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How to Train Your Bee

Postby Molly Barlow on January 29th, 2015, 1:13 am

Fall the 32nd, 505AV

Children running through the streets wasn't uncommon. They carried out small errands or accompanied their parents all over the city or to school. Molly, was not accompanied by anyone and she wasn't running any errand, she was taking school into her own hands. Literally.

In the child's hands was a small piece of comb from a beehive and in the small comb was a tiny egg that Molly had dubbed, "Cotton, your name will be cotton and you'll grow up to be the best bee in the whole entire colony because I'm going to teach you!"

Skipping lessons like this would earn her several days of being trapped inside but she might get away with it since she was headed into the school to study. Her lips pressed to the little comb then it was shoved into her pocket to keep anyone else from seeing it. She skipped easily passed the librarian who eyed her suspiciously until Molly asked for paper and pen and scrolls about bees.

There were not many, just one or two with several paragraphs of writing that Molly struggled to read and take notes on. But she was determined, even more so when she slipped the comb onto the table. She how to know how to take care of Cotton so he could get her enough honey to make as many candies as she wanted! Smiling quietly to herself the girl patted the comb and set herself to reading.

Basics of Bees

There is not such a great difference between wild bees and kept bees, to know wild bees is to know kept bees. Having said such, we will start with how colonies work regardless. The driving force behind any colony is the queen, without a queen there is no hive, no colony, no order. Each colony may only have one unless special circumstances present themselves (which will be discussed later) and her main and only jobs are to keep the hive populated and use her personal scent--queen substance--to identify the colony.

The secondary bees within the colony are the drone and worker bees. Drone bees tend to only function as co-populators for the colony while worker bees are exactly as the sound, the workers. Worker bees preform all other tasks within the hive: caring for the cells, colony, hive, nectar, work as guards and even become field workers, going out and collecting the necessary nectar to make honey.

The child paused to look at her little comb of bee, head cocked. "You'd better not be a drone! You need to be a field bee so you can get the nectar." She said as seriously as possible then began to scribble little notes on her paper. As she did, she glanced up time and time again to reference the writing, making sure she copied the words right and thinking about what to do if her bee was a drone. How could she train it to be the best if it was useless?!

Mollys Notes :
  • Queen bee is the bee-maker for the colony. Colony has to have a queen or it's not one.
  • Drones help the queen. They are useless, pretty much.
  • Workers are important like the queen. They do all the other work for the colony and make honey!
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