Dale Hawthorn's Plotnote

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Dale Hawthorn's Plotnote

Postby Dale Hawthorn on January 22nd, 2015, 5:06 pm


Seasonal Challenges

- Join a gang (If already in a gang, work towards advancement)
- Run from a fight
- Catch a cold
- End up naked in Baroque Bay
- Slip and fall in the streets at an inconvenient time
- Meet a magic-user
- Suspect someone of being a Night Eyes member
- Try an Eypharian beer
- Make a plan for the future
- Start a business (If already owning a business, work towards expanding it)
- Pray to a god you've never prayed to before
- Wish you had never been born.

Spring Calender :
1st - The change of Watchtowers signals a start of the new year, and the city briefly pauses its violent activity in remembrance of the Valterrian.

3rd - The first of the spring storms hits, drenching the city in rainfall and thick cloud cover.

4th - A small Daggerhand excursion into the Sun's Refuge is attacked by the Dragoons, but their inability to pursue the Daggerhands into the Western Heights is taken by many as a symbol of the Dragoon's weakness.

7th - The corpse of Tiandra "Lasher" Veecos is discovered in a slave pen, her throat slit and eyes gouged out. Many assume her death to be a consequence of not siding with the new "Brotherhood of Chains" that has formed in Slaver's Row.

16th - The Daggerhands push their troops deeper into nearby territories, gaining footholds in the Wolf's Den, Baroque Bay, and the Sunset Quarter. In addition, they begin a mass recruitment drive, offering business loans comparable to Goldfinger's for new members as well as two seasons worth of finer living for all members.

18th - For the first time since the end of Fall, an Iyvess is captured in the Castle Commons. It was discovered trying to petition a merchant for questions about the apparently missing nest Queen.

23rd - A promising young Dragoon in the Sun's Birth is ousted from the organization when a Night Eye coin is discovered in his belongings. A small team is composed to hunt down the fleeing Dragoon before he can leave the city.

24th - The worst storm of the season strikes the city, flooding the streets and causing damage to the neighbourhoods near the Mudway. This storm refuses to abate for the next twelve days. South of Sunberth, the Tent City is broken apart, its members taking shelter in the city proper.

37th - The storm finally ends, leaving Sunberth a sodden mess. The Tent City migrates back to its usual territory, discovering a set of strange symbols uncovered by the rainfall. Residents question the existence of the strange symbols, but soon stop caring.

41st - A theatre troupe arrives in the city and sets up residence in the Seaside Market, putting on nightly shows for the simple price of a 1 GM ticket. Rumours soon spread that the troupe is actually a contingent of Ionu's Inverted, and the mob grows highly suspicious.

46th - Desperate, a group of Iyvess move through the city in secret, searching for inquisitive mercenaries that can help them track down their missing Queen. (Spring Seasonal Quest)

52nd - In a surprising attack, an influential Daggerhand Big Sister is found dead in Stumble Alley. Rumours of a resurgent Vigilante group strike fear into the hearts of the Daggerhands.

55th - Panic regarding the suspected Inverted troupe reaches a fever pitch. The mob mobilizes and storms the troupe's residence, butchering three members in the street and escorting the rest to the Gallows. No Gnosis mark of Ionu's is found on any member of the troupe.

64th - The arrival of Eypharian traders in the city is regarded with mistrust by Sunberthians across the city, at least until the Eypharians begin to unload their stores of southern beer.

76th - Sunberth celebrates the warmest day of the season with a record seven stabbings, four counts of rape, and thirty-seven petty crimes observed in the Western Heights.

81st - The Daggerhands initiate a city-wide celebration with their "Bloody Robber Games", orchestrating a series of high-stakes competitions throughout the city that prove a great hit with gamblers and socialites from all walks of life. A few Dragoons are spotted playing in the Games, and the Daggerhands end up treating them amicably.

85th - In another convention-defying move, the Gated Community opens up its doors for an all-night celebration honouring a festival of dubious origin. Most agree that the Community is celebrating Goldfinger's birthday, but the implications of this move trouble the rest of the city.

91st - In a stunning move, many of the Storage Houses in the Castle Commons end up raided during the night, completely emptied of their valuable stock. The merchants grow furious and demand answers.

RP ideas

- Fighting in the Blood Pits, obviously I'm tempted to write this on my own but we all know that solos are seldom as fun as writing with someone else. The fights are to the death but maybe a 2 vs 2 or more? Or if you want to kill off your character I'd be happy to do it for you. Or maybe even a cage fight in Tall Johhny's fine establishment, your choice.

-A good ol' tavern brawl, fair enough this one I suspect has been done a thousand times over but why not one more for old times sake?

-16th of Spring. Right, so the Daggerhands push into the Den, the Bay, and the Sunset Quarter. Do you live there? Do you work there? Are you in the wrong place at the wrong time? And do you find yourself unwilling to bend to the Daggerhand rule or plan in some way doing something that they might not like? Real opportunity for violence and moral development here I think.

-55th of Spring, taking part in the mob would be fun to write, I can imagine Dale would definitely be swept up in the persecution of magic users so if you'd like to join in or be the annoying conscious in this city, let me know.

-85th of Spring. A Daggerhand in the Gated Community? Drinking? This can't end well for anyone, care to help out? :D

-Exploring the mines, I'd love to delve into the mine and see what treasure could be found and what dangers as well even if Dale is scared of them from all the stories he was told a kid. I think this would probably be best if a moderator oversaw it.

-Illegal shit. Dale is a Daggerhand, if he's not shaking down an establishment or slicing the throats of some small time gang on his territory then he's not doing his job right. If you want to join up with the Daggerhands or you own a business that could be so easily interfered with, then this might just be for you.

-Alleyway mugging, I'd certainly be up for being the victim or even the mugger in this situation while someone else could fill another role in the event.
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Dale Hawthorn's Plotnote

Postby Dale Hawthorn on March 10th, 2015, 2:31 pm


Seasonal Challenges

Buy a Winter-appropriate article of clothing.
Discover a victim of the blizzard.
Walk the Ice Bridge.
Witness a gang skirmish.
Warm up by the fire with a friend.
Investigate the "strange symbols" appearing all over town.
Escape the cold with a visit to the Hot Springs.
Try a mug of warm, berry cider.
Spend some time playing in the snow.
Meet a Daggerhand. Circumstances are completely up to you.

Winter Calender :
1st - The departure of Morwen from Avanthal commences Winter. The season begins with a gift from the icy goddess! Sunberth awakens to a light layer of snow and frosty breezes.

7th - Emboldened by its recent "recruitments", Daggerhand lashes out at the Sun's Birth in an ambush. The Seaside Market becomes a battlefield and innocent lives are lost in the crossfire. Marshal Jager Joander is gravely wounded in the fighting.

10th - Outraged by the injury of his son, the Warmarshal orders a counter-offensive. The Sun's Birth launches an attack against the seat of Daggerhand itself. The fighting sees several casualties and the destruction of a Daggerhand facility by fire.

19th - A blizzard viciously assaults Sunberth. Temperatures plummet well below freezing and inches of snow plague the streets. The poor and homeless are especially endangered; as are those residing within the Cheapside.

22nd - The blizzard finally subsides, revealing that many had perished in the cold. The frozen bodies of many downtrodden now frequent several of the Sunset Quarters' alleyways.

31st - Those taking refuge within the Temple of the Unknown have made a strange discovery. Uncanny, geometric symbols have been found etched into the walls of the formerly-sealed chamber. Rumors and speculation run rampant regarding their origin and meaning.

40th - Lucerne's Lodestar shines red once again. This time, its crimson glow persists through the night. This particular event inspires a slight paranoia on the part of many, as they interpret this as a sign of terrible things to come.

47th - The unusually harsh Winter lashes out against Baroque Bay itself. Large chunks of ice begin to form in the waters, making maritime travel perilous. What's more, a "bridge" of ice appears, connecting Lodestar Isle to the mainland. To the surprise of many, the "bridge" is strong enough to support weight. *

51st - Skirmishes between the Sun's Birth and Daggerhand begin to break out frequently, citywide. Centers of the violence tend to be the Castle Commons, Seaside Market, and Sunset Quarters. On another note, the Ice Bridge is deemed safe to travel by foot, as a few bold souls made the trek across without incident.

55th - A handful of mercenaries band together with the goal investigating Lodestar. Over the next couple days, they meet within the Pig's Foot Tavern and attempt to recruit volunteers to aide in their expedition.

57th - The mercenaries embark on their investigation of Lodestar Isle in hopes of discerning possible connections between the lighthouse's behavior, the uncanny weather, and the symbols discovered in the Temple. [Quest]

62nd - Daggerhand attempts to wipe out the Sun's Birth once and for all. They launch an attack upon the Sun's Refuge directly, causing one of the bloodiest battles in recent history. The Sun's Birth weather the attack; albeit at the expense of many lives on both sides.

76th - Symbols vastly similar to those discovered in the Temple begin appearing all over the city, yet no one has managed to spot the culprit. Rumors fly about who (or what) could possibly be responsible.

80th - A rise in temperature graces the city, signaling a conclusion to the unusual harshness of the year's winter.

85th - The Ice Bridge is deemed unsafe to travel, as the heightened temperatures have compromised its composition. In addition, the ice plaguing Baroque Bay begins to melt; thereby allowing sea travel to resume.

92nd - Winter concludes with Morwen's return to Avanthal. In her wake, Sunberth is greeted with a day that is easily the warmest of the season.
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