[Plotnotes] Nasrina

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[Plotnotes] Nasrina

Postby Nasrina on December 7th, 2014, 4:20 am

Basic Goals

Find some semblance of a trade beyond thievery, maybe jewel crafting.
Finding out more information on The Night's Eyes with the ultimate, probably rather unrealistic dream, of joining them.
Work on socialization and empathy.
Work on combat, both unarmed and with her weapon.

Possible Plot Points

I'd like to explore Nasrina's history a little more in depth. At the moment, knowing that she was born in a breeding program, she doesn't have much concern for her parents or where she came from but maybe as she matures in age or experience, she'll wonder about that connection.

I really like the idea of a sort of internal conflict between her solitary animal nature and the human/Kelvic need for others. As it is now at her creation, I plan on initially playing Nasrina as a sort of cold-hearted loner at first. Though she won't admit it openly, there is a lot of resentment on how she was treated and how easily she was pushed aside. Then there is what would have happened would she have stayed, becoming a slave. She generally doesn't trust humans too much. Maybe being forced into situation(s) where she has to rely on others.

While unbonded, Nasrina will ultimately have the same desire as her ancestors but a little more branched out. Looking for Myrna or any signs/information on her, any information on the location of Ironrock, and more about the Kelvic origins. Though she won't know why or what that need is until she somehow stumbles across it. Nya seemed to be lucky enough to have a library, know how to read, and have some of the information already gathered for her. Nasrina will have none of this so it will be a mini-arc of personal journey and growth.
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