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Postby Aleister on January 31st, 2015, 2:22 pm

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Race: Human, Mixed

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: 78, Spring, AV 494.

Birthplace: Wind Reach

Lightly built Aleister is a tad shorter than the average male, with red hair brushing his shoulders, and vivid green eyes, all of which he has inhereted from his fathers side of the family. His slightly aquiline nose, always a rest for a pair of round, clear spectacles that hold behind them an intent gaze at the world, sometimes switched for an amuzed one, almost always acompanied with a pleased smile, weather it be in deep thought or common exchange of plesantries.

More often than not (Always) Aleister is seen wearing a variation of a coat ending around the knee. It might be a heavy coat with a fur line in winter or a light linen one for a summer day with a hood to shield him from the sweltering sun. Coats just make him feel comfortable. The colors he chooses for his clothing are earthy because forests are where he spends a lot of his time and forests are what he is fond of.

And forests are where he gets his light step from. Over the years sneaking trough the forest, trying not to kick fallen leaves or break off dry brances has made Aleister take on a dancer like movement in the city scape as well. Swaying in the breeze and nimbly sidesteping drunks at the inn, turning on his heel to face people addresing him, all enchance his light hearted demeanor.

Character concept:

Travel, knowlage, self-sufficiency are a few words to describe Aleisters dreams, cravings and needs. To visit places talked about in daylight and those whispered in dark corners, places he would be the first man to step foot in. Knowlage commonly shared and knowlage kept to ones breast and guarded with a beasts fury. Living in a city or in the woods, in a burning blizzard of a winters heart. These are the things he strives for and dreams of in nights deep and in days zenith. Aleister is a dreamer determined to make something of said dreams. He is always willing to learn new things, weather it be needed for survival or just interesting to know, like the art of playing an instrument or painting.

He holds his personal honor and self-respect on a high bar. He likes himself. Why wouldn't he? Aleister is fair to the people around him and expects the same from others. Always giving people a chance, he is trusting. If a person gives him no reason to doubt them there is no reason to do so in his eyes. Yes he might get burned sometime, but that is not a good reason to mistrust everyone. There are very few people in his life he dislikes completely and tries to find good in everyone, therefore his tolerance to people is very high.. as long as no one tries to intimidate him. That is where a person can cross the line with ease and even though the odds might be against him he will not bent to that even if it means a beating taken

Character History:

Aleisters life beginst in the high mountains of Wind Reach. Here he has learned the skills that serve him as bread bringers and here is the home for many fond and not so great memories. Aleisters father, and Inarta eagle rider met his wife in Syliras and whisked her away to his home city when they were both young. Years passed and a son was born. As he grew up among all the hunters they taught him survival skills and some of the wiser people in the settlement gave him book smarts on top of those. He was more than happy to learn, for from birth his parents brought him up on tales of distant lands and travels, and riches, that have sat in his mind and grown, fuelled by a young boys endless imagination into dreams of his own. And you needed skills to make dreams true. Even though his father wanted him to, Aleister never learned how to hunt with an eagle, let alone ride one ten times bigger, but his heart did stick to the bow, and shooting a bow was one of his favourite pastimes. It didn't take much effort when you knew how, and when you knew how it was relaxing. It gave all the time in the world for thinking, contemplation, imagination. He learned where to find water, shelter, how to spot a fresh trail and how to move without alerting the whole forest of his presence. He learned to hunt. Though Aleister valued not only physical skills, He also cherished any mental satisfaction he could gather. Often he would visit his fathers friend who dabbled in alchemy and other spheres of magic, and even owned a private little collection of books. His parents never thought it safe for Aleister to learn any of it.. The man didn't either, but at least he taught him bits and pieces of the more normal world and Aleister even managed to pick up a word or few in Nadar-Canoch. Not a lot, but he was still proud of his own little progress

When he was nineteen his parrents died, both failing the fight against a disease. Aleister always tries to avoid the thought of it. It is never easy to lose a parent and he lost both at the same time. To add to it he got a measly amount of his parrents possesions and even though it was a good amount of gold mizas he was left without a house. To try and escape reality he decided to move away and with the help of his friends and the friends of his parrents he payed the fare to get to Syliras and started to forge a new life there doing the best he could

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Nari
Poor Language: Nader-canoch

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Longbow +15 RB +5 SP 20 Novice
Hunting +5 SP 5 Novice
Stealth +5 SP 5 Novice
Tracking +10 SP 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival - Forest +10 SP 10 Novice
Cooking +5 SP 5 Novice
Fletching/Bowing +5 SP 5 Novice
Intelligence +5 SP 5 Novice

Lore Where obtained
Lore - Small animal skinning SP
Lore - Caring/Handling of Bows SP

|Simple Shirt (SP)|
|Simple Pants (SP)|
|Simple Undergarments (SP)|
|Simple Coat (SP)|
|Simple Boots (SP)|
|VestWool (Fine), Dyed (Pine green)|
|Coat (Jacket)Wool (Fine), Dyed (Dark brown)|
|Coat (Jacket) + CowlLinen|
|Boots, HighLeather|
|Sash x2Linen, Dyed (Pine green)|
|1 Waterskin (SP)|
|1 Backpack (SP)|
|Comb (Wood) (SP)|
|Brush (Wood) (SP)|
|Soap (SP)|
|Razor (SP)|
|1 Eting knife (SP)|
|Flint & Steel (SP)|
|Spectacles (Heirloom)|
|Travellers pipe|
|Body sled|
|Tent, one-person|
|Cooking Pot, 2-Quart|

|Longbow Arrows 40|

|Dark Ba'tae 1 oz.|
|Balanced Rations1 Week’s Worth (SP)|

Spring 515 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Funds +100 GM 100 GM
Sold house +500 GM 600 GM
Vest - Wool (Fine), Dyed (Pine green) -1 GM 3 SM 50 CM 598 GM 6 SM 50 CM
Coat (Jacket) - Wool (Fine), Dyed (Dark brown) -2 GM 7 SM 595 GM 9 SM 50 CM
Coat (Jacket) - Linen + Cowl - Linen -8 SM 595 GM 1 SM 50 CM
Boots, High - Leather -1 GM 594 GM 1 SM 50 CM
Sash - Linen, Dyed (Pine green) -1 SM 50 CM 594 GM
Longbow -75 GM 519 GM
Longbow arrows 40 -2 GM 517 GM
Quiver -20 GM 497 GM
Travellers pipe -40 GM 457 GM
Dark Ba'tae 1 oz. -2 SM 456 GM 8 SM
Coat (Jacket) - Leather -1 GM 2 SM 455 GM 2 SM
Sash - Linen, Dyed (Pine green) -1 SM 50 CM 455 GM 1 SM 50 CM
Knife 5 SM 454 GM 6 SM 50 CM
Body Sled 45 GM 410 GM 6 SM 50 CM
Bedroll 1 SM 410 GM 5 SM 50 CM
Tent, one-person 2 GM 408 GM 5 SM 50 CM
Cooking Pot, 2-Quart 2 SM 408 GM 3 SM 50 CM
Summer 515 AV
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