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The Chef's Hat

Postby Dulute Jadesmith on October 9th, 2014, 4:24 pm

...................11th of Fall, 514 AV .......


The University of Zeltiva was the last place Duluute would have wanted to go back to. He had never really finished his classes, leaving the school to pursue on the job training. Being back here, he was afraid somebody might recognize him. Would he be labeled a failure or be shunned by his former students?

He wasn't looking forward to stirring up anymore drama. After all the trouble with Jerimiah and Liliandra, Duluute looked forward to a day of quiet peace. The last thing he wanted was to have to explain to people he didn't know why he thought reading was a pointless endeavor. He was even more reluctant for the chance that those people might be his old instructors.

Regardless of his feeling, he knew a job was a job. He was lucky he even got this far considering he had little to no background as a chef. His specialty was seafood and if it wasn't being served...He knew he couldn't think like that. If there was something new to create that he had no prior knowledge of...he would just have to wing it and learn from his mistakes. That's how he had always learned and that's how he planned to learn in the future.

Moving up the stairs, Duluute was immediately reminded of what a maze the school campus was. He had to rely on his failing memory and posted signs to get him to his designated location. He had been hired on by the school's cafeteria staff to work as a Cook. Today would be his first official day of training.

When he found the Cafeteria, his expression dropped at the sight of a full room. He had made the unfortunate blunder of arriving in the middle of lunch time. Trying to regain his composure, Duluute moved past feasting students as he approached the Main Kitchen. He was looking for the Head Chef, a man by the name of Devindaher, although most people simply called him Master Dave.

As he moved to the door, one of the workers stopped him to inquire about his business in the Kitchen. "I work hear now," Duluute explained. "I'm the new cook." The worker looked surprised, though it wasn't because she doubted Duluute's ability. She was simply surprised that he came at roughly the busiest time of the day. However, before she could tell him why, their conversation was interrupted by the stern shouts of an old man standing a few feet away.

Despite his age, he held the appearance of a man just as strong as the sailors back at the docks. This was Master Dave, the man who had hired Duluute in the first place. "We haven't the time for you to be chattering with students, Myolin! Get back to debonning duty." The worker nodded before abruptly running over to a nearby table and picking up a fish.

"And you!" he continued, finally addressing Duluute. "Don't just stand there. Grab a fish and get to work!" Duluute jumped at the order before running to help Myolin. The table she was working on was covered with sharp knives for boning and filleting, but nothing else. The fish they were supposed to be preparing were in iceboxes on the side of the table. All the bones were pushed into a pile on the far right. The deboned fish were put in a pile on the far left.

Though it wasn't the neatest area, it at least had some level of efficiency.
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