Black Rock is Now Open for Play!

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Black Rock is Now Open for Play!

Postby Traverse on September 1st, 2014, 4:55 am

Post for the cities opening:



Off the coast of Falyndar lies an island of legend. The home of Dira and her disciples Black Rock is a testament to time, a pinnacle of the divine, and home to ghosts and living alike with a deeper rooted understanding of death.

Black Rock is an uncouth island, whose peak holds grand towers, but whose body is steeped in sparse vegetation and the rough rocks for which it has gained its name. Each section of the island is claimed by one of the races of Falyndar who all live in an uneasy peace with one another watched over by the Omens, while Svefra man the docks that house a good deal of trade for the island, a trade propelled by Black Rock's modest fishing trade, but more importantly its paper production spurred by a unique reed that choke the marshes that pepper the isle.

Black Rock is a place of industry, craft, and trade. It is a land marked by the sheer amount of ghosts walking upon its shores, and the strange melting pot of Falyndar that has come to reside in its rocky crevices. Mystery and knowledge await the adventurous traveler here, and a strange, yet welcoming home waits for those who wish to live apart from those that would cling too hard to life, which by definition must end.
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