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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Pelthes Pelts

Postby Perplexity on November 19th, 2014, 10:09 pm

Pelthes Pelts

The West Street district of Zeltiva holds the more reputable businesses of this port City. And for an honest citizen looking for anything in the way of leatherworking, skinning, tanning and even butchery, 'Pelthes Pelts' is the first place to go. It is one of the first shops a traveler will pass, if entering Zeltiva by way of the overland, Mirahil Pass, route.

The owner, Mr. Tronus Pelthes (pronounced, appropriately enough, 'Pelts'), sought this location specifically for this purpose. He knew that little or nothing from the sea would ever find need of his skills, so he acquired the location nearest the likely entrance to be used by those in possession of land game needing processing.

He provides all stages of this processing, save the initial disemboweling, which he would tell you needs to be done at the site of the kill. But beyond that, he is an expert skinner, tanner and leatherworker. And a competent butcher, smoker and curer of the meat for travel or preserving.

He is equally skilled with either leather or furred hides. Providing both to crafters of all pursuits. He also crafts many fine items himself, tack, bags, sheaths, quivers, and the like, but tends to focus on armor crafting, employing a variety of leather hardening, pleating, waterproofing and reinforcing techniques to cover virtually every demand short of steel. As well, his artistic flair has become more in demand. He is perfectly willing, when time allows, to emboss, dye, bead, lace and add fringe to existing leather ware.

When one enters the torchlit showroom, they will find the far stone wall hung with racks of goods, to match stacked bundles in shelves and on the floor. A few heavy coat trees occupy portions of the floor for display purposes as well. The rich smell of leather and spice is punctuated by the pungent aromas associated with skinning and tanning. Counters run along the left and right, backed up by closed doors which lead to the skinning and butchering areas on the right and the leather treating and crafting workshop on the left.

PricingCustom items are made to order. Please place inquiries with a Storyteller. All other items are as listed on the Price List with appropriate modifiers.

Tronus Pelthes :
ImageName - Tronus Pelthes
Race - Human
Age & Place of Birth - 64, Wildlands
Leatherworking - 71
Skinning - 65
Tanning - 57
Weapon: Shortbow - 60
Butchery - 45
Food Preservation - 42

Tronus Pelthes' childhood had its moments. Born into a bandit camp, he never has been sure exactly when his birthday falls, other than "early Spring". It was celebrated in rustic style whenever the opportunity presented itself. But he did not have many of them before the day the camp was overrun by knights and his parents were slain.

He loved his parents of course, but never agreed that the bandit lifestyle was as self-justifying as the adults rationalized. He did not hate the men that ended the bandits' run. He'd seen the bandits kill, or steal from, many people that did not strike him as being any different than himself or his parents. But his detention, among other displaced youngsters, in Syliras, made to work off a debt he'd had no part in accruing, did not sit well with him either.

But his lack of open hostility eventually led to him being allowed to accompany groups of hunters as a prisoner/laborer. His cooperative demeanor soon brought him the favor of the men in the group, and they began to teach him the ways of the wild. He took to these lessons eagerly and was soon specifically requested to join in these forays. He earned his freedom this way, but did not wish to remain in Syliras.

His chief mentor among the hunters, Morley Parkes, also had a wish to depart. So in the late Spring of 475, they left, arriving in Zeltiva a few years later, to find there was no competition in the leatherworking business. In 482, they opened "Parkes and Pelthes Leather Goods" and did well. In 501, Morley Parkes died, and Tronus Pelthes now maintains the excellence he learned at the feet of his old mentor.

Credit for this location and NPC goes to Jadlin Hayes
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