Location The Third Hand

Where that was ill gotten can be turned into tangible gains.

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The Third Hand

Postby Perplexity on March 22nd, 2015, 8:20 pm

The Third Hand

ImageThrough the dank and claustrophobic alleyway, people can venture around to the back of the building. The back alley is remarkably clean of refuse; not a single obstacle exists to hide behind. The door is non-descript, lacking even a door handle or obvious hinge. With the right pass phrase, which changes every season, someone can knock on the door and gain entrance.

Inside is a simple sitting room. After several chimes, the front storekeeper will wander into the room and negotiations begin. The Third Hand is a fence, specifically dealing in the purchase of high-end easily-identifiable items.

After a thief has made significant inroads with The Third Hand, they can seek contracts for specific thefts. Burglaries that require skill will be given out sparingly and only to the most proven and trusted larcenists.

Buying a fenced item requires prior contact with Digit or a trusted associate. The inventory is not kept on premise and any customer must already know the item they want to buy before seeing it. This generally means that the customers are the original victims who were stolen from.

Name: Milo
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Stealth 65
Larceny 56
Unarmed Combat 45
Cryptography 26
Tobacco Rolling 20

Milo plays the part of the doorman at the Third Hand. He opens the door only to the authorized and then watches over them while Digit finishes her business up front. He has a strong docks accent when he chooses to speak up and anything he comes up with tends to be overbearingly rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

He stands just under six feet and covers up his wiry frame with long coats most days except in the depths of Summer. When an item is to be delivered for purchase it is most often Milo who shows up with the parcel. For this reason, where the Wave Guard found no victory with Digit they occasionally nab Milo. But never for long, because within a fortnight the arrest warrant is rescinded by the higher ups at the urging of the powerful whom he delivers to.

Another thorn against law and justice, the quick thinking street rat enjoys a somewhat infamous status which he uses to his own advantage whenever possible. He can occasionally be found carousing through the pubs and gambling dens of East Street.

Credit for this location goes to Shai.

Moderator NoteYou MUST have the lore to access this location. Players cannot start with knowledge of this location. It must be acquired through role-play.
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