[Falyndar RS Office - Traverse] Don't Look Down

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[Falyndar RS Office - Traverse] Don't Look Down

Postby Traverse on December 18th, 2012, 8:21 pm



The Jungles of Falyndar are a beautifully deceptive place. Pocketed with more biomes of creatures than any one spot in Mizahar, Home of Caiyha, Birthplace of the Myrians, and killing ground for everyone who steps foot upon it, there are dangers more numerous than imaginable.

But don't worry, its not all bad!

If you need a thread graded and you are in and around the Falyndar area, put it Here in the Moderation and Grading Thread.

If you are looking for a Gnosis, Training, or Job Thread you can PM me or post a request here, just give me a little blurb about what you're looking for and why.

Remember the three 'Don'ts' of the jungle!

  • Don't Step on Dhani Tails
  • Don't Insult a Myrian's Mother
  • Don't Die!

If you have any questions or concerns like send me a PM, and as always, Safe travels!

ACTIVE Moderated Threads: :
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Into the Emeralds (Ruby)

Arcane Shackle (Aka)


Siku's Solstice

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