Location The Second Hand

Zeltiva's mildly reputable (or disreputable) pawn shop.

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The Second Hand

Postby Perplexity on March 22nd, 2015, 8:03 pm

The Second Hand


Located on East Street, amidst the beggars and flipped skirts; a stout door opens up into a clutter shop front. Everything from old children’s clothing to used furniture can be found within. Everything is for sale and the price is dirt cheap. Shelves full of costume jewelry and remarkable unvaluable treasures lean precariously. Through the maze of junk, any customer will eventually find a young woman sitting on a stool.

When rent comes due, the line in front of The Second Hand can stretch down the street as the poor desperately sell off their meager belongings to make ends meet. No goods of suspicious origins are purchased and no single item will be purchased for more than 10 gold-rimmed mizas.

Name: Digit
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Weapon (Daggers): 65
Politics: 55
Larceny: 50
Negotiation: 45
Intimidation: 45
Organization: 35

Digit has worked at the pawn shop since before anyone in this generation can remember. She first showed up at eight years old and began working for the old man. No one sees the old shop owner anymore, and most believe him deceased. Digit is a known quantity to the Wave Guard, but has never once been caught with a single illegal item. WIth no proof to take her down, no charges have ever stuck.

She has a dry wit, and tends to ply sarcastic insults just as fast as Mizas. Getting her respect is more difficult than finding a clean prostitute at the Clapping Clam.

Credit for this location goes to Shai.

NotePricing and items by inquiry only. Contact a Storyteller for details.
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