Azaela's Scrapbook

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Azaela's Scrapbook

Postby Azaela on January 18th, 2015, 7:37 am

Azaela's Scrapbook

If I am to be committed to this character, I think it's appropriate to start a scrapbook. I will post anything and everything in relation to her here and whilst I am doing that, I plan to watch her grow. I have many plans for Azaela for the future, but I am going to plan them accordingly.

I have always cherished the suspense in books and movies; I've hated it, but I've always treasured it too. I'm going to do this with this particular character. I am going to draw out her history as I watch it being written down. There is so much I can do with her. The possibilities are endless.

With a little darkened corner inside her occupied with fears and remorse, I can easily play that to my advantage; however, I can also expand upon the ideas of her angelic behaviour and even her "question everything" nature. The latter I am looking forward to playing around with most.

With Azaela I simply want to go on an adventure. If she ends up with tens of thousands of mizas, then so be it. If her story ends with her finally finding her true love, having children and living happily ever after, then let it happen. If she is doomed for eternal internal strife and gets messed up along the way, then that is something to be expected, because with this character I am just going to go with the flow.

She is a portion of me I am willing to sacrifice to my fingers and all the words I type. It's fun playing a character in an alternate world whether it's through the computer or not. You're still her, but you're still you as well. You're writing what she's about to do and I love that. You are her voice, her attitude, her personality and it's all that power that overwhelms you to the point of just accepting it and going with the flow. I hope to do that with Azaela. It's a fresh start, a new start. For me. And for her. And I plan to mess her up (not really!)

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