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Postby Ssavveckammar on October 26th, 2010, 1:21 pm

Physical Information
o Dhani-Constrictor
o 61st of Fall 409 AV, 111 years old
o Female
Physical Description
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 174 lbs.
In human form, Kammar has long, thick, coarse black hair that falls down her back. Her light brown eyes are intimidating and cold to any but those whom she is close to. Kammar's human form had taken about the average length for a Dhani to get used to, but she prefers being in her Dhani form.
In snake form she reaches 39 feet in length and her body ranges between a multitude of colors, a light brown being the basic while purples, greens, yellows, blue, and even whites that surround the black markings that decorate her body. Large, sharp rows of inward-pointing fangs line the inside of her mouth, allowing her to grip and pull her prey into her mouth.
In Dhani form she reaches 20 feet in length and in this form, she is about four times stronger than the average human. The teeth she has as a snake are also there, and just as big.
Character Concept
Kammar is one who revels in violence and blood and hates losing. She is cocky and arrogant, flaunting her admirable strength any chance she can get, and isn't afraid of winning at any means neccessary. She is rutheless and cunning, but prefers brawn over brains. Not that she doesn't have any brains, a Dhani has to be cautious at times and Kammar knows that. Kammar is also quite vain, but confident, about her looks. Not that she is afraid of getting dirty and breaking a few nails, but she is proud of her beauty and anyone who says otherwise better watch out, for Kammar does not take insults very well. Her strength is also her pride and joy, and she enjoys boasting of how she has defeated many males in wrestling and unarmed combats. Kammar is also very prideful and holds all other species below her, even the other sub-species of her kind. However, she keeps close relations with her blood family, at least the ones that she accepts as family, and a lot of the time she helps out her younger siblings by wrestling and fighting with them; helping them grow strong.
This Dhani doesn't particularly hold any morals or standards. She does what she wants and if something doesn't go her way, she'll use dirty tricks to fix that. If someone has wronged her or someone close to her, she will seek that person out and either teach them a lesson or kill them, mostly kill them though.
Kammar enjoys challenging her strength against others of her kind, particularly males seeing as they provide the best challenge. She also prefers wrestling and unarmed combat compared to armed, saying that the gifts the goddess Siku has given her is all that she needs to be victorious. She also encourages 'dirty' fighting to her younger brothers and sisters. "There is no such thing as cheating, there is only you doing everything in your power to prevail."
As do all constrictors, Kammar loathes the Myrians with a fiery vengeance. It was because of her intense hatred that she grew to become such a fierce warrior. She also despises the other two sub-races of her species. They are a blight, a weakness to the Dhani species and should be eradicated.
Character History
Ssavveckammar resided in Zinrah for her entire life time, protecting the nest and honing her fighting skills. Her family was actually quite large compared to others, her mother having many mates. With four elder brothers, and two younger sisters, she was the eldest female. She tried to leave the nest as little as possible, not really caring for hunting and such. Instead, she concentrated on her priestess training. She wanted nothing more than to worship Siku and she was just as cunning in moving through the ranks of priesthood as she would later be in fighting. However, [at the age of 49] one moment changed her perspective on things. Food had become a neccesity, so with her youngest older brother, she made her way out of the nest. She had always admired the strength of her brothers, not that she wasn't strong herself, but during their search, they were found by a small group of Myrians. The two parties quarrelled, the Myrians rabidly attacking, but only Kammar and her brother had actually landed deathly blows. It was as the last Myrian stood that her brother was slain and Kammar took her revenge on the savage by taking her bones and teeth and then consuming her.

It was that event that led Kammar into a different direction. She still worshipped and was devoted to Siku, but she began delving into the art of hunting and fighting, her brothers and father training her with what spare time they had. At first her mother, and many other females, had been upset at her abrupt change in mind, but others also saw the potential warrior in her. She prooved how strong she was, bringing in many meals -quite a few being Myrian- and winning fights within the Training Gallery.
Training & Skill Points
o Poison +10 Racial Bonus
o Land Navigation [5/100]
o Tracking [8/100]
o Hunting [5/100]
o Stealth [7/100]
o Wrestling [25/100]
o Is fluent in Snake-tongue and Common.
o Lore of the anatomy of Myrians
o Lore of history off the Dhani
o 1 Set of Clothing [cloak and shoes included]
o 1 Backpack which contains:
o Waterskin
o Food for a week
o Flint & Steel
o Basic 20 x 20 single room cavern with rudimentary furnishings.
o A necklace of Myrian teeth and bones which she had taken from the Myrian which killed her brother.
o 100 gold mizas
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