The Iyvess Migration of Fall, 514

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The Iyvess Migration of Fall, 514

Postby Traverse on September 1st, 2014, 2:47 pm


The Iyvess Prophecy

It was at the time that the Iyvess were grounded in Falyndar, entirely unwelcome by their land dwelling bretheren, slowly becoming ensconced in a war that had nothing to do with them as the Myrians exterminated the other races of the region one by one. The two sides, one that sought to reclaim their ocean heritage, the other that sought other cultures and knowledge outside of the jungle stood divided, unable to reach a true consensus.

It was then that a Priestess among them stepped forward. The tales of her differ based on who is telling the story, some saying that she was blessed by Makutsi, others insisting that she was a priestess of Laviku. She was, however, the pinnacle of the Iyvess race. Unlike her brethren she still possessed her gills, yet she did not wish to simply commit to the ocean and stay put there. When she spoke all fell silent and her words have been passed down from generation to generation as hope that the two breeds of Iyvess could unite again and form the whole of their race once more becoming more and more of a legend and fable the longer the Iyvess races were apart:

'A time will come when a great force is unleashed again
When the world is filled with a flash of power
A hollow echo of the cataclysm that brought us here
That is when you shall know to seek out one another
Not simply by returning to the sea
Not just by climbing back onto the land
The sounds of screams or the sounds of rejoice will be heralded then
What Fate is chosen lies with one who are many'

The Spring Djed Storm of 512 was a sign to the Iyvess that the time of the prophecy is at hand, even if they are still unsure of how to truly fulfill it. Simultaneously the Freshwater Iyvess are keeping an eye out for their brethren, both sides half believing their counterparts are long dead and have forgotten about those words spoken so long ago on distant shores.

And without further ado the plotlines of your Fall Season brought to you by your local STs.

Fall In Riverfall:
Day Turns To Night.
Night Turns To Day.


The Saltwater Ivyess return and with them comes a plague. They didn't mean to bring it with them. In fact, what they brought was just a peace offering. It was sent ahead of their main party as a gift to the ruling family of Riverfall. But when it was opened, something dark and dangerous was released all over the city and suddenly things weren't right.

Anyone in the confines of the city started acting exactly contrary to their nature. Those who were inexplicably good became darkness incarnate. Those with tattooed faces of the Cerulean suddenly became stable. The Kuvay'Nas suddenly became incredibly dangerous. Healers began to kill. Killers began to love.

No one was unaffected. And it will take the whole city to figure out what caused the plague and how to reverse it.

Written by Gossamer

Fall in Sahova

The first of the Ivyess appeared not long after the change in the season, pulling themselves up onto the rocky shores of the isle of the undead. This land that they had found was dark, eerie, yet somehow still alluring. They could not have know what awaited them... They could not have expected what happened when the Wizards learned of their presence. It was not until the second day that the Council caught wind of something NEW on the island, and their desks were flooded with cries from the Wizards and Masters all saying the same thing.

"We want them! Send them to us for experimentation! New specimens, after so long. Give them to us!"

From there it became a game. First the Wizards went out on their own, luring in those curious enough to follow them back to the Citadel. Those that did, did not return. Then the Hunters were let loose, those few on Sahova who specialized in hunting and gathering even the most dangerous creatures on Sahova for experimentation or food. By the 30th of Fall all of the Iyvess realized it. They were being hunted, farmed off the shores as they arrived, and when a few tried to fight back the Wardens were sent out leaving nothing but blood in their wake. The Ivyess began to retreat from the tainted waters of Sahova where even the fish were sick and twisted by evil experiments and wild djed. There was built a new type of golem however, one that could float and upon it came the fishers with their nets and spears. From the land into the water Sahova seized as many as it could, casting them in irons, throwing them in cages and for a lucky few in tanks. The dungeons became overfull so the reimancers would create a new storage facility made out of stone and ice outside of the Citadel. The remaining Ivyess that still lived were thrown into this new fishery, from which the Wizards of Sahova eagerly took their pick of the finest of the catch.

The rest who had managed to escape swam far and swam fast, cursing the dreaded island and warning others in the future to never venture there lest they lose their freedom, if not their very lives.

Written by Mirage

Fall in Kenash

Kenashians welcome the first of Fall with parting with Summer. The Draer Family host a party, orchestrating the movement of one of their house boats and bringing it to sit upon the waters of the Suvan. Working it, the boat, now decommissioned and dedicated specifically for this purpose, is a floating platform upon which a band performs and an open bar is available for all to partake from. Bells pass and as the volume of festivities grow, the inhabitants of the swamp city of excess taking a welcome break from the pressures of upper class life and poise, first visit the Otani.

The Otani begin to play small, but mischievous pranks on the party goers. This eventually leads to the Otani bringing with them the Iyvess. The Iyvess, a foreign sight to the people of the swamp city and given, the world, cause a disturbance as fight or flight instinct kicks in, with guards, armed (for the most part - PC guards, if they choose, may use their weapon[s] of choice) only with spears and without armour, press forward to investigate.

The encounter will not lead to violence unless the guards are otherwise compelled to, though most will notice a very eager, hungry expression upon the features of a young Dhani participating in the festivities. Said Dhani will leave, and later on, in the evening, she will return with the more combat-inclined of her relatives. Four Iyvess will be captured and two successfully enslaved (the fates of the rest -- one dead and one escaped) and the Rajor will move forward with plans of beginning to enslave the Iyvess, pairing themselves with the Draer Dynasty and the Ackina in their attempts to do so.

Success will be found and the Rajor will pay both parties, an alliance forged in gold as the Rajor Dynasty begins to consolidate their power with a new sort of slave. Wizards of all walks of life will be sought after for their advice and services in rendering these aquatic Dhani fully subservient and in the Winter season, Iyvess slaves (very limited in number) will become available on the Kenashian slave market for double the base price for a humanoid slave.

Written by Vice


Fall in Black Rock


The Saltwater Iyvess arrive at Black Rock on a moonless night.

Unlike the other cities they have been sent to explore, the Saltwater Iyvess are fairly familiar with Black Rock, due to their allies the Charoda, who inhabit the western bay of Dira's Isle. Their arrival is swift and silent, and for many days after the fact, no one but the Charoda even know this new race of Dhani is there.

The Iyvess reveal themselves first within Dira's temple, a strange gathering of new humanoids that pay homage to the Goddess of Death, for whom the Dhani have great respect. Then, slowly, they begin to explore the island. Their transition from Sea to land goes well, until they arrive at the Northern docks where the Svefra work and inhabit. Despising the Svefra as they do, and not realizing the power that the Omens of Black Rock command, a fight between the Iyvess and Svefra breaks out on the docks, to horrible effect.

Once the Omens arrive, several Saltwater Iyvess instantly vanish in a dramatic display of dark colored smoke, onlookers claiming that they were transformed into Ashls. The violence was quelled nearly before it began, but now the combined dens of Iyvess are searching for their lost denmates, many tell them that there is simply no point, but a few endeavor to aid these savage new Dhani in their search, and when a quake creates a chasm in the rocks near the Western Bay it is here that the search commences.

Meanwhile in the Black Marsh where the land dwelling population of Dhani reside, a few Freshwater Iyvess make their presence known to their brethren. This causes serious dissent and hostility amid the nest of Dhani that had seen each other as trustworthy and above the pettiness of the residents of Zinrah, for the rest of the season, little to nothing is heard from the Dhani within the Marsh.

Ghosts witness both of these events and delight in spreading rumors of the fight both on the docks and in the marsh across the entirety of the island.c


Fall in Lhavit

In the dead of night the first signs of a new creature begin to slither on shores of Tranquil Port. There was only one at first but within a bell there were half a dozen of these creatures standing on the docks, they were scouts for their brothers and sisters waiting to see if it was safe. The sailors in port didn’t know what to do; these creatures that were snakes in the water and human on land reminded them so much of the Dhani that were forbidden in the city. They were definitely not Charoda or even Konti but the sailors never knew of a Dhani to come from the oceans before. At once the sailors began to ask questions of the Iyvess luring them farther in land while word of the new appearance was sent to the Shinya.

When the Shinya arrived they captured these unknown creatures of the sea and hauled them off for questioning. No more Iyvess showed up that night or in the nights to come but there were Shinya guards posted at the port from that point on. Rumors will spread, the sailors were always telling tall tales, of a new creature even fiercer then any they had experienced before. These creatures would capsize boats and drown young men who came to close to the water according to the men who told the stories over ale. Though these events never happened the stories were as embellished as every nightmare told before. The Iyvess that were captured by the Shinya would eventually become forgotten by the citizens of Lhavit and for now they simply became a scary story told over camp fires.

Written by Kismet

Fall in Ravok

With the plentiful waters of Lake Ravok, Freshwater Ivyess have made their homes in the vast lake. For years, decades, they have survived undisturbed, living and feeding as required and they, in turn, did not affect the citizens of the city above the lake. It was not until the end of the Fall season in 513AV when the first of the unknown Dhani race left the water for the sanctuary that dry land could offer.

It was the monster, or monsters, the fish who lived in the depths of Lake Ravok, who drove the Ivyess away from their home. Trout and other small fish were not the only prey of the larger predators; the Dhani were being hunted too. So they left. Those old enough took human forms and joined the city and the shores, fitting in as seamlessly as any non-citizen might. During the season of Winter, and then the Spring and Summer following in the next year, even more arrived. Some who left the water did not remain in Ravok, and travelled to other cities, but those who remained did grow in number.

The season of Fall 514AV saw the largest influx of Freshwater Ivyess, as nothing seemed to stop the Fish. The Black Sun and the Ebonstryfe had far too much to deal with without having to worry about the slow surge of Dhani in the city, but the high numbers of new arrivals made it impossible for them to remain undetected. Despite the authorities ignoring the new presence, citizens were not impressed, and ostracised any with sibilance in their speech. The xenophobic Ravokians, who were already frightened and angry, grew violent when they learnt that more, unwelcome guests were living in their homes and eating their food.

A third of the way through the season, some of the Ivyess came to the Temple of the Black sun, and were met buy enraged and resentful silence. An Acolyte came out to greet the group, and treated them as though they were leaders, or spokespersons, even if they weren't. They offered their services to the Black Sun - they would transform into the Dhani or snake forms, and assist in any way they could to rid the city of the threat of the Fish. They wanted to leave the city, they wanted their home back.

Written by Nemesis

Fall in Sunberth

Initially there wasn't much noise coming from the docks, or it just drowned in the lively bustle of the city. Strange shadows roaming the floor of Shipwreck Cove had been spotted by the remaining Daggerhand scouts on Lodestar Isle and when men and women alike started pulling themselves out of the water onto the docks, the city paused and held her breath. The strange men and women came bearing gifts; treasures salvaged from the seafloor, crannies and nooks of the submerged ruins of Alahean times. To their surprise, the crowds scattered and vanished into the alleyways, leaving them with their hands full and confusion to last the season.

That is, until many of them decided to depart. Only then did the docks spring back to life when rogues seemingly burst out of the woodwork to engage and apprehend the strange gift-bearing creatures. Fighting broke out. Some were slain, others captured and a few escaped; into the streets and the bay alike. Someone swore they spotted a group of large snakes heading for the mines and the Dust Bed. The Iyvess were off to a shaky start in this city of anarchy. Those who were apprehended were robbed of their valuable gifts. Unfortunately for the rest of the city's scaled population, the appearence of the Iyvess made the ignorance of the populace painfully obvious.

Three Rattlers were drowned and a Constrictor slain to fishermen after being pushed off the docks to find more treasures beneath the water. The city seems to take a keen and morbid interest in the submerged underground, much to the dismay of many Dhani. Predictably, this causes violence to quickly escalate along with everything else going on in the city. It doesn't help that rumours of powerful Alahean artefacts making their way to the surface start to circulate in Sunberth's underbelly.

Written by Twister


Fall in Zeltiva

The City of Sails has long believed itself to be a forerunner in the worship and praise of Laviku’s glorious domain. With the joy of the Fall Festival, the charity being exchanged between citizens and the bounty ushered in by Laviku’s grace, spirits in the city are at an all-time high. But that spirit grew still the day men and woman began rising from Matthews Bay setting up camp on the beach beside the Cerulean Pier.

Though they came unexpectedly they arrived with gifts of fish and exotic coral found only in the depths of the sea. They come in small numbers at first but with growing force going from a handful to several dozen in just a few short days. Concerned citizens begin to gossip. Apprehension is abound. Zeltiva is, at this point in time, not overly fond of an influx of strangers into their beloved home. The last time they’d opened their arms to refugees in need of a place to settle it had resulted in the overturning of practically everything they knew. An ambassador of the aquatic men and woman, accompanied by armed guards, meets with the Administrative Committee, the Lord of Council’s office, the Denvali and the Board of Regents. Shortly after an announcement is heralded through the city.

They are called, the Iyvess.

The Sailor’s Guild petitions the Wave Guard to quarantine the beach but advises against the use of force. The Board of Regents directs the College of Scholars to begin investigating old texts within the Library in search of clues as to who or what these newcomers might be. As uncertainty grows within the city along with the number of men and women taking up residence along the beach citizens begin voicing their concerns a bit more loudly. Arguments break out among city authorities about what to do in this circumstance. Ultimately however, the Iyvess are cautiously welcomed into the city where they are given leave to continue to take up residence on the beach. This arrangement is to last until a more permanent decision about what to do with them can be made.

Strangely enough, the Temple of Laviku opens its doors to the Iyvess providing them with food and shelter. This openly warm display of welcome from the typically silent temple causes a number of rumors to spread throughout the city.

Written by Perplexity


Fall in Syliras

50th of Fall

In the city of Peace and Civilization the knights work to fortify themselves against another attack. At the beginning of the season a direct attack rocked the city, sending the citizens into panic and the knights into high alert. By magic and might and the Windoak's insight they toil, building and rebuilding the walls up. All to preserve what remained of the peace Syliras worked so hard to build.

But peace was not to meant to be sustained for long.

The arrival of the Iyvess heralded something new and the knights were simply not ready for them. From the waters they came seeking to meet with the inhabitants of Syliras, to speak with the rulers of the city. Appealing for peace and a chance to fulfill their prophecy. However, with eyes clouded by suspicious, the knights locked down the city and captured the envoy of Iyvess. These saltwater Dhani sought their prophecy not war, but in their state the knights were unable to see past their own fear.

Tensions rise as the two forces, the Iyvess and the Knights, sit in a stalemate. Perhaps this misunderstanding could be smoothed over. Maybe the Iyvess will escape. For now, the Iyvess sue for the release of their captive brethren and the knights refuse any communication with the outside world. The knights interrogate the prisoners and seek to discover if trusting these people will result in another attack.

Written by Nightmare

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The Iyvess Migration of Fall, 514

Postby Gossamer on September 1st, 2014, 11:07 pm

Thanks for all your hard work, Traverse, bringing this unified global event together for the site. :) And thank you to all the Storytellers who decided to participate!

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The Iyvess Migration of Fall, 514

Postby Twister on September 2nd, 2014, 3:51 pm

Poor Iyvess! They aren't getting friendly receptions in many places at all...

I'm so excited to see how these plots play out in the different cities, though! Fantastic work with the Iyvess, Traverse; this season is going to be so much fun. :D
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