[Token Introduction Thread]

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[Token Introduction Thread]

Postby Malera on November 27th, 2014, 7:46 am

Hello Mizahar,

I'm Melira, and I've just joined the site. I was suggested this place by my friend...
um... I forgot his username here, but he's in Zeltiva; he said he was a merchant or something. Anyway, I've been RPing for several years now, but have kind of hit a wall in my growth as a writer. Before I took my hiatus, which I am now coming back from, I'd say I was GaiaOnline Lit. Not really a crowning achievement, but I was able to bust out a few paragraphs. Anyway, my friend suggested I come and RP here if I wanted to get better, and I do. So... Here I am. I really hope I get to RP with many great people and play out a great story.
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