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[Location] A Touchy Subject

Postby Perplexity on February 16th, 2015, 6:22 pm

A Touchy Subject

There are some things that people just don't talk about, certain taboos that are kept under lock and key. Sometimes, these cravings need to be taken out and aired within the privacy of sealed lips and open minds. For those who can afford such a commodity, The Touchy Subject warmly welcomes them. There is little the Touch cannot do for it customers, and if it cannot be done, enough coin will find a way. Presentation is everything to those who both visit and reside within the Touch, everything from the silken drapes the velveted upholstery boast extravagance and sumptuousness. All attendants and escorts are masked, their features only to be revealed to those willing to pay - and rarely, if ever, is a customer disappointed with what they see.

The building itself is rather unassuming, a larger three story, sparsely windowed building with a sturdy steel door. Once inside, however, the soft glow of sensual candle light and the low hum of live music slip drift through the air on the heady scent of incense mixed the playful bite of smoke. The lobby area is filled with plush couches and cushions, men and women alike sensuously winding their way through, tempting with glances and whispers. There is no apparent form of organization to the Touch; if one does not know what to do, then one does not belong there. From the lobby, there are three doors and a staircase.

The first door leads to the illustrious office of the Madame herself. It is an understood unspoken rule that there may only ever be one person meeting with the proprietress at any given time. She is a dreamweaver, and miracle worker, and her favor determines whether one finds oneself soaring above the clouds or groveling in blood and mud. Madame Lilienne oversees every transaction as well as the procurement of desires. If one wishes a night of aquatic wonder, one only has to to ask and provide the payment necessary. While the more mundane requests are often handle by the attendants themselves, the more exotic or strange the request, the greater the Touch's interest.

Behind the doors each opposite the middle portal are hallways with rooms on either side. Here there are stores of alcohol and drugs alike, along with an assortment of complimentary tools they might find interesting. The employees are all trained to take careful stock of everything that is used, and payments are entirely based off of their word. These rooms are as plush and inviting as the lobby, providing a space well suited to the pursuit of carnal desires.

The staircase, however, leads up where the truly adventurous find themselves. The rooms on the second are prepared to accommodate the simple desires born only of hidden need and lust. The third floor? Only the Madame and those involved know what happens. The most forbidden of acts is a common event above, and even more so are things that most might not ever think to devise in an entire lifetime.

The Touchy Subject caters to the influential and the powerful. It's ability to keep secrets is near legendary, and it is no wonder that it has become a place of exotic wonder as often those inclined towards the investigation of such things have traveled great distances to taste the forbidden fruits it grows within its silent orchards.

Price List :


Name: Madame Lilienne
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 76th of Spring, 440 AV

Insightful, clever, and discreet, Madame Lilienne is one of the most powerful women in Zeltiva, yet her power stems from her inaction. Well versed in the departments of desire and fulfillment, there is little Madame Lilienne cannot do for someone. Whether she is willing or not is entirely dependent on what one has to offer. Money is, of course, her most fluent language, but favors and influence are close seconds. While her network is impressive, she is ever seeking new ways to expand the Touch's ability to procure goods both inanimate and animate. New connections may often be worth more than a thousand Mizas if the cards are played correctly.

She is a reserved woman, lavish and extravagant in appearance but soft spoken and introspective of speech. She moves at her own pace, never rushed nor never lugubrious, always a constant, steady rhythm that beats to the collective pulse of the hungry. It is very rare to ever see the Madame outside of the Touch, as she spends almost all her time overseeing preparations, conducting meetings and training sessions, as well as maintaining her business with a surprisingly iron grip. There is no one under her employ that she has not personally accepted.

Intelligence | 88
Politics | 70
Investigation | 58
Persuastion | 46
Negotiation | 51
Interrogation | 45
Seduction | 32
Organization | 63
Planning | 45
Subterfuge | 62

Moderator NoteAs long as you have the mizas to pay for it, you are free to self-moderate at this location. However, interactions with NPC's outside of the listed services they provide must be cleared by a storyteller.

Credit goes to Keene for this location.
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