Avanthal
Nathaniel: Horribly Out of Place
Nathaniel: Gives a Good Kidney Shot
Nathaniel: New Sparring Partner
Victory over Soshakuakamamushi
Soshakuakamamushi: Active, brash and wild
Soshakuakamamushi: Dhani, Reimancy wielding snake
Kreig: Squire
Kreig: Is Cautious Of Magic, But Wants To Learn It
Matthew: Fellow Mage
Matthew: Prostitute And Magic Enthuasiast
S'Essy: Healer Since Birth
S'Essy: Memory of Losing a Patient
S'Essy: Practices Shielding Magic
S'Essy: Appearance of Aura
S'Essy: Vantha Father
S’Essy: Has a disarming nature
Shane's Life: A Seeing
Caelum: In Riverfall
Caelum: A Dreamwalker
Caelum: Dreamwalker
Caelum: Gentle Protector
Kavala: Denusk Pavilion, Sapphire Clan
Kavala: Owns the Sanctuary
Lillian: Caelum's Daughter
Lillian's Origins
Ricky: Magic User
Ricky: Reimancy User
Ricky: Free of Illness
Ricky's Reimency: Knows Basic Skills
Ricky's Remaincy Elements: Water and Air
Edriena the abused Svefra
Edriena: Not used to friendly company
Edriena: Marked by Yahal and Laviku
I'saya: Azenth Fire Dancer
Pulren: Reimancer
Pulren: Reckless
Melanos: Friendly Akalak
Zeklan: Teacher
Zeklan: Honest and straightforward
Adrien: Disciple of Syna
Adrien: Intensely Curious
Adrien: Resident of the Sanctuary
Haurence: Guard of the Caravan
Theovan: Mage, Shielder and Aurist.
Evalin: Uncomfortable Presence
Evalin's Aura
Avalis Protects Her Followers
Evalin, "Evangeline", an Immortal Witch
Evalin: Searching for Power
An Immortal Witch's Wrath
Xira: Honorable Intentions
Xira: Geomancer


Ankal: Head of a Drykas Pavilion
Diamond Clan: Pavilion of Warriors and Hunters
Drykas: A simple yet passionate people
Drykas: Women of strength, but not without nurture
Drykas: Men of power and purpose
Drykas: Serving one's clan
Drykas: To become a Drykas proper one needs a Strider
Drykas Striders: More than just a horse
Drykas: A people of many hardships
Foreign Race: Myrian
Isur: "Stone" Arm
Konti: Born w/ Rak'keli or Avalis Gnosis
Konti: Scales are natural to them
Akalaks: Disciplined Order
Translations of Basic Tukant


Ethaefal: Immortal
Diplomacy: Considering the Comfort of Others
Rhetoric: Finding the Words to Say
Teaching: Using Lectures
Detection of fellow Rak'keli Gnosis Bearer
Investigation: Magical Tactics
Intelligence: Shifting Methods of Investigation
Intelligence: Auristics Tool
Philosophy: Temperance is the Road I Walk
Philosophy: Pacifist Makes Poor Warriors
Philosophy: Power Without Purpose Corrupts
Ancient Tongue: Meaning of Isikai
Adept at questionable pick-up lines
The Different Depths of Insanity
Allies Make Things Easier
Helping One Find Their Self
Kelvic: Shapeshifting Race Of Beast-Men
Self: Son, Lover, Warrior
I Am The Man Of A Thousand Faces
Self: The Sum Of Choices
Self: Clothed In Immense Power
Self: Travelling To An Unknown Destination
Fragmented Memories Of Friends
Rumor: Wizard's staff in north Sylira?
Isur: Enjoy wrestling
Persuasion: Prompting An Opponent To Rise To Challenges
Tactics: Anticipating Sparring Partners Intentions
Philosophy: Honor and Cowards
Timothy: Does Not Believe In Honor

Physical Lore

Using A Quarterstaff As An Acrobatic Aid
Block Them Rocks
A staff is not a sword
Quarterstaff: Grip is everything
Quarterstaff: Pros and cons of the Quarterstaff
Quarterstaff: Mid to long range weapon
Quarterstaff: Balancing The Weight of Iron Staves
Quarterstaff: Difference Between Iron and Wood Materials


Body Building: If you can’t breathe you can’t function
Stretches: Shoulder, Arm, Thigh, Calf, Hamstring
Exercise: Stretching And Jogging
Training: Stretching Muscles
Bodybuilding: Free Weights
Bodybuilding: Bicep Curls
Bodybuilding: Isolation Exercises
Bodybuilding: Reps
Bodybuilding Requires Precision
Bodybuilding: Focus on How Strong You Will Be
Bodybuilding: Gym Etiquette
Bodybuilding: Bench Press
Bodybuilding: Push Hard, but Not Too Hard
Bodybuilding: Climbing
Bodybuilding: Using Gloves to Prevent Rawness
Bodybuilding: Dips & Raises
Bodybuilding: Importance of Stretching
Bodybuilding: Squats
Bodybuilding: Never Add Weight Mid-Exercise
Bodybuilding: Sitting Calf Raises
Bodybuilding: Standing Calf Raises
Bodybuilding: Leg Press
Bodybuilding: Regulating Breathing While Lifting
Bodybuilding: How to Change up Routine

Unarmed Combat

A Warrior's Trance
Unarmed Combat: Repetition is key
Unarmed Combat: Predictable moves makes for a lousy fighter.
Unarmed Combat: Do not let blind need to win blind you.
Unarmed Combat: Purpose in Movement
Unarmed Combat: Refining Techniques
Unarmed Combat: Dodging Dodgy Arrows
Unarmed Combat: An Art Form
Unarmed Combat: Using the Flat of the Palm
Unarmed Combat: Aiming for the Joints
Unarmed Combat: Aerial Attacks
Unarmed Combat Style: Wind
Hand to Hand Combat: Requires Discipline, Balance, and Harmony
Unarmed: Redirection of Force
Unarmed Combat: The Numb of Adrenaline
Fighting includes all senses
A wide defensive stance limits your movement
Combat Tactic: Left hand strike, right hand swipe, kick
Unarmed Combat: Disarming A Weaker Opponent

Blind Fighting

Blindfighting: Center Yourself, Visualize
Blindfighting: Don't Anticipate, Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Blindfighting: Patience Required


Boxing: Basic Form


Acrobatics: Running Front Flips
Acrobatics: Wall Running
Acrobatics: Front-Flip
Acrobatics: Tuck and Roll
Acrobatics: The Importance of Stretching
The correct way to do a somersault


Running: Barefoot
Breathing Technique: Increased Stamina
Running: Controlling Breathing


Weapon Knowledge: Dual Wielding
Three Curved Blades: Tanto, Wakizashi, And Katana
Tracking: Following a Trail

Misc Lore

Releasing oneself to a calmer state
Meditation: Useful In Calming Oneself During Combat
Holding Off a Panic attack
Mental: How Much the Mind Can Supress


Endrykas: The Moving City
Endrykas: A city that braves the Sea of Grass
Riverfall Gilia Medical Center
Location: Moonstone Bath and Massage
Location: The Alements
Location: Sunset Falls
Location: Avitar River
Location: Scholar's Asylum
Location: Anthonius Fighter's Pit
Location: Sacred Arch Hotpsrings
Location: Sultros Blades
Location: Aylasa Caves
Location: The Cerulean Pier
Location: Maiden's Cape
Riverfall Location: Gideon’s Glory


Fauna: Elk Stag
Balicani: Serpentine Terror From The Skies
Balicani's Horns Are Combustible
Canine Breed: Bozderon Shadow Dogs
Mixed Canine Breed: Bozderon Shadow And Zypherian Sled Dog
Dogs: Smacking Them Will Cause Aggression
Dogs: Checking The Health Of Paws
Monsters: Some Can't Be Killed With Mundane Means
Environmental signs of a yukmen swarm
Decimating Yukmen


Religion: Never Truly Alone
Azenths Are Not Harmed by Fire
Dreamwalking: Vague Knowledge of Abilities
Rak’keli: Challenges and pushes
Rak’keli’s Mark: A story that still feels fresh
Rak'keli: Goddess of Healing And Avalis' Sister
Rak'keli: All Beings Deserve Life
Rak'keli: The Power To Heal Is Above Good And Evil
Marked By Rak'keli
Eiyon: Hands of Death
God/Deity: Zulrav and his domain
Zulrav: Favors the horseclans
Praying to Avalis
Gods: Test our strengths and reactions


Wilderness Survival: How To Set Up Camp
Wilderness Survival: Camping Equipments


Plan of Protection for the Sanctuary

Magic Lore

Controlling Air Reimancy
Air vs. Fire
Shaping Fire
Reimancy: Wind Sphere and Fireball Combo
Reimancy: Flaming Fists
Reimancy: Blue Fireball
Reimancy: Lightning Bolt
Reimancy: Wind Spear And Fire Sphere Combo
Reimancy Technique: Firebolt
Reimancy: Water Stallion To Ice Sculpture Combo
Reimancy: How to put out a fire with Air reimancy
Reimancy: Deflecting fire with air
Remancy: Wall of air
Reimancy: Water + Air = Ice
Reimancy: Frigid Wind
Reimancy: Zephyr kick
Reimancy: Intercepting an enemies fire with air
Reimancy: The explosive effects of air mixed with fire
Res: Manifestation Of Djed
Res: An Extension Of One's Body
Reimancy Element: Water
Subtle Use Of Air Reimancy
Reimancy: Fire Added To Water Makes Steam
Combining Reimancy Water and Natural Water
Reimancy: Lowering The Temperature Of Your Res
Reimancy: Making Mini Hurricanes
Reimancy: It Has More Uses Than Just Killing
Explaining Reimancy To Novices
Reimancy Tactic: How to suffocate someone with water
Reimancy Tactic: Water Whip
Reimancy: Currently more potent than shielding
Reimancy: Initiation is dangerous
Three Key Parts In Reimancy: Focus, Discipline, and Precision
Res has layers
Res Layers create para-elements
Reimancy: Lightning Stallion
Mundane Use of Fire Reimancy: Lighting Candles and Fireplace


Auristics: Its Uses In Magecrafting
Auristics: Personal Magic To Observe Auras
Auristics: The Nature Of Auras
Auristics: Matthew's Aura
Auristics: Recognizing Unfocused Rage
Auristics: The Colour Of Magic
Auristics: The Discipline of Insight
Auristics: Can Read The Auras Of Both Animate And Inanimate Objects
Auristics: Introspection
Auristics: Can be a Smell or Taste
Auristics: Can Detect Emotions
Auristics: Need to Examine Another’s Gnosis
Auristics: Detecting Illness
Auristics: The Before and After of Healing
Auristics: Potential Origins in Avalis
Auristics: Intelligence Gathering Tool
Auristics: Proxy for the Senses
Auristics: Inanimate Objects Have Lesser Auras
Auristics: More Difficult to Detect Stoic People's Emotions
Auristics: Can See Through Walls
Auristics: Detecting Active & Residual Magical
Auristics: Layered Auras
Auristics: Detect Shielding Magic
Aura: Soulmist
Auristics: Arcane Empathy
Using Auristics to Examine Shields
Auristics: An experienced wizard's aura
Auristics: Shielding's deformation of an aura
Auristics: A professional mercenary's aura
Auristics: Timothy’s Aura
Iron Dagger's Aura
Leather Bracer's Aura
Auristics: Anticipate Intentions
Using Auristics and Flux in Tandem
Auristic Applications With Shielding


Shielding: Beautiful to behold
Shielding: Takes time and focus
Shielding: Two shielder weaves are possible
Shielding: Tasking Against Sound
Evening Out A Shield's Density and Thickness
Reinforcing Shields
Shielding: Two hand glyphs mean increased control
Shielding: Importance of uniformity
Shielding: Tasking shields to block out light
Shielding: Low Risk Of Overgiving
Shielding: Tasks And Purposes
Shielding: Various Methods Of Casting
Shielding: Unique Signatures
Shielding: Blocking Djed
Shielding: The Basics
Shield: Blurring Vision
Knowing the Limits of your Shields
Shielding: Semi-Working Anti-Fire Shield
Shielding: Spotting Imperfections
Shielding: Keeping out Danger While Allowing Normal Business
Shielding: Warding a weapon for sparring
Shielding: Soulmist Coating
Shielding: Formulaic Tasking


Hypnotism: A Very Subtle Magic
Hypnotism: A Foreign Concept of Magic
Hypnotism: The Discipline of Persuasion
Hypnotism: A Controversial Magic
Hypnotism: Doesn't Need Gestures Or Incantations
Hypnotism: It Can't Do Everything
Hypnotism: You Have To Bend, Not Them
Hypnotism: Almost Identical To Persuasion
Hypnotism: Spheres Of Influence
The Initiation To Hypnotism: More Meditative Than Reimancy
Hypnotism Through Song
Calming a Horse Through Hypnotism
Auristics & Hypnotism: Tandem Use


Projection: The Astral Discipline
The Outermost Layer of Every Living Being's Soul is Called The Astral Body
Projection: The Ability To Detach Your Astral Body
Projection: Basic Manifestation


Flux: The Discipline of Enhancement
Flux: One of The More Dangerous Forms Of Personal Magic
Flux: The Ability to Concetrate Stength, Speed and Toughness
Flux: A Balancing Element
Flux: Directing Djed
Flux: Dividends of Speed & Strength
Flux: Strength Reinforcement
Flux: Endurance Reinforcement
Flux: Speed Reinforcement
Flux: Balancing the Body
Flux and Quarterstaffs


Morphing: Used To Change Your Form
Morphing: The Discipline of Change


Familiary: The Discipline of Bonding
Familiars Come From Fyrden
There Are Worlds Beyond Mizahar's
Familiar Magic is Directly Related To Fyrden Creatures


Leeching: The Discipline of Absorbtion
Leeching: Siphons The Djed Off Of Another Object (Animate or Inanimate)
Leeching: Poisons The Wizard


Magecraft Is A Discipline That Can Deal Permanent Changes To Djed


Ghosts: Natural Occurence
Ghosts vs. Undead
Ghosts: The Nature of Ghosts
Soulmist: Properties
Soulmist: Applications
Soulmist Recipe: Eggs, Flour, Cheese, Blood
Spiritism: Safe Zones
Spiritism: A Communion Between Life and Unlife
Ghosts: Possession Can Be Blocked
Willing Possession
Soulmist: Attracts Ghosts
Spiritism: Soulbeads
Spiritism: A Practice of Politics
Soulmist: Regular Blood
Soulmist: Concentrated Blood


Glyphing: Focus Glyph
Painting Gyphs With Both Hands
Glyphing: Using Two Barriers
Painting Glyphs Onto Your Palms
Studying Various Glyphs
Glyphing: Focus on hands, used to ease casting
Using Glyphs To Suppliment Shielding
Glyphing: The Discipline of Purpose
Glyphing: A Form of World Magic
Glyphing: Foundations of the Magical Language
Glyphing: Complimentary World Magic
Glyphing: An art to find the shape most resonate with one’s own view.
Glyphing: storing Magic
Glyphing: Drawing Runes
Glyphing: Smoothing The Flow Of Djed
Glyphing: Using Glyphs To Assist In Magic-Philtering
Glyphing: Using a vial instead of paper
Glyphing: Trigger on cork for a vial glyph
Glyphing-Philtering experiment: Parchment to philter experiment: Failure
Glyphing-Philtering experiment: Vial glyph to philter experiment: Failure
By Using Glyphs and Morphing A Wizard Could Alter The Appearance Of Another
The Focus Of A Glyph Is Capable Of Copying And Storing The Magic That Touches It
Glyphing: Painting The Symbol Of Focus
Glyphing: Enhanching The Perception Of Self
Glyphing: Focus, Purify Substance
Augmenting Flux with Glyphing
Glyphing: Strength Scroll
Glyphing: Speed Scroll
Glyphing: Toughness Scroll


Everything You Do Is A Manipulation Of Djed
Magic is The Art and Science Of Manipulating Djed
Djed Is Resistant To Change
Rumors About Sahova: Center of Magic
The Two Disciplines Of Magic Include Personal Magic and World Magic
There are Seventeen Known Disciplines of Magic
The Forms of Magic Provide The Necessary Structures To Manipulate Djed
There Are A Number Of Lost Disciplines That Very Few Know About
You Can Technically Make Your Own Discipline of Magic, But It is Very Dangerous
Personal Magic: Morphing, Auristics, Familiary, Flux, Hypnotism, Leeching, Reimancy, Shielding & Projection
World Magic: Glyphing, Alchemy, Animation, Magecraft, Malediction, Spiritism & Summoning
World Magic Uses the Djed Of The Object
Personal Magic Uses Your Own Djed
There Are Three Laws of Djed That Never Change
Djed Cannot Be Created Or destroyed
Some Forms Of Djed Are More Powerful Than Others
Some Djed Transformations Are Irreversible
Magic-Philtering: Potion That Blocks Out Sound
Magic-Philtering: Infusing Healing Gnosis Into The Concoction
Magic: Can Be Used To Destroy Or Create Art
Forewarning Oneself of Overgiving

Overgiving Effects :
8th of Fall, 513 AVVery mild overgiving: Aoren would have a headache for a day or two, a mark 1 healer could cure it instantly.
32nd of Summer, 513 AV Mild overgiving, Aoren will have temporary fits of nausea for rest of the week
80th of Summer, 514 AV For the next two weeks Aoren hears whispering just out of earshot, but only from his left ear. When eh's not paying attention the whispers can become louder, insisting that he could strike down miscreants with a single bolt of lightning. Wouldn't that be better for society?
83rd of Summer, 514 AV Minor Overgiving, Some sensitivity to light and frequent headaches for the next couple of days.
22nd of Spring, 515 AV As a result of Aoren unlocking his Flux, Aoren will suffer from mild overgiving. From the 22nd until the 29th of Spring 515AV, Aoren will be prone to sudden, fleeting migraines. While they'll be a nuisance, the migraines will not disrupt his capacity to reason, speak, or otherwise conduct daily affairs.

Note for Graders :
Useless filler lores have been discarded. Only that which actually serves a purpose has been annotated on the CS. Experience tracking is currently being moved to Plotnotes. Can be provided upon request.
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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on September 2nd, 2012, 8:45 pm


Summer 517 Calendar

111213141516171819 20

Key :


Fall 513

Spring 514

Summer 514

Fall 514
86th-Early Morning, An Open Door
86th- Evening, The Bottom of My Mug
87th-Early Morning, Up, Down, All Around
88th- The Sun Never Truly Sets
89th- Early Morning, Hungry, Hungry...Rhinos?
89th- Late Evening, Night Terrors
90th- the Forivec Coup
91st- Go Frost Yourself

Winter 514

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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on October 22nd, 2013, 11:43 pm

Image Leather Boots, High (x1) A pair of quality black leather boots.
Image Night Leather Torso Armor (x1) Part of a set of night leathers.
Image Night Leather Gauntlets (x1) Part of a set of night leathers.
Image Night Leather Leg Armor (x1) Part of a set of night leathers.
Image Composite Shortbow (x1) A gift given to Aoren after saving the lives of enemies turned allies. Gifted here.
Image Quaterstaff (x1) A sturdy wooden quarterstaff that has seen its fair share of uses throughout the years. It bears notches from sparring matches and even a few skirmishes. It will likely need to be replaced soon.
Image Staff, Iron (x1) The counterpart to the quarterstaff. It's weight sets Aoren a little off balance at the moment but it is something he will get used to over time.
Image Sword, Bastard (x1) A common bastard sword that Aoren is just starting to learn how to use.
Image Dagger (x3) Common daggers.
Image Shortbow Arrows (x100) Arrows that can be used with the composite shortbow. If only Aoren knew how to use them...

Image Plain Linen Shirt (x3) Plain linen shirts of simple make. They're nothing special to look at but they are moderately comfortable.
Image Black Cotton Tunic (x3) Comfortable cotton tunics.
Image Brown Leather Vest (x1) A plain brown leather vest of common quality. It's old and more than a little worn.
Image Brown Cotton Pants (x1) Simple cotton trousers that a loose fitting but comfortable. Old and a little worn.
Image Brown Leather Pants (x1) Plain leather pants that have certainly seen their fair share of travel.
Image Black Leather Pants (x3) Plain leather pants that will typically be worn beneath leather armor.
Image Leather Belt (x3) Plain black leather belts. Used to hold pants up around someone's waist.
Image Travel Cloak (x1) Made of heavier cloth to help stave off the hazards of travel, this cloak as certainly seen its use throughout the years.
Image Knee High Boots (x1) Knee high heavy leather black boots that have walked many roads in their time.
Click Here! Formal Black Robes (x1) A finely made outfit tailored to Aoren's physique at the hands of the Saville tailors.
Click Here! Casual Brown Robes (x1) A finely made outfit tailored to Aoren's physique at the hands of the Saville tailors.
Click Here! Formal Grey Robes (x1) A finely made outfit tailored to Aoren's physique at the hands of the Saville tailors.
Click Here! Casual Steel Robes (x1) A finely made outfit tailored to Aoren's physique at the hands of the Saville tailors.

Note :
Robes were itemized on ledger as Finely Made Cloth Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Sash (Dyed), Boots (Dyed).

Image Pack (x1) A well used body pack that accompanies Aoren most places that he goes.
Image Waterskin (x1) A plain, ordinary waterskin.
Image LG Tent (4 People) (x1) A large four person tent that has served Aoren well in his travels.
--- LG Tarp (x1) A tarp used for wilderness situations that has served Aoren well in his travels.
Image Bedroll (x1) A moderately comfortable bedroll.
Image Blanket (x1) A wool blanket used to keep warm.
Image Lantern (x1) An ordinary lantern used to light the way. Requires oil.
Image Compass (x1) A compass to guide the way.
Image Hemp Rope (50ft.) (x2) Ordinary hemp rope.
--- Scabbard, Bastard Sword (x1) A scabbard to sheath a bastard sword.
--- Scabbard, Dagger (x3) Scabbards to sheath simple daggers.
--- Weapon Harness (x1) A weapon's harness worn around the chest for ease of use.

Image Journal (x1) A journal within which Aoren has managed to jot down some of his thoughts on a variety of subjects. Very personal and typically under lock and key.
Image Parchment (x10) Ordinary parchment paper.
--- Flux Scroll (x3) Strength, Speed, Toughness scrolls. (1 ea.) (Acquired here)
Image Vial of Ink (x1) Ordinary pen ink.
Image Artist Brushes (x8) Artist brushes of various sizes. Aoren often uses them to paint more finely detailed Glyphs.
Image Artist Palette (x1) A plain wooden palette.
Image High Quality Lockbox (x1) Lockbox. The box itself bears no unique properties aside from the fact that there is no key to be found for it. The box has been placed under the protection of Shielding magic synchronized to Aoren's djed signature.
--- Oversized Pouch Acquired here. It is a normal pouch used for carrying miscellaneous objects.
--- Just Stay Home A book detailing the travels of a man who wandered Mizahar. It provides Aoren with much amusement. Acquired here.
--- Saddle, Riding A normal riding saddle used for when Aoren rides his Strider, Katya.
--- Saddlebags, Large Large saddlebags that Aoren uses when he travels to contain his worldly possessions.
--- Philtering Kit Small kit of philtering tools that can be used for mobile work.

In transit...

Note :
Some items were not included due to either being used up, broken or otherwise discarded during the course of role-play or logically over time. Their costs have still been listed accordingly for accounting purposes.

Creation-Winter 513AV
Name Credit Debit Total
100GM N/A 0 100
100GM Leather Belts(x3) -6 sm 99 gm 04 sm
99 GM 04SM Linen Shirt (x3) -3 sm 99 gm 01 sm
99 GM 01SM Cotton Cap (x1) -8 cm 99 gm 00 sm 92 cm
99 GM 00 SM 92 CM Leather Vest (x1) -3 sm 98 gm 07 sm 92 cm
98 GM 07 SM 92 CM Leather Pants (x1) -8 sm 97 gm 09 sm 92 cm
97 GM 09 SM 92 CM Cotton Pants (x1) -1 sm 97 gm 08 sm 92 cm
97 GM 08 SM 92 CM Knee High Boots (x1) -5 sm 97 gm 03 sm 92 cm
97 GM 03 SM 92 CM Blank Book (x1) -3 gm 94 gm 03 sm 92 cm
94 GM 03 SM 92 CM Parchment (x10) -1 gm 93 gm 03 sm 92 cm
93 GM 03 SM 92 CM Vial of Ink (x2) -4 gm 89 gm 03 sm 92 cm
89 GM 03 SM 92 CM Quarterstaff (x1) -1 gm 88 gm 03 sm 92 cm
88 GM 03 SM 92 CM Traveler's Stock (x2) -6 gm 82 gm 03 sm 92 cm
82 GM 03 SM 92 CM Tinder (x10) -10 cm 82 gm 03 sm 82 cm
82 GM 03 SM 82 CM Torch (x2) -4 cm 82 gm 03 sm 78 cm
82 GM 03 SM 78 CM Flint and Steel (x1) -1 gm 81 gm 03 sm 78 cm
81 GM 03 SM 78 CM Body Pack (x1) -10 gm 71 gm 03 sm 78 cm
71 GM 03 SM 78 CM Rope (Hemp) 50ft. (x1) -1 gm 70 gm 03 sm 78 cm
70 GM 03 SM 78 CM Waterskin (x1) -1 gm 69 gm 03 sm 78 cm
69 GM 03 SM 78 CM -45gm Fall 512AV Expenses -- 24 gm 03 sm 78 cm
24 gm 03 sm 78 +637 GM 00 SM 00 CM Spring 513AV Wages -- 661 gm 03 sm 78 cm
661 GM 03 SM 78 CM -135 gm Spring 513AV Expenses -- 526 gm 03 sm 78 cm
526 GM 03 SM 78 CM -2 SM for Isurian Ale (x4) -8 SM 525 gm 05 sm 78 cm
525 GM 05 SM 78 CM -2 SM awarded to Kaie for wager -- 525 gm 03 sm 78cm
525 GM 05 SM 78 CM Principles of Magecrafting -60 GM 465 GM 05 SM 78 CM
465 GM 05 SM 78 CM Foundations of Shielding -75 GM 390 GM 05 SM 78 CM
390 GM 05 SM 78 CM Seeing Is Believing -50 GM 340 GM 05 SM 78 CM
340 GM 05 SM 78 CM -135 GM Summer 513AV Expenses -- 205 GM 05 SM 78 CM
205 GM 05 SM 78 CM +637 GM 00 SM 00 CM Summer 513 Seasonal Wages -- 842 GM 05 SM 78 CM
842 GM 05 SM 78 CM Tiny Detail Brush (x2) -10 SM 841 GM 05 SM 78 CM
841 GM 05 SM 78 CM Large Brush (x2) -12 CM 841 GM 05 SM 66 CM
841 GM 05 SM 66 CM Small Brush (x2) -2 SM 841 GM 03 SM 66 CM
841 GM 03 SM 66 CM Charcoal Sticks (x20) -10 CM 841 GM 03 SM 56 CM
841 GM 03 SM 56 CM Medium Brush (x2) -16 CM 841 GM 03 SM 40 CM
841 GM 03 SM 40 CM Black Paint (1 Gallon) -4 GM 837 GM 03 SM 40 CM
837 GM 03 SM 40 CM Vial of Ink (x5) -5 GM 832 GM 03 SM 40 CM
832 GM 03 SM 40 CM Parchment (x20) -4 GM 828 GM 03 SM 40 CM
828 GM 03 SM 40 CM Wooden Palette (x1) -2 SM 828 GM 01 SM 40 CM
828 GM 01 SM 40 CM Dinner (Herald's Arms) -5 GM 823 GM 01 SM 40 CM
823 GM 01 SM 40 CM Fall Living Expenses -135 GM 688 GM 01 SM 40 CM
688 GM 01 SM 40 CM Fall 513 Wages 637 GM 1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM

Spring 514-Winter 514AV
Name Credit Debit Total
1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM Inactive Winter 513 -- 1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM Travel Expenses to Zeltiva -470 GM 855 GM 01 SM 40 CM
855 GM 01 SM 40 CM Rations to Zeltiva (30 Days) -15 GM 840 GM 01 SM 40 CM
840 GM 01 SM 40 CM Purchased a puppy! -45 GM 795 GM 01 SM 40 CM
795 GM 01 SM 40 CM Covered Travel Expense for Caesarion -470 GM 325 GM 01 SM 40 CM
325 GM 01 SM 40 CM Shortbow Arrows (100) -5 GM 320 GM 01 SM 40 CM
320 GM 01 SM 40 CM Spring 514 University Courses -60 GM 260 GM 01 SM 40 CM
260 GM 01 SM 40 CM Spring 514 Living Expenses -135 GM 125 GM 01 SM 40 CM
125 GM 01 SM 40 CM Spring 514 Wages +910 GM 1,035 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,035 GM 01 SM 40 CM Sold Extra Travel Gear/Horse +400 GM 1,435 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,435 GM 01 SM 40 CM University Expenses, Summer 514 -90 GM 1,345 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,345 GM 01 SM 40 CM Finely Made Cloth Jacket (x4) -20 GM 1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,325 GM 01 SM 40 CM Finely Made Cloth Shirt (x4) -20 GM 1,305 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,305 GM 01 SM 40 CM Finely Made Cloth Pants (x4) -20 GM 1,285 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,285 GM 01 SM 40 CM Finely Made Cloth Sash, Dyed (x16) -6 GM 1,279 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,279 GM 01 SM 40 CM Finely Made Cloth Boots, Dyed (x4) -24 GM 1,255 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,255 GM 01 SM 40 CM Sold Zavian Horse +200 GM 1,455 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,455 GM 01 SM 40 CM Summer 514 Living Expenses -135 GM 1,320 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,320 GM 01 SM 40 CM Passage to Riverfall, Fare -100 GM 1,220 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,220 GM 01 SM 40 CM Rations for Riverfall trip -50 GM 1,170 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,170 GM 01 SM 40 CM Night Leather Armor -60 GM 1,110 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,110 GM 01 SM 40 CM High, Leather Boots -1 GM 1,109 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,109 GM 01 SM 40 CM Dagger (x3) -6 GM 1,103 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,103 GM 01 SM 40 CM Sword, Bastard -35 GM 1,068 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,068 GM 01 SM 40 CM Weapon Harness -5 GM 1,063 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,063 GM 01 SM 40 CM Scabbard, Dagger (x3) -6 GM 1,057 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,057 GM 01 SM 40 CM Scabbard, Bastard Sword -4 GM 1,053 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,053 GM 01 SM 40 CM Staff, Iron -25 GM 1,028 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,028 GM 01 SM 40 CM Black Cotton Tunic (x3) -2 GM 1,026 GM 01 SM 40 CM
1,026 GM 01 SM 40 CM Black Leather Pants (x3) -4 GM 08 SM 1,021 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,021 GM 02 SM 40 CM Summer 514 Wages +910 GM 1,931 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,931 GM 02 SM 40 CM Fall Living Expense -135 GM 1,796 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,796 GM 02 SM 40 CM Philterer's Kit (Gifted) -150 GM 1,646 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,646 GM 02 SM 40 CM Winter 514 Living Expense -135 GM 1,511 GM 02 SM 40 CM

Spring 515
Funds Item Debit Total
1,511 GM 02 SM 40 CM Imperial Watcher Pup (Gifted) -50 GM 1,461 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,461 GM 02 SM 40 CM Gideon's Glory Cost -5 GM 1,456 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,456 GM 02 SM 40 CM Gideon's Glory Cost -5 GM 1,451 GM 02 SM 40 CM
1,451 GM 02 SM 40 CM High Quality Lockbox -1.5 GM 1,450 GM 00 SM 90 CM
1,450 GM 00 SM 90 CM Tuvya Sasaran Lesson -5 GM 1,445 GM 00 SM 90 CM
1,445 GM 00 SM 90 CM Tuvya Sasaran Lesson -5 GM 1,440 GM 00 SM 90 CM
1,440 GM 00 SM 90 CM Cost of Windmarks -80 GM 1,360 GM 00 SM 90 CM
1.360 GM 00 SM 90 CM Wine Bottle -10 GM 1,350 GM 00 SM 90 CM
1,350 GM 00 SM 90 CM Gambling Winnings +10 SM 1,350 GM 10 SM 90 CM
1,350 GM 10 SM 90 CM Spring 515 Expenses -135 GM 1,215 GM 10 SM 90 CM

Summer 515
Funds Item Debit Total
1,215 GM 10 SM 90 CM Summer 515 Expenses -135 GM 1,080 GM 10 SM 90 CM

Fall 515
Funds Item Debit Total
1,080 GM 10 SM 90 CM Fare to Syliras -135 GM 945 GM 10 SM 90 CM
945 GM 10 SM 90 CM Rations -68 GM 877 GM 10 SM 90 CM
877 GM 10 SM 90 CM Traveler's Row Lodgings -97 GM 780 GM 10 SM 90 CM
780 GM 10 SM 90 CM Windmount Stabling Fee -45 GM 5 SM 735 GM 05 SM 90 CM
735 GM 05 SM 90 CM Living Expenses -135 GM 600 GM 05 SM 90 CM

Fall 516
Funds Item Debit Total
600 GM 05 SM 90 CM Saddle, Riding -10 GM 590 GM 05 SM 90 CM
590 GM 05 SM 90 CM Saddlebags, Large (x2) -16 GM 574 GM 05 SM 90 CM
574 GM 05 SM 90 CM Living Expenses -135 GM 439 GM 05 SM 90 CM

Summer 517
Funds Item Debit Total
439 GM 05 SM 90 CM Philtering Kit -150 GM 289 GM 05 SM 90 CM
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Aoren Skycrown

Postby Aoren on October 22nd, 2013, 11:44 pm


AP Table
Affection Point Table :
Point Value Category Description
-76 to -100 Arch-Enemy (Loathed) Considered to be Aoren's Arch-Enemy. Someone would have to actively work toward gaining this much hatred out of Aoren. He would stop at nothing to see this individual eradicated from the face of Mizahar going so far as challenging this person to a fight to the death on sight.
-51 to -75 Foe (Despised) Barely worth the scum on the bottom of Aoren's boots gaining this much animosity from Aoren is a difficult thing to do. An individual who does manage to earn this much ire from the Drykas had better be wary. He will barely tolerate their presence let alone entering any sort of conversation with them. Aoren's attitude toward an individual at this tier would be largely cold, calculating and noticeably distant.
-26 to -50 Rival (Hated) Heavily disliked and not overly pleasant to be around as far as Aoren is concerned. He would be cordial to a Rival but beyond polite conversation one shouldn't expect anything more from the Drykas. A few terse words and short lipped responses would be just about it followed by a hasty departure on Aoren's part.
-1 to -25 Annoyance (Disliked) Aoren doesn't necessarily hate people in this tier. He just doesn't find them very good company. He's kind enough to engage in conversation with a person in this tier and might even enjoy a joke or two with them but it would be awkward and very noticeably strained on his part.
0 Neutral Neither liked nor disliked. A person at this tier has the potential to swing either way in Aoren's point of view.
1 to 25 Acquaintance (Liked) Someone well on their way to becoming a friend. Aoren will make a point to be friendly and inviting toward someone in this tier but he usually won't share with them anything overly meaningful about himself unless they prove to be trustworthy. Polite conversation and the occasional joke can be expected.
26 to 50 Friend (Appreciated) Aoren appreciates you. He will make an effort to get closer to someone in this tier. He'll start to open up on a deeper level and may even pursue some of a friend's interests in an effort to make more common ground. He may even, with some convincing, be inclined to offer up a favor.
51 to 75 Best Buddy (Fondness) Aoren will go out of his way to make someone in this tier happy. He will do his absolute best to be there for this person. He will share his fears, his wants, his desires and even freely use his Gnosis gifts to help this person.
76 to 100 Confidant (Adored) Deeply cherished and loved, someone who manages to break through the Drykas man's innumerable barriers and attains this much adoration from him truly deserves it. There's no secret he wouldn't share. There's nothing he wouldn't do for this person.

Affection Point Overview
Aoren's Affection Point System has kicked off! All threads prior to 11/29/2013 are grandfathered and have been assigned a random point value depending upon their relevance to my character.

What are all of those number and how do they affect my character?
They affect how Aoren interacts with your character on a deeper level. They don't affect your character directly, just how Aoren might view them. The whole idea is just to help me stay true to Aoren's character a little bit more.

Why do you need to a system for people?

It's just to help me get into Aoren's head a little better. He's a very closed-off young man and I haven't felt like I've played true to that as of late. I've grown to understand him a bit more and when it comes to him actually forming deeper bonds with people it's something I would like to work on instead of just going "Oh! We made (1) thread together! We are totally BFFs! OMG!".

So...no friends for Aoren?
Your characters can view him however you wish. Just know that it will take a while for him to open up on any meaningful level. He'll spend as much time around/with your characters as you like but that's the whole point. If somebody wants Aoren to open up more lets role-play more.

What about romance?
Past threads aside, I refuse to enter Aoren into a romantic relationship within anyone below the 3rd Tier. Other characters are free to court Aoren as much as they wish but don't expect any huge displays of affection/love until that point has been reached. (i.e. declarations of love, intimate encounters, PDA, etc.) Who knows? If someone declares their interest in Aoren that may just speed up their progress through the tiers...

Soo...what's the point of all of this?
It's all just for me really. Relationships, platonic or otherwise take a lot of work. I want to put that depth and effort into my role-play.
HD Ticket

AP: 100

Age: 28
Stationary Personal NPC
D.O.B.: 8th of Summer, 485 AV
D.O.D: 46th of Winter, 510 AV (Presumed Deceased)

Bio- Ileera’s parents were Svefra. Most anyone could guess that from looking at her. Her fiery red hair, her light blue eyes and the vast expanse of freckles that graced her features were a dead giveaway. She grew up in the Anchorage spending most of her younger years awed by the majesty of Laviku’s brilliant domain. That all changed when she was ten years old and a violent storm reduced her family’s ship to little more than drifting refuse amongst the waves. It was a miracle she survived at all. Half-dead and seriously injured, Ileera was picked up by one of Kale Belmont’s passing merchant ships. She was left with the healers in the employment of the Knighthood then given to the caretakers of The Welcome Home. Her time at the orphanage was rough. The loss of her family didn’t make her a reclusive girl. Having grown up always at the whim of the great Suvan Sea she knew about its dangers very well. The chip in her hearts armor however was expressed in more wild ways.

She was a miscreant. She was rebellious. She hated being landlocked. She missed her family. She missed her people. They were lost to her though which only fostered more resentment in her. For two years she lived as the object of whispers on how not to behave until all of that changed when she met a frightened boy being bullied by kids who hated him just because he was different. If there was one thing Ileera hated more than her lot in life then it was bullies. Saving Aoren from many bruises and likely a few broken bones she chased the bullies off and took the displaced boy under her wing. The two were nearly inseparable from that day onward.

Role In Aoren’s Life- Ileera was the big sister Aoren needed. She was bold and confident whereas he was shy and reclusive. She helped to break him of his timid ways. It was through her empowerment that he managed to face his fears, stare his troubles in the eye and overcome them with a head held high. More than that however the two found solace in each other’s company. He was the reassuring balm that often eased her sometimes fiery temper. It was because of Aoren that Ileera realized her strong protective instincts and encouraged her to join the Knighthood.

Unarmed Combat- 20
Wilderness Survival- 10
Riding(Horse)- 10
HD Ticket

AP: 100

Name: Leoshan Vivek
Stationary Personal NPC
D.O.B: 17th of Winter, 439 AV
D.O.D.: 78th of Fall, 508 AV

Bio- Of the few people alive who actually know about Vivek’s origins only one of those people is still reasonably sane. He was a man who was once besotted by ambition until the price of his ambition cost him the one thing he never thought he would have to surrender. Born in Zeltiva to a reasonably well to do fishing family it became apparent to his mother and father that he took to learning like the fish do to water. More than that, Leoshan thirsted for knowledge. He was curious on a level that amazed most in his brazen exploration of the unknown. When he came of age he was immediately sent off to the University where he took to the arcane arts like a moth to a flame.

Magic fascinated him. He loved it with a deep passion that intrigued some of his professors and frightened others. A love that was eclipsed only by a woman who to this day remains nameless. She is a figure Vivek only speaks of in his most vulnerable hours of which there are few.

Vivek exceled in the arcane with a startling speed that gave several other wizards in the area pause for thought. He seemed bound to surpass even his instructors until an experiment crossing Glyphing with Reimancy went horribly awry. The young Leoshan had overestimated his skills in an attempt to contain his magic in the Glyph only for it to destabilize resulting in a fire in his workspace. He escaped with only a few burns to his torso and arms but his beloved who had been there to help him with the project perished in the fire along with a faculty member and a few other students.

Leoshan was expelled from the University as a result. He was a changed man. When he recovered from his injuries he was unable to face the shame of failure so he turned his back on his family choosing to leave Zeltiva. When he did he abandoned the name of Leoshan believing the arrogant, ambitious young man to be dead. He moved to Syliras where he became a recluse who did little more than bide his time at the docks as a fisherman selling what he caught to make a living. In that time he had mostly turned his back on magic. It had cost him everything. That was changed one day when he was forced to save a young girl’s life with the very gifts he’d once sworn against using ever again. That girl was named Ileera and once she saw what Vivek was capable of doing she pestered him and pestered him until he finally agreed to teach her friend how to use the magic. They became quite the trio up until his death in the year 508 AV.

Role in Aoren’s Life- Vivek was a bit of a curmudgeon toward Aoren. At first. Over time however the old wizard became more than just Aoren’s teacher. He became a friend, a confidant and a father. The old man viewed Aoren as a chance to redeem himself for his past misdeeds in the pursuit of otherworldly power. He was a mentor to both Aoren and Ileera helping to complete their family. He ultimately vindicated himself by sacrificing his life to save his two surrogate children in the Fall of 508 AV.

Reimancy- 30
Fishing- 10
Quarterstaff- 10

AP: -5

Clyde discovered Aoren using his magic in the Bronze Woods. An interesting conversation ensued in which the other mage proceeded to make Aoren question his belief in a few things. Overall, Aoren didn't really find the cynical wizard all that pleasing to be around. Nonetheless he appreciated the conversation.


AP: -30

First Encounter :
Aoren first encountered this young man whilst on his way to the Sacred Arch Hot Springs. He entered something of a romance with him during the Spring of 513. It lasted until the Summer whereupon Caesarion suddenly vanished. Aoren was hurt, to say the least. When the young man appeared on his doorstep some time later things took a turn for the worse and they parted on less than agreeable terms.

Spring 514 :
Aoren is seriously conflicted when it comes to dealing with Caesarion. On the one hand he doesn't trust the Ravokian man with any of his deeper emotions. He opened up to Caesar on two different occasions and was left wanting. He refuses to make that mistake again. On the other hand he feels a kinship with Caesarion that he can't quite explain. Overall, Aoren is fighting a battle between his head and his heart when it comes to this man.

Summer 514 :
Once again Caesarion has vanished from Aoren's life. Aoren has acquired a firm dislike for the Ravokian. He feels used and manipulated and will not look upon the young man kindly in the event they ever meet again.


AP: 25

An adventurous woman with an undying spirit, Aoren quickly found companionship in Raven's company. She is smart, witty and irrefutably beautiful. Her pride often got Aoren into sticky situations but he has never begrudged her for it. Raven captivates Aoren in a way that no other person has ever been able to. They lost touch when she left Syliras some years ago and he misses her a great deal.


AP: 3

A barmaid at the Rearing Stallion who provided for Aoren a different perspective on life outside of Syliras. While he found the woman beautiful and exotic Aoren followed his better judgement and refrained from entertaining any advances. Drunken escapades are simply not his thing. She was very appealing though....


AP: 5

Friendly enough, if a bit strange. Aoren first encountered Matthew while participating in a group outing to the Sunset Falls. He stumbled upon the harlot drawing some Glyphs in the mud and magical conversation ensued. While Aoren finds Matthew somewhat odd he doesn't find him unpleasant.


AP: 10

Aoren's co-worker at Stormhold Salves. She's pleasant company and seems to catch on quickly. Despite their explosive first meeting Aoren feels like she will become a dependable associate who will be good to work with.


AP: 26

Met in the Spring of 514 AV, Ricky Maze proved to be a man of interest. Aoren finds him very kindhearted and approachable if a little reckless. His first meeting of the man was tending to wounds inflicted in a drunken brawl followed by an encounter with a deranged Leecher. While that proved to be an exciting venture all on its own, Aoren finds it rather perplexing just how much trouble the man finds himself in.


AP: 28

A Konti with whom Aoren shares a great many common interests. He aided her in discovering a few clues about her birth father by Divining her Chavi. They spent several days together studying Shielding and she even taught Aoren how to swim. Overall he finds her a very welcome companion although he's not entirely comfortable with being touched so much. He supposes he'll just have to get used to it.


AP: 76

First encountered in the Winter of 507, Caelum occupies an interesting place in Aoren's heart. He is a Healer whom Aoren admires for his skill. He is a warrior who's strength he hopes to equal. He is an enigma wrapped in a riddle that sometimes frustrates the Drykas when he tries to figure him out. Above all though, Caelum is growing to be an anchor and central part of Aoren's life. Aoren has acknowledged Caelum as his lover. He hopes to one day take that a step further but only time will tell.



Name: Isikai
Breed: Bozderon/Zypherian Mix
Age: 2.5 Years
Height: 37in at shoulder
Weight: 160 lbs.
Gender: Male
Coloring: Black

Mannerisms: Isikai is a rather calm dog though he still has his mischievous tendencies. Curious, he will go out of his way to explore something unfamiliar to him which can lead to rather amusing consequences. There are of course those times when he leaves Aoren having to scramble for explanation to those affected by Isikai's curiosity.

Loyal, Isikai seldom wanders from Aoren's side. After traveling a large expanse of the Sylira wilderness with the Drykas man, Isikai has learned that it is often wiser to stay by Aoren's side than to wander off. Though, as he is still young he is sometimes impulsive and his need to be active leads him to run fast and hard. This is perhaps a byproduct of his Zypherian heritage.

As more traits arise they will be added!

Name: Katya
Breed: Cyphrus Strider
Gender: Female
Coloring: Golden Palomino

Mannerisms: Katya thus far has displayed herself to be a fairly steady rock upon a weary road. She is a calm horse that bonded with Aoren while he was in Endrykas between Winter 514 and Spring 515. A golden palomino Strider mare. A horse of a mild, steady temperament, a solid being when needed, which is often. She is affectionate towards her rider, but stubborn, especially with others. Her trust is easily gained, but quickly lost as well. She is a force of nature, often pushing her new rider in unexpected directions. She is strong where he is weak, and hard where he is soft.
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