Ryallus Torboron

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Ryallus Torboron

Postby Ryallus Torboron on October 6th, 2009, 9:51 pm

Ryallus Torboron

Physical Information

Race: Human
Age: 17
Birthday: Season of Fall, Dary 12, 492
Gender: Male

Physical Description

Ryallus is a tall and lanky individual at around 6’3” and 165lbs. He has deep, calming green eyes which show an adept control of his own emotions. He has long, brown hair similar in colour to that of an Autumn leaf but darker which falls just past his shoulders. His nose is slightly pointed at the tip but apart from that has no distinguishing features. Though not the strongest of people, frequent trips into the woods near his farming compound has stopped him being purely skin and bone. However, his muscles aren’t very prominent and his skin is largely free from any blemishes except for a scar on his right arm where he was bitten by his dog.

Character Concept

Ryallus rarely shows emotion and is generally calm and detatched. However, he is extremely passionate when it comes to nature, especially animals, and will not hesitate to stop someone treating an animal harshly. He is very stubborn and it’s difficult to persuade him round to your own point of view and he finds it very difficult to follow instructions. He is quite shy and finds it hard to make friends however he is very loyal once a friendship has been struck. He’s adventurous and loves to explore but he makes sure that he knows where he is and what’s going on around him to the best of his ability for he is always wary of what could happen.

Ryallus is very open and has no set in stone morals apart from he won’t harm an animal unless it is for a good reason (like putting a dying animal out of its misery). This makes it very difficult for him to explore the anatomy of animals and he has to get corpses himself rather than killing them. He is very open to many things but has no strong tendencies to religion.

Ryallus loves to explore in the outdoors, particularly in forests. He loves animals and studying them in their natural habitat. He is fascinated by magic and the power that it holds specifically morphing for the ability to run with the animals causes joy to soar through him like a bird in the sky. He also enjoys reading however he is not one to read for long stretches but likes to dip in and out of books.

He dislikes anybody that abuses animals in any way. However, he doesn’t hold any grudges against someone who’s living is to kill animals unless they do it in an inhumane way as well as people who are quick to anger and can’t hold a leash tot heir negative emotions. He is also very much at home in the outdoors and disdains the use of weaponry made from metals preferring wood or stone in his weapons.

Character History

Ryallus is the son of a poor farmer and his wife in a small farming compound on the southern outskirts of Zeltiva. His parents worked on the farm most of the time so left Ryallus to amuse himself. Throughout his life he has loved the forest nearby and goes in there as often as he can to observe the wildlife and help them if he can. He also loved the peaceful surroundings of the wood and often meditated within its confined, listening to the calls of the birds and the sounds of the animals scuffling through the bushes.

Most of his early childhood was within the confines of the farm, but when he reached 10 he could go out and that’s when his life really picked off. Adventuring in the forest one day he found an open glade surrounded by trees which he found the most beautiful place in the world and it became his place of recluse and meditation. Most days he explored the forest for it was his little world and he wouldn’t give it up, he formed an especially close bond with his dog and often took it with him into the forest, playing and laughing around in the forest.

As he grew up by the age of 14 he really started studying the animals in the forest, sometimes staying days alone there, seeing what they were doing and how they were doing it, if he saw a bird with a broken wing he’d try and help set it in place and look after it until it was better as well as observing them as he does so. This helped teach him how to look after animals and his father eventually conscripted him into working in the farm, with the animals specifically. He helped mend dogs’ broken legs and even helped deliver a foal. This foal grew up, along with his dog to be his most cherished friends, for there weren’t many people his age on the farm. He groomed and brushed them every day and made sure they had the best food.

By 16 his love for animals flourished and he constantly pondered about them while in his meditative state. Wondering, if there was some way magic could help him. Every time he meditated from then on he tired to separate his mind from his body with complete focus. He fasted for days on end until one day, everything clicked. His mind clicked. He could hear all the animals from the smallest of insects to the birds wheeling overhead. This was what it is like to be truly free.

After that first attempt, Ryallus discovered his ability to morph. He was always very careful when he practised it even though he enjoyed it a lot, any time he felt dizzy or anything that wasn’t normal he stopped and waited for a few days before doing any more magic. Slowly, his knowledge grew, he started small trying to replicate his dog’s fur on his hand before going onwards to the claws and pads. By 17 he decided it was time to leave the farm and travel to Zeltiva to learn more about his power and how to use it effectively.


20/100 Meditation (Starting Package)
15/100 Morphing (Starting Package)
15/100 Wilderness Survival (Racial)
15/100 Animal Husbandry (Starting Package)


Lore of Zeltiva Animals (Starting Package)
Lore of Horse Anatomy (Starting Package)

Equipment and Possessions

1 set of clothing (Cloak, coat and footwear included)
1 waterskin
1 Backpack containing:
A set of toiletries
Food for a week
1 Eating knife
A wooden dagger carved by his father. (heirloom)
Large ten with tarp
100ft of rope
Flint and steel with a lantern
Fishing hooks and tackle
Saddlebage and tack
Betty, the Kavinka Painted Horse (the one he raised from a foal).


100 Mizas

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