Frozen Fish (Aira)

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Frozen Fish (Aira)

Postby Molly Barlow on February 16th, 2015, 4:07 am

“Not in my life. I don’t cook,” Molly said, grinning easily at Aira, “but I’m not picky. Food is food, it isn’t some big deal so long as it’s edible.” Making her words all the more true, the beekeeper used an eating knife to flip the flip. It tore open more and the dank aroma filled the house while the hearth warmed it.

“You’re…” she’d been about to say young but Aira…”an adult now, I suspect you’ll need to earn some money. Since you like the water why don’t you work at the docks? You could work on a ship or maybe you could do fishing. You’ve never tried it as a human, it might be something new for you to learn and you could find new ways to catch fish. And don’t be saying you’re useless; you’ve done things for me today! Just because you don’t know what you want to learn doesn’t mean you aren’t useful. You’re a citizen of Zeltiva, have pride in that and help the city grow. Everything helps.”

Molly startled, Aira had eaten the fish raw. “You sure you don’t want me to cook that? You’re not an otter.” She pointed out obviously.

“The fish is burning.” Leo said. Smoke filled the air and in a tick Molly had the pan adding new scorch marks to the table. She pulled out some forks, then took pan and all to the bunk. She fed Leo and herself equally, “You’re free to come over whenever you want, we can play any time I’m not working and in winter there’s hardly any work! Tomorrow we can go out and search for things you like to do, too.”

She left Leo the food and proceeded to make room for Aira. No matter with form they could steal the blanket and cloak and make a bed by the hearth. It’d be another night of terrible sleep but she’d have company to keep things interesting.
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Frozen Fish (Aira)

Postby Aira Lyedan on March 3rd, 2015, 9:33 pm

Aira giggled at the comment and spoke. " Well I would love to play, and I would love help finding something to learn. " She said as she made her way to Molly. " I am sure, I like it like this.. plus I rather it raw than burnt. " She smiled and made her way towards Molly and Leo and giggled cuddling next to Molly. It was nice to not sleep alone. She had to admit that being alone was starting to get to her so it was nice to know that Molly was here for her. " Molly, you are the best. Thank you for being my friend, I don't have anyone else besides my mom and dad. " She smiled and turned into an otter so that she could be warmer and curled up under the blankets against Molly, her own fur surely providing warmth to her. She was happy to be with a friend. The fact was that tonight had been wonderful for her.

Aira had found she could be useful since she didn't need boats to fish. It also was great cause of the fact that there were more fish than usual thanks to the ice insulating the bay and the lack of human fishing. It was going to be a hard winter for everyone so she had a plan she would slip a fish to Molly every chance she got.

Aira curled up between Molly's legs like a pet would, finding a warm spot and planting her self. It was better here she thought maneuvering under the blanket and cloak as she made her self comfortable there, nesting out of instinct more than necessity. It was going to be a nice nite with Molly. She had to admit that Molly and Leo weren't as bad as she gave a otter giggle and started dozing off to sleep.
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