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Aizen and Rusty take some time to prepare for an upcoming challenge. However, nothing can prepare them for this enounter.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Spiritual Fortitude (solo)

Postby Aizen on August 31st, 2014, 3:51 pm

Summer 5, 514 AV

They came midday, the older couple from a poorer district within Zeltiva. They requested the young Spiritist’s help with a matter they could not solve for themselves. A ghost, they claimed, had besieged them night and day, day and night, endlessly, relentlessly terrorizing them. The older woman had even claimed the ghost tripped her husband. It had been making sure they got no rest, and bellowed out the foulest most blasphemous remarks about the couples personal God of choice. This harassment surely could not be allowed to go on. As they told their story a deep yearning moved within the man, a call to action, the need to help them with what little knowledge he had about ghosts.

”I will help you with your troubled spirit.” Aizen agreed. There was determination in his voice, a confidence, and perhaps an anger not present before their polite conversation as to the happenings of the house. Ghosts are deeply troubled souls who have lost their way, most of the time, and they should not be judged as one should a human, but they should be judged from a fairer perspective. The couple might not know what they did wrong or earn the ghosts wrath, and perhaps they could have done nothing, such is the complexity of the ghosts behavior. It will ultimately take more investigation to come to a conclusion, but before he would delve into their story anymore he would need to make sure that the couple would be safe, and feel safe in their own home.

Though his thoughts were interrupted when the couple looked over at each other with a worried expression, ”We, we cant afford to pay you.”

The announcement was expected, and did not seem to faze the spiritist. From their clothes he could tell they did not possess much worldly wealth, and were probably just trying to get by. The added worry of a vengeful spirit must be very distressing. The spiritst just gave them a small and understanding smile, ”Worry not about payment.” he said, waving a dismissing hand at the thought of miza for the job, ”I just want to see that you get your regular lives back.” he said in the fullest good-will possible.

When Aizen had dismissed the thought of even paying him for his help he could not but notice a small huff of air, a sigh, come from Rusty who was curled up by the foot of the bed. Indeed, the small cottage was not the best place to host guests, but this was the only place the spiritist really owned. He had no shop, but made his dues anyways through clients like the people before him now. They made enough to get by, but the man could tell that his kelvic did not agree with his philosophy.

However, when the couple heard his announcement he could swear that they radiate light. The room seemed to get brighter with good cheer and thankfulness, and really, that was as good a payment as anything for Aizen. He liked helping people, and that is why he became a spiritist. People, both living and dead, needed a bit more light in this world, and if he could extend his generosity towards those truly in need, then he saw nothing wrong with an act of charity.

”Thank you!” the old lady said, her voice wavering and there was something of a tear in her eye. They had not expected the spiritist to be so understanding of their situation. ”Thank Yahal. You boy are truly blessed.”

The praise was a too much for Aizen and he smiled, happy that they thought that way.


Aizen sighed as the couple left on his behalf. He had told them to come back by the end of the day and that he would have prepared everything then. He advised them to go about their daily lives as if they had never gone to see him today. Normality could possibly make the ghost unsuspecting of his visit. Though what they had told him about the ghost had troubled him. They seemed like such nice people. He wondered what the ghosts motive was, but all he could do was muse on the subject, as he yet had the full story.

”What was that for?” a complaint broke the man from his thoughts. The small kelvic had reverted to his human form, ”You told them that they did not have to pay?” The dog was a bit angry at the whole notion, and walked to Aizen where he sat at the edge of the bed. Even when sitting Aizen was still just a tad taller than the kelvic. The dog stared challengingly into the mans eyes, his young eyes alit with arrogance and misunderstanding.

”It will be fine, Rust.” Aizen said extending a hand out to plop down on the boys head. He ruffled his fingers through the boys hair, which received a quick snap from the boy-beast. Small hands clawed at the arm atop his head and yanked it off prompting Aizen to rest his hand by his side again.

”How can you be so nice to those people?” he asked, shaking his head, ”We don’t owe them anything.” he said pointing at the door which the couple left. The boy bit the bottom of his lip like he wanted to say more but was holding back.

”Isn’t is obvious, Rust?” Aizen asked, ”We do help people with our spiritism services. Helping people should be our first priority. If we happen to make some miza while we are at it, and the people can afford to pay us, then that is a happy consequence.”

The boy still did not seem to understand, and he crossed his arms, ”I am not helping you on freebies.” he scuffed, which made Aizen laugh. The mans laugh made the dog once again look the humans way curiously. Was what he said really that funny?

”It wasn’t that long ago that you were like that.” Aizen stood up and streached his legs, ”Alone, scared, and with nothing. What would have happened if I never gave you a feebie?” he told him, looking down at the kelvic, ”If you do not want to help, that is fine. It is your choice, but I need to help these people, for me.”

”It would be wrong not to help them.” he said, going over to his cloak, which was strung over a chair. The kelvic before he had met Aizen had a hard life. That much Aizen knew from the frequent nightmares and the dogs insecurity, always thinking that he would be abandoned. Aizen did not know all the details of the kelvics past history, mostly because Rust preferred not to talk about it, but it did leave a scar on him. More than physical scars. No, this scare deeper than anything physical. It was a spiritual scare, a spiritual pain, a longing for someone to help him, and those kinds of wounds do not heal with time. They heal with the right people, with the right circumstances, with trust and dedication, and light. Those wounds take the longest to heal because time cannot help.

Though the kelvic did not seem moved by Aizens statement, he did watch him carefully when the mad donned the cloak. ”Im coming with you.” he announced shifting back into animal form.
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