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Job Thread #2 - Laviku's Figurehead

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Postby Ravenna Raye on March 10th, 2015, 12:45 am

20th of Winter 514 AV

Ravenna's walk to work that morning was uneventful though she arrived to an unusually somber Mr.Heigan, something that both unsettled and startled the young carver. Preferring to leave well enough alone and not risk backlash from the man, as guilty as it felt to do so, Ravenna muttered a greeting and proceeded straight back to the workroom to fetch her orders and get to work. She arrived at her bench, order stack patiently awaiting her. Plucking the top one from the pile, she absentmindedly pulled up a stool and sat to plan her piece, hazel eyes already pacing back and forth across the page as she read the write-up. It was another scenery piece, this one to be hung up as a memoir in someone's home, and they wanted it painted as well.

Grabbing a piece of parchment and charcoal, Ravenna began jotting down the key notes of what was expected in her finished product, as well as her ideas on how to bring it to life. The client wanted a blended before and after of the first obelisk awakening. It would be tricky to get a before and after look and feel across in one piece without starkly dividing the piece down the middle. Closing her eyes, Ravenna envisioned the piece, watching the ideas come together in her mind. She'd "divide" the piece top to bottom, the top half showing the dark skies, unsettled waters, beaming light, and crumbling of the stone while the lower portion would show the base of the obelisk in its pristine condition, calmer waters, and undamaged land at the edge of the Bay, all boat docks fully intact.

Feeling brilliant and excited for her design, and hoping with all her might that she'll be able to pull it off, Ravenna slid the stool back out of the way of the workbench, put the order paperwork back with the rest and off to the side, and prepared to begin her (hopefully) masterpiece. The request didn't specify a size in mind for the carving, so Ravenna envisioned the size she'd want it to be if she were ordering it done, and went with that. She tracked down a slab of wood roughly two feet wide and four feet tall, and placed it on the bench. Picking up her piece of charcoal, she lightly began sketching out the major parts of her design, preparing it to be carved correctly. Mentally, Ravenna had to keep telling herself to take her time and that there is no rush, for her excitement kept bubbling to the surface and making her hasty. Allowing that to get the better of her would cause mistakes, and she knew it. With a piece this meaningful and that she was this excited for, that was a risk she couldn't take.

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Postby Perplexity on March 10th, 2015, 1:01 am



Hello Ravenna,

You cannot retroactively post job threads that were not begun in the appropriate season when the following season is already under way.

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