Drykas Slavery

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Drykas Slavery

Postby Colt on February 8th, 2015, 3:59 am

Hey there, Mizahar! I'm a little fuzzy on Drykas slavery. I know they practice it, at least to some degree, since they raided Syliras that one summer for captives and auctioned them off to families. But while places like Ravok, Kenash and even Riverfall seem to have concrete guidelines for slavery, I can't seem to find any Lore that touches upon the subject for the Drykas. I can assume from what there is that Drykas slaves are not bonded to striders, since bonded individuals are considered full Drykas citizens regardless of background. But how does slavery actually work amongst the horseclans? Do they treat slaves as Romans once did (objects) or more like pre-colonial Native Americans (lower-status house members, but capable of becoming one of the family?)

On that note, do Drykas actively participate in slave trade with nearby slaver-cities (Kenash, Riverfall) or do they take their slaves from the Kabrin Road, or another source entirely?
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Drykas Slavery

Postby Khida on February 8th, 2015, 4:40 am

Since I happened to just sit back down at the computer and this post was on the front of the board --

They'd be treated like the outsiders they are, obviously (e.g. no knowledge of the Web). But I don't think mistreatment would be widespread, because "The Topaz clan is known amongst the Drykas for horsemen who define and enforce the laws, philosophies, and social standards of the Drykas... These egalitarian thinkers are the voice of equality amongst the Drykas, defending the rights of all humans and animals alike; to them, no person or animal is to be disrespected or mistreated."

While not everyone is Topaz Clan, if Topaz sets the standards, then I infer the prevailing opinion would put slaves more at "low-status" than "object". Since non-windmarked are already the bottom of the scale -- by Law, "Those without windmarks have no status and are owed nothing by either pavilion or clan" -- I don't get the sense slaves would necessarily be set all that lower than any other unmarked. For that matter, status among the Drykas, according to the lore, has to do with one's skill/capability. So I could see a slave who was skilled potentially earning a good bit of standing within their Pavilion. I don't get the sense they'd, on average, be regarded all that differently from a non-windmarked Pavilion member -- just they were purchased rather than born in and lack the cultural upbringing. The glass ceiling is the Strider more than anything.

As for who one might purchase from... well, all the cities you mention have systematic slavery to one degree or another. Not so much with the Drykas. So I imagine someone who decided to purchase a slave would go wherever else was handy that did have a system. Which is I think three of the four cities they pass by.
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Drykas Slavery

Postby Monsoon on February 12th, 2015, 5:21 pm

This actually brings up a good point that I had not though about. I would agree with Khida, they would be unmarked and be considered lower status family members. I think women would be more sought after then men, they may be taken as a wife thus raising them up in society or just used to gain children. Men would have a harder chance of becoming a full Drykas, but if they worked hard and showed respect to all things Drykas I believe that being a slave in Endrykas wouldn't be that bad.

I know with RF if a Drykas woman gets saved from slavery and her family is well known she is returned to Endrykas. There maybe slave trade between the other cities. But that would me more for the person and not really the city. I don't believe that Endrykas would willingly get rid of an able body. Selling them would provide nothing for the city other then gold, which isn't as useful as the person.

Hope that helps.
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