OOC Info Student Registry for Winter, 514 AV

If you are a student at the University register here, please!

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Student Registry for Winter, 514 AV

Postby Perplexity on December 2nd, 2014, 10:43 pm

Student Registry

Please follow the template below to register your characters for courses at the Zeltiva University. Please PM a Zeltivan storyteller with any questions you might have about the process. More detailed information can be found in the Student Handbook thread. Once you have completed the registration template, consider yourself officially a student unless a Storyteller PMs you to say differently.

Be advised: Tuition costs do NOT roll over from season to season. All charges and fees apply as normal with the beginning of each season.

Be advised: If you are a player just starting out in Mizahar and you register as a Student, you do not get to cash-in your housing allowance. In exchange you may register for up to 3 Certificates of Completion (4 courses each) and live in the University Dormitories. You must however remain on a Certificate path and cannot deviate from it. If your character leaves Zeltiva for any reason after registering you will have to pay tuition costs as normal in the event of your return.


Note: The following announcements pertains only to College of Djed students.

No further applicants to the College of Djed will be accepted after Fall 514. If you have registered for courses already and have been cleared by a Zeltivan Storyteller to pursue a Certificate of Completion in magical studies you may continue to do so for the duration of your stay in Zeltiva. You must however abide by the following:

1.) All course costs must continue to be paid accordingly for the duration of your stay.

2.) If you character departs Zeltiva for any reason they can no longer continue with their course studies.

3.) If you apply for College of Djed studies AFTER Fall 514, all applicants will be denied.

4.) Flashbacks to the College of Djed are no longer allowed as of Fall 514.

Code: Select all
[b]PC Name:[/b] Your name goes here.
[b]Race, Age, Sex:[/b] Character details here.
[b]Term You Are Applying For:[/b] Which season term are you studying during?
[b]Certificate/classes you are pursuing:[/b] Please list the fields of study your character will be studying.
[b]Total in Ledger:[/b] Please post the total money you have in your ledger BEFORE deducting application costs. (this is so we can ensure ledgers are being adjusted correctly.)
[b]Total Cost:[/b] The basic rate of study is 45 Gold Mizas per class. Please add an additional 45 Gold Mizas per extra class, and then deduct the amount from your ledger. All applications include living expenses and accommodation for the duration of the term. Storytellers will check that the correct cost has been deducted - if your ledger is inaccurate, you will not receive gradings or certificates of completion until it is corrected.
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Student Registry for Winter, 514 AV

Postby Altaira Readva on February 8th, 2015, 10:48 pm

PC Name: Altaira Readva
Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic (Parrot), 6, Female
Term You Are Applying For: Winter 514AV
Certificate/classes you are pursuing: Certificate: N/A
Classes: Spiritism
Total in Ledger: 425.8 Gold Mizas
Total Cost: 45 Gold Mizas
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Altaira Readva
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