OOC Info Character Registry for Spring 515 AV

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Character Registry for Spring 515 AV

Postby Retired on June 20th, 2015, 12:18 am


PC Name: Ravianeira

Race, Age, Sex: Human, Mixed (Svefra and Benshira); 15; Female

Role in Zeltiva: Resident

Time: Ravi would like to leave around the time she turns 16, placing her in Zeltiva until Summer 516AV.

Likes To Thread About: Lots of adventure and exploring the city! Also, I like to see good people doing bad things - makes for an exciting thread.

Dislikes To Thread About: Threads with no purpose or end-goal.

Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Ravi would like to begin working in the The Armed Scholar, so she'll possibly need NPC assistance.

Willing to Guest Moderate?: Of course!

Accommodation: The Farson Home for Orphans.

Standard of Living: Poor

Additional Comments: Can't wait to begin RP-ing with everyone! :)

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