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(Open Job Thread) A slow day at the Equinox has Johanne itching to give someone some tattoos.

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The Watched Kettle

Postby Johanne on February 6th, 2015, 10:09 am


53rd Winter 514AV
The Equinox

Johanne was one of the lucky ones. Living in the Inn, she had access to regular food and ale, what with the pittance she took home each day from Lewd, who almost reluctantly pressed the mizas into her soft palm. Each day, she left quickly, worried he might change his mind at any moment. And what was there to greet her when she got back to the Inn but a plate of dull stew and a measly tankard? Still, it was a lot better than many.

She sat behind the front desk, dangling her feet, her chin on her hands, flicking idly through Coal's design book. Coal had taken the only one of the customers they'd gotten that day, people preferring to spend their money on food than ink, but as Coal had been the one to design the tattoo in the first place, she couldn't very well begrudge her this. Still, some work would have taken Jo's mind off the rumbling in her belly. Had she had the gift of forward-sight, she would have avoided this place all together, gone somewhere where food was plentiful and it wasn't so damn cold.

The bell over the door jingled, and Jo sat up, hopeful, but it was only a gust of wind coming through the slight crack in the front door. Slouching back onto her palms, she hummed under her breath, waiting. If Lewd were here, he'd be nagging and nagging for her to practice her drawing, but what with the pit of hunger tucked away in her belly, Jo found she didn't really have the patience for such things. Coal, the only other one on today, wouldn't say anything, just quirk her lips. For now, Jo hummed an aimless tune under her breath, and waited, hoped, prayed, for any customer to come through the door.

Come one, come all! Jo needs to give some tattoos for her job thread. This is your chance to get one. The prices of tattoos at the Equinox can be found here. Bear in mind, Jo's drawing is abysmal so she can't design anything for you, but she can use any image you'd like.
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