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[Plot Notes]Bennar

Postby Bennar Witt on November 11th, 2015, 4:45 am

Character: Archetypes

For Bennar I intend to combine a few character archetypes and have him evolve from one to another throughout my writing him. the three are the SEEKER, the MAGICIAN, and the FOOL.

The Seeker: to discover a new path that will improve life. They embrace learning and ambitious in their quest.
Goal: Search for a better life. (Through Magic)
Fear: Conformity/Mundane Self
Problem: Flee from it
Virtue: Autonomy, Ambition, identity
Pitfall: Chronic disappointment, inability to commit
Addictive Quality: self-centeredness
Addiction: Independence/perfection
Shadow Side: The Perfectionist, always striving to measure up to an impossible goal or to find the “right” solution.

The Magician: The Magician archetype searches out the fundamental laws of science and/or metaphysics to understand how to transform situations, influence people, and make visions into realities. If the Magician can overcome the temptation to use power manipulatively, it galvanizes energies for good. The Magician's quest is not to 'do magic' but to transform or change something or someone in some way. The Magician has significant power and as such may be feared. They may also fear themselves and their potential to do harm. Perhaps their ultimate goal is to transform themselves, achieving a higher plane of existence.
Goal: Transformation
Fear: Evil Sorcery (overgiving?)
Problem: Transform it
Virtue: Personal power, transformative, catalytic
Pitfall: manipulation of others, disconnection with reality
Addictive Quality: Dishonesty
Addiction: Power/magic
Shadow Side: The evil sorcerer, transforming better into lesser options. We engage in such evil sorcery anytime we belittle ourselves or another, or lessen options and possibilities, resulting in diminished self-esteem. The shadow Magician is also the part of us capable of making ourselves and others ill through negative thoughts and actions.

The Fool: The Fool/Jester archetype urges us to enjoy the process of our lives. Although the Fool/Jester can be prone to laziness and dissipation, the positive Fool/Jester invites us all out to play--showing us how to turn our work, our interactions with others, and even the most mundane tasks into FUN. The goal of the Fool/Jester is perhaps the wisest goal of all, which is just to enjoy life as it is, with all its paradoxes and dilemmas. What causes most dread in the Fool/Jester is a lack of stimulation and being 'not alive'. They must seek to 'be', perhaps as the Sage, but may not understand this.'
Goal: Enjoyment
Fear: Nonaliveness
Problem: play tricks on it
Virtue: freedom, humor, life lived in the moment
Pitfall: Debauchery, irresponsibility, cruel-jokes
Addictive Quality: Inebriation
Addiction: Excitement,Alcohol
Shadow Side: A glutton, sloth, or lecher wholly defined by the lusts and urges of the body without any sense of dignity or self-control.
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