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Postby Maro on December 22nd, 2016, 4:02 pm


Name: Autumn Rose
Gender: Female
Race: Ghost (Human)
Birthday: 46th of Autumn, 446 AV
Deathday: 46th of Autumn, 471 AV
Age: 68 years (25 of them living)
Height: 5’ 5’
General Appearance: Autumn was beautiful as a living being and is still so as a ghost. She learned materializing quickly and can imitate her physical form well. While most of her appearance lacks any of the color it used to have in life, she has made sure to retain the color of her eyes. They are a striking, light blue. In life, she had brown hair with red highlights, and on occasion, she will let this show. For the most part though, her ghostly form is black and white with a sepia tone underlying it all.
Materialization: +30
Possession: +15
Projection: +5
Concept: Autumn is a gentle soul. She is livelier in death than she was in life, at least to the inhabitants of Black Rock. Almost always, she is smiling. She loves to teach and, on occasion, helps at the Little Dead School Schoolhouse. She enjoys meeting any newcomers to Black Rock (living or dead) and helps them in any way she can. If there is one thing in the world Autumn loves more than anything else, it is Maro. Having raised him, she feels responsible for his safety, even now that he is full-grown. As her role in his life has changed, so has her relationship with him.
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